Chapter 199 - Second Kill

Chapter 199 Second Kill.


Chapter 199 – Second Kill


The Thunder Lizard issued a threatening growl. It changed its target towards Lin Ming, because it felt that this boy was a true threat!

This came from the power of thunder! Thunder Lizards had a rare and extraordinary sensitivity towards thunder. Although Lin Ming was able to restrain the breath within his body, it could still faintly feel that Lin Ming’s body contained the power of thunder. Although this power was very nebulous, it contained a deep and incomparably vigorous aura that made it tremble with fear.

Lin Ming hadn’t moved to attack. He patiently waited for the Bone Forging vicious beast to come at him. Such a beast wasn’t a threat to him; he just wanted to see for himself what means of attack the Thunder Lizard had.

The atmosphere reached a temporary standstill. The black-clothed martial artist nervously looked between the Thunder Lizard and Lin Ming. He thought of escaping, but feared that the Thunder Lizard would suddenly turn against him and attack him. After several inner struggles, he decided to stay and see why this boy had the guts to return.

The Thunder Lizard even roared several times to warn Lin Ming, but not only did Lin Ming not leave, but instead approached it, step by step.

The Thunder Lizard finally became angry. Its body flowed with the...

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