MW Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989 – Great World King

As the remnant will of the abyssal demon completely disintegrated, the demon power within Lin Ming’s body became utterly masterless and then erupted from within him!

This vast, sea-like strength smashed into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and mortal body, constantly attacking his inner world.

As this wild demon power rushed through him like a crazed tide, it violently reacted with the power of divinity in Lin Ming’s inner world!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Lin Ming’s body emitted thunderous explosive peals. But at this time, his eyes were no longer blood red, but instead gradually returned to their pure brightness.

Lin Ming’s eyes couldn’t be described just with adjectives like bright or profound anymore. There seemed to be countless lives being born and then perishing within them, planets rapidly revolving.

If an ordinary person were to look at Lin Ming they wouldn’t see anything exceptional. But, if a martial artist with a profound understanding of the Laws and a...

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