MW Chapter 1989

Chapter 1989 – Great World King

As the remnant will of the abyssal demon completely disintegrated, the demon power within Lin Ming’s body became utterly masterless and then erupted from within him!

This vast, sea-like strength smashed into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and mortal body, constantly attacking his inner world.

As this wild demon power rushed through him like a crazed tide, it violently reacted with the power of divinity in Lin Ming’s inner world!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Lin Ming’s body emitted thunderous explosive peals. But at this time, his eyes were no longer blood red, but instead gradually returned to their pure brightness.

Lin Ming’s eyes couldn’t be described just with adjectives like bright or profound anymore. There seemed to be countless lives being born and then perishing within them, planets rapidly revolving.

If an ordinary person were to look at Lin Ming they wouldn’t see anything exceptional. But, if a martial artist with a profound understanding of the Laws and a deep cultivation were to look at Lin Ming, they would see the infinite mysteries contained in his eyes. If Lin Ming were to die, his eyes would become supreme treasures fought over by countless sects.

“Lin Ming, he, he really managed to suppress the demon’s will!”

From nearby the Galaxy Void Furnace, Clear was shocked as he saw Lin Ming’s changes. In his eyes, It was like a true universe was contained within Lin Ming’s body. Endless Laws, energy, matter, all of it was contained within this universe, all-encompassing!

“But that demon will become a hidden danger in his body. If Lin Ming’s spiritual sea were to receive damage in the future, then perhaps…” Ink said with some worry.

However, Clear shook his head, “That’s not necessarily true. In the final moments I felt Lin Ming completely destroy that demonic will when a horrifying soul storm erupted in his spiritual sea. That is not a strength that Lin Ming should be able to use…”

When Lin Ming activated the Magic Cube, it was targeted against the abyssal demon and not Clear or Ink. Although the Magic Cube’s aura was terrifying, it didn’t dissipate outwards. As an ultimate divine tool which surpassed the existence of this cosmos, Clear wasn’t able to feel the Magic Cube. But, he was able to faintly speculate that Lin Ming’s body contained some secret he didn’t know of.

“This child has a great destiny upon him… perhaps he really can achieve the High Lord’s deepest wish…”

“I hope so… in any case, you and I must assist him well. Starting today, he is our Young Lord, regardless of whether he succeeds or not…”

The two old men spoke with sound transmissions. At this time, within the Galaxy Void Furnace, the bone spikes over Lin Ming began to draw back into his body. The demon bone armor and scales also disappeared.

Lin Ming returned to his perfect form. His naked body was bathed in endless starlight, and his inner world constantly evolved with the two different strengths continuously surging through it.

Lin Ming’s consciousness also arrived in his inner world.

He stood at the center of a vast galaxy, looking at the surrounding universe.

He could see innumerable planets in this universe. Some planets were bleak and dark, but some had infinite lives living on them.

These lives, from as small as a blade of grass or a single ant, or as large as a towering tree, or even as majestic as a leviathan or great roc, all of it was clearly sensed by Lin Ming. In this moment he could feel everything within himself. With just a single thought, he could grant these lives a great strength, or maybe instantly destroy them.

In this moment, Lin Ming had become the king of a true universe!

This was truly the feeling of grasping a great universe in his hands. This feeling left Lin Ming intoxicated.

However, although he was intoxicated, he didn’t lose his mind. He controlled the energy within himself to constantly expand this space.

More planets were bred and developed. Some of these planets had humanoid life forms, prosperous countries, and sects that grew stronger with each passing day.

In lofty divine palaces, great rulers prowled. Dragons and Kirins roared and the beat of the Great Dao cycled in rhythm. Lin Ming could feel this world become increasingly full and plentiful, nearly impossible to distinguish between illusion and reality.

When the boundaries of this universe were expanded to their limit, he finally stopped. For a time, all the strength of this universe was poured into Lin Ming’s body.

He had become as one with this universe, becoming the ruler of a true world. In other words – a Great World King!


A terrifying energy gushed out from this universe, flushing out and shattering the Galaxy Void Furnace. It was like a divine rainbow shooting straight into the horizon!

Lin Ming’s entire body was bathed in this divine rainbow. His black hair rose up and his body was soaked in this terrifying sea of energy, as if he were wandering in a sea of Laws.

In that instant, Lin Ming had truly broken into the Great World King realm!

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed open and brilliance blossomed within them.

Light shot out from his left eye, like colorful rainbow-hued clouds, filling the world with auspicious lights.

But from his right eye, a gloomy darkness emitted, as if a blood pond hell was contained within, as if sandy Asura plains stretched out in them. Just by looking at this eye, one would feel their soul being sucked into the bottom of an abyss and their spiritual sea falling into illusion.

“Natal Life Dao Palace, Great World King! With the demon power contained in this demon relic, my strength has risen to a new peak. There is no comparison to how I was before!”

Lin Ming gripped his fists together. He fervently hoped he could find a powerful opponent and fight them in a heaven-shaking battle so that he could test out the limits of his strength!

From a Holy Lord to a World King and finally to a Great World King, Lin Ming had used several thousand years to accomplish this during his fourth reincarnation!

Now he was like a phoenix that had undergone nirvana. His strength soared into the heavens!

With a wave of his hand, heaven and earth origin energy condensed into a robe that wrapped around him.

This robe was extremely strange. Lin Ming had casually made it, and he hadn’t designated anything special about it, but had allowed the world Laws to create it.

The robe was half black and half white. It was covered with stars, and the way these stars were arranged revealed infinite mysteries, so deep that one could perceive them forever.

If a World King level master were to summon all their mental strength to look at this robe, they would see phantoms of demons and god kings within it. These demons and god kings were all different, each one containing different principles of the Great Dao.

Just this robe alone, if it were refined and condensed into material essence and then given to any random World King powerhouse, would be a treasure. They could perceive it for hundreds and thousands of years, obtaining great harvests.

At Lin Ming’s boundary, any things he casually discarded would be precious treasures. This was because he was amongst the top characters of the universe!

Of course, to resist the saints and to resist the great calamity, his strength was still lacking.

“Thank you, seniors.”

Lin Ming bowed in the air. Dressed in this black and white robe, it gave Lin Ming an inexplicable feeling, as if where he stood was the center of the universe, the source of light and dark.

“Young Lord, there is no need to bow to us two. The ones bowing should be us. The High Lord showed deep graciousness to our race in the past, and the ancestors of my people have taught us to forever serve the lineage of the High Lord. 10 billion years have passed, and Young Lord should be able to complete the long-cherished wish of the High Lord in the past.”

Clear and Ink changed the way in which they referred to Lin Ming, and as they spoke, they even deeply bowed to him. This flustered Lin Ming and caused him to hurry forwards to help them up. “Seniors, please don’t do this. The reason this junior was able to absorb the demon relic was all thanks to two seniors helping me. As for Senior Asura, junior has inherited a great graciousness from him. If Senior Asura has a wish that he hopes to fulfill, then this junior will try his best to accomplish it; even if I have to pass through fire or water, I will do anything in my power.”

“The High Lord’s wish isn’t something that Young Lord needs to worry about at present. Now, Young Lord should focus on improving your strength. One day when Young Lord becomes a True Divinity, perhaps you truly can change the flow of this world.”

The two old men still weren’t willing to reveal secrets of the Asura Road. Lin Ming didn’t press them further.

“Young Lord, we two had a conversation just now and have some suggestions. The space of the final trial is the central point of the Asura Road’s origin energy and Laws. There are all sorts of pure energies and Laws gathered here, and for the last 10 billion years, innumerous world treasures have been bred and nourished here. Some weren’t taken away by trial challengers and have been collected by my race. Young Lord can use these resources to continue cultivating in the final trial’s seventh level for the next several hundred years in order to consolidate your Great World King foundation. What does Young Master think about this?”

“Mm, then I will have to trouble two seniors.” Lin Ming agreed after considering for a moment.

His Grand Reincarnation Art needed to be done in the outside world in order to bring his state of mind to perfection. But in terms of just consolidating his boundary, this final trial space would give him twice the results with half the effort.

After cultivating for several hundred years here, he could go out to practice the Grand Reincarnation Art to the seventh level. Then, Lin Ming believed he would have enough strength to stir up trouble for the saints!

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