Chapter 199 - Second Kill

Chapter 199 Second Kill.


Chapter 199 – Second Kill


The Thunder Lizard issued a threatening growl. It changed its target towards Lin Ming, because it felt that this boy was a true threat!

This came from the power of thunder! Thunder Lizards had a rare and extraordinary sensitivity towards thunder. Although Lin Ming was able to restrain the breath within his body, it could still faintly feel that Lin Ming’s body contained the power of thunder. Although this power was very nebulous, it contained a deep and incomparably vigorous aura that made it tremble with fear.

Lin Ming hadn’t moved to attack. He patiently waited for the Bone Forging vicious beast to come at him. Such a beast wasn’t a threat to him; he just wanted to see for himself what means of attack the Thunder Lizard had.

The atmosphere reached a temporary standstill. The black-clothed martial artist nervously looked between the Thunder Lizard and Lin Ming. He thought of escaping, but feared that the Thunder Lizard would suddenly turn against him and attack him. After several inner struggles, he decided to stay and see why this boy had the guts to return.

The Thunder Lizard even roared several times to warn Lin Ming, but not only did Lin Ming not leave, but instead approached it, step by step.

The Thunder Lizard finally became angry. Its body flowed with the frenzied bloodline of a Flood Dragon. It would not tolerate such provocations!


The Thunder Lizard howled and opened its jaw to spit out a white ball of thunder, shooting directly towards Lin Ming.

The speed of the thunder ball was extremely fast and arrived at Lin Ming in just the blink of an eye. Lin Ming didn’t dodge or evade. Instead, he revolved his true essence to the limit and prepared to take the attack head on.

The black-clothed martial artist was stunned. Why didn’t he dodge? Although the thunder ball was fast, he should still have at least some sort of response. Not only that, but the youth should have some kind of trump card in his hand!


The thunder ball directly sank into Lin Ming’s body. The twin girls screamed. However, the explosion they had envisioned didn’t occur. It was as if the thunder ball had fallen into a dark pit of Lin Ming’s body and would never come back out. When the thunder ball submerged into Lin Ming, there wasn’t a single ripple; not even Lin Ming’s clothes were burnt!

Lin Ming eyebrows furrowed. After a few breaths of time, his expression relaxed, and the power of thunder in the thunder ball was absorbed by him!

The thunder was a bit wilder than the thunder from Thunder Valley. But, it was still unable to compete with the Heretical God Seed’s Thunder Soul. It futilely struggled a bit, but ultimately it could not avoid the fate of being absorbed!

After completely absorbing the power of thunder, Lin Ming smiled. He was finally able to confirm that the Thunder Soul coped with the elements the same way the Fire Essence did, and that the Thunder Soul and Fire Essence within his body were stronger!

Fire and thunder would obey whatever was strong.

In the Lava Cave and Thunder Valley, whether it was fire or thunder, the Flame Essence and Thunder Soul were able to control the energy in those major killing arrays. It was as if the energy was an army without a general, and was a scattered mess that posed no threat, thus he was able to easily absorb it.

And later, Lin Ming encountered the little flame boy. Because the Flame Essence within the Heretical God Seed had been inferior to the power of the opponent, that was why it was such a difficult battle.

Whether it was a Flame Essence or Thunder Soul, these were incomparably rare phenomena. Lin Ming guessed that in the entire Thundercrash Mountain, it was already generous if there was just a single Thunder Soul here. And since it was impossible for these Thunder Lizards to have a Thunder Soul inside their body, how could they possibly be his match!?

So even though his strength was inferior to a Houtian realm martial artist, he should be able to climb higher than a Houtian realm martial artist!

The Thunder Lizard saw that Lin Ming didn’t even have the slightest reaction after its thunder ball hit him. Its amber pupils dilated and showed a hint of fear. It roared a few times, and in one breath spat out seven or eight thunder balls that rapidly flew towards Lin Ming!

Lin Ming did not dodge or evade; he would accept it all!

This action caused the black-clothed elder senior apprentice brother to be completely baffled and even scared. The two twin girls subconsciously rubbed their eyes, thinking they had been shocked into seeing things.

How was this possible? Even a Houtian realm master wouldn’t be able to stand there and take such a wanton barrage of thunder balls.

The black-clothed martial artist gulped saliva. Was this a human? Was his body made out of magnetic ore?

Heavens… fortunately, he hadn’t tried to do something so foolish like trying to rob him, otherwise he would have already died!

The Thunder Lizard breathed out more than 10 thunder balls. Finally, it began to feel a deep fear. It realized that this was not an enemy that it could deal with.

With a hissing sound, the Thunder Lizard spat out one last giant thunder ball, turned tail and ran fled at full speed.

“You want to run away?”

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with electricity as he launched Golden Roc Shattering the Void. In an instant, he had appeared at the side of the Thunder Lizard, and punched out a fist!


Lin Ming’s solid punch slammed against the Thunder Lizard’s back. The Thunder Lizard’s body was covered in scales that were as hard as iron, but Lin Ming’s attack was able to ignore superficial defenses. Unless the enemy was something like the Witch Slave from the Sorcerer Pagoda whose organs were firm like steel, it was basically impossible to withstand the infiltration of Flow like Silk.


5000 vibrating true essence filaments broke into the Thunder Lizard’s body and surged through, directly rampaging through its organs. The Thunder Lizard let out a miserable howl, and its gigantic body violently trembled. Its organs were all torn to pieces. It vomited blood and collapsed on the ground.


Because of its terrifying body weight and the speed at which it had been sprinting, the Thunder Lizard had bowled over a large brush and slammed into a tree, snapping it in half.

The black-clothed martial artist helplessly watched as Lin Ming killed an over 10,000 jin Thunder Lizard with just a single punch; it was just like he had punched a dog to death. His expression turned pale with fright as if he had seen a ghost.

This Thunder Lizard had strength equal to the peak of Bone Forging! Its surface scales were nearly indestructible!

If Lin Ming had released some magnificent martial skill in order to kill the Thunder Lizard, then he wouldn’t be too surprised, but how was he able to kill it with a single punch?

A human’s fist against a Thunder Lizard’s armor was like a small sewing needle against a cat or dog.

If a needle poked the back of a cat or dog, would that be able to kill a cat or dog?

The black-clothed martial looked towards Lin Ming and his eyes filled with fear.

He stood there, not daring to move. The two twin girls’ expressions were also slack. They constantly kept gulping as they both cautiously maintained distance from Lin Ming. The scene in which Lin Ming killed a Thunder Lizard with a fist was simply too shocking.

After Lin Ming killed the Thunder Lizard, he drew out the slender saber and cut open the Thunder Lizard’s chest. After a few strokes, he managed to open up the body. What he was looking for, was the Thunder Pearl.

According to the Thundercrash Pamphlet, it had said that Thunder Lizards that were at the Bone Forging stage or above were able to form a Thunder Pearl within their bodies. This Thunder Pearl was also the origin of a Thunder Lizard’s power.

“Elder Senior Apprentice Brother, is he…” In the eyes of the two twin sisters, Lin Ming’s existence already defied common sense. How was it possible that he was so young and yet had such strength?

The black-clothed martial artist murmured, “He is definitely not a 15 or 16 year old youth. I think that he practiced some cultivation method that rejuvenates the body, so that’s why he appears like this.”

“Then his cultivation is…”

“He should be at the peak Houtian realm!” After the black-clothed martial artist said this, even he was shocked into silence. Even if one were to look in the entire Southern Wilderness, one might not find more than a few peak Houtian realm masters!

“Peak Houtian realm? Could this be true?” The two twin girls said with shaking voices. They were  usually in awe of their master, who was at the peak Bone Forging stage. As for what sort of concept a peak Houtian realm master was, it was just an inconceivable existence to them.

There was no large sect within the Southern Wilderness. A peak Houtian realm martial artist was the limit of the martial artists here. Because there were no Heaven Opening Pills, for the last several hundred years no one had managed to take a step into the true Xiantian realm.

It could be said that a peak Houtian realm martial artist already had the qualifications to dominate and rule an area of the Southern Wilderness as overlord. These were characters that they had only read about in legends and nighttime bed stories. Compared to existences like that, they were just ants waiting to be crushed.

The black-clothed martial artist said, “Only with such a cultivation could he have reached the realm of being able to hide his cultivation. How laughable. To think that I wanted to guide him before and even collect protection money…”

The black-clothed martial artist ruefully smiled and silently shook his head.


Lin Ming quickly removed the Thunder Pearl from the body of the Thunder Lizard. This Thunder Pearl was about the size of a fist. It was a pure white color that also emitted a faint red light.

This color was the same as the Thunder Lizard’s scales, and represented the power ranking of the Thunder Lizard. When the Thunder Pearl turned a complete scarlet color, then this would be when the Thunder Lizard’s strength reached that of a Pulse Condensation Period martial artist.

With the Thunder Pearl in hand, Lin Ming could feel the power of thunder within. With a move of his mind, he began to slowly draw out the power. The light of the Thunder Pearl immediately began to die down.

Feeling the change in the power of thunder within his body, Lin Ming was slightly disappointed. This Thunder Pearl was at most equivalent to several hundred year old Thundergrass.

He turned and glanced back at the black-clothed martial artist. Lin Ming wasn’t intending to stay much longer. As Lin Ming prepared to walk away, he paused again as he heart heavy footsteps coming towards him. Lin Ming expanded his soul force.

“Mm? Another one came?”

Lin Ming sensed that a few tens of thousands of feet away, a Thunder Lizard was firing towards him at an alarming speed.

The black-clothed martial artist was able to feel this too. Although he didn’t have an equally potent soul force like Lin Ming, he could still feel the ground underneath him vibrating. Obviously, it was another Thunder Lizard that was rushing towards them.

Soon they were able to hearing the sounds of rolling thunder as the beast’s feet stomped the ground. That roar contained an incomparably tyrannical aura.

The black-clothed martial artist’s heart was tight. He understood that the reason the Thunder Lizard came was for revenge.

The black-clothed martial artist hesitated for a moment, before he said to Lin Ming, “Senior, the last roar that the Thunder Lizard had sounded out was a message to his companions calling for aid. Listening to the aura from that roar, it seems that next Thunder Lizard should be equal to someone at the Pulse Condensation Period.

The black-clothed martial artist was very knowledgeable. He was able to determine the ranking of a Thunder Lizard by listening to the nuances within its roar.

But, the black-clothed martial artist thought that something was strange. They were only in the lower surrounding areas of Thundercrash Mountain, why would they encounter such a strong Thunder Lizard here?

“Could it be…?”

The black-clothed martial artist’s mind began to race. Looking at Lin Ming, his eyes had a hint of hesitation. He just didn’t know how to bring up the topic with this senior.

However, it was too late to think. With the sounds of tree branches cracking under a heavy weight, a fully crimson red Thunder Lizard stormed out of the bushes. It saw its mate already dead on the floor, and its amber brown eyes filled with anger and murderous intent.

Lin Ming looked at the Thunder Lizard and took the Heavy Profound Soft Spear out from his spatial ring.

This Thunder Lizard now was equal to a middle Pulse Condensation period martial artist. To deal with it with just a fist was somewhat difficult.

As the black-clothed martial artist, the two twin girls, and the Viscera Training stage youth saw Lin Ming facing off against the crimson beast, they unconsciously stepped backwards into order to not get caught up in such a dangerous battle. The twin girls suddenly remembered their second senior apprentice brother, and hurriedly rushed over to him to pull him away, so that he was not trampled to death by the Thunder Lizard and Lin Ming.


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