MW Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987 – Power of the Demon

Within the Galaxy Void Furnace, Lin Ming closed his eyes in deep meditation. He entered the fused martial intent state, adjusting himself to his peak condition.

This demon relic was created from the essence of an extremely strong abyssal demon that the Asura Road Master had cut down in the past. It was far more powerful than the abyssal that Empyrean Primordius had seized the body of, and Lin Ming had no choice but to be cautious.

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring and took out many heavenly materials with soft and temperate properties.

Over the years, Lin Ming had collected numerous precious materials. For instance, after killing top powerhouses or peak geniuses, all of the treasures in their spatial rings were naturally taken by him.

Although these medicines and treasures were valuable, their effects weren’t worth much to Lin Ming who had already reached the bottleneck when it came to the intensity of his mortal body. Even if he were to swallow everything he had, it would still be abnormally difficult to temper his body any further.

Thus, for a long time, besides occasionally giving out these spirit medicines, the rest had been saved up.

But today these spirit medicines had found a use. Their medicinal juice could be used to extract power from the demon relic, drawing out the overbearing and tyrannical energy from within and making it gentler and easier to absorb.

When all of these spirit medicines were thrown into the black ink, their medicinal energy slowly evaporated, condensing in the void and forming an incomparably marvelous sight.

As for the medicines themselves, they melted beneath the baptism of starlight. This medicinal juice seemed to form its own world. Although there wasn’t much of it, it gave off a feeling that it was as vast as a sea.

The medicinal juices boiled. Wave after wave of medicinal efficacy smashed into the demon relic, as if all the celestial patrons of the heavens were bombarding it together.

And at this time, from outside the Galaxy Void Furnace, Clear and Ink also began moving to help refine the demon relic.

The demon relic trembled. Roars howled out from within it. Beneath the extraordinary medicinal efficacy, beneath the power of divinity that the two old men sent out, beneath the infinite starlight within the Galaxy Void Furnace, the demon relic began to melt away, a little at a time.

The demon relic condensed almost infinite essence. Just attempting to melt it consumed a massive amount of effort and energy from the two old men.

Two hours passed. The demon relic had diminished just a little.

Beneath the demonic power of the demon relic, the vast sea of medicinal juice had nearly dried up.

At this time, the power of an abyssal was rich to the extreme.

“It’s not enough. A little bit more!”

A fiery light burst out from Lin Ming’s forehead. Beads of sweat dropped down. Currently, 20% of the demon power had been separated from the demon relic, and just swallowing this amount alone wouldn’t be easy for Lin Ming. But, from the very start he had already planned to break past his own limits. If he did as the little black dragon did and only ate up demon power until he was full, then although this would temper his body it wouldn’t allow him to break past his bottleneck.

“Boy, you still think this isn’t enough?”

Seeing Lin Ming in such a frenzied state, Clear glanced at Ink. Worry clouded their eyes. Even if Lin Ming had completed the final trial with 100%, the two old men already had a deep understanding as to how great his talent was. And as they saw that Lin Ming wanted to swallow up 25% of the demon relic’s power in a single attempt, even they believed this was a bit too dangerous.

This was the essence energy left behind by an abyssal demon in the past, one equal to an extreme True Divinity!

Lin Ming didn’t seem to hear Clear and Ink’s warning. He stared quietly on at the boiling and tumbling black ink around him, until the demon power within it had condensed to 30%.

Lin Ming suddenly opened his mouth. Like a great dragon drinking in a lake, he swallowed all of this black juice.


As this medicinal juice mixed with 30% of the demon relic’s power entered his body, Lin Ming felt as if ten suns had risen within him, almost making him blow apart.

A maniacal and bloodthirsty desire gushed out.


A wild voice rang in the air, seeming to echo outwards from the infinitely distant expanse of time. It drilled into Lin Ming’s body and soul.

As Lin Ming sat within the Galaxy Void Furnace, his closed eyes shot open and an ominous blood red light leapt out from his pupils…


The moment that Lin Ming was controlled by the backlash of the demon relic’s power, the starlight within the Galaxy Void Furnace suddenly stabbed into his body like innumerable needle points.

Although this strength wasn’t enough to contend with the demonic energy of the demon relic, it still gave Lin Ming a brief respite, restoring his eyes to pure brightness.

He roared upwards, into the heavens. High above his spiritual sea, nine stars appeared, Dao Palaces floating above them. The Heretical God Tree rose up and thunder dragons howled through the air. Every Law he had comprehended, every power he obtained, began stirring within him to suppress the roaring demon phantom in his divine soul.

As these powers suppressed his soul, phantom images began to spread through Lin Ming’s mind.

…This was an endless war. Waves of fresh blood dyed the skies red and the ground was covered with red blood, so much that it soaked the earth wet.

Countless demons slaughtered and fought. Amongst them, one seemed to be a king of these demons. Its body emitted bursts of boundless black light, each ray condensing into a dragon, invincible and unstoppable.

The world tumbled over and the scene changed. The void rumbled as large tracts of it came falling down.

In a pitch black abyssal world, an Asura warrior stood equal to the heavens, bathed in blood as he fought with the demon king. The demon king stomped its feet causing planets to shatter. A single roar caused suns and moons to fall. But even though this demon king possessed such power, it still fell back step after step beneath the onslaught of the Asura warrior’s black spear.

With each step it took back, its body was punctured with gaping holes that could not be regenerated. Finally, the demon king’s head was pierced through by the black spear.

“…Asura Road Master!? This… is this the demon relic’s fragmented memories?”

These memories were too chaotic, too rapid. Lin Ming had no time to experience them at all. Suddenly, he was caught in a tide of endlessly agonizing pain and forcefully dragged out from these memories.

Demon power flooded every inch of Lin Ming’s body. It tore apart his blood vessels and even burst apart his organs!

Lin Ming’s eyes turned blood red. He grit his teeth, persisting through the pain.

This demon power had once collided with the terrifying strength of the Asura Road Master. Although it was only a tiny amount, it was still enough to crush a planet to pieces.

At this time Lin Ming had opened every ounce of strength he had. Behind him, nine stars appeared. These nine stars resonated with the starlight of the Galaxy Void Furnace, propping up Lin Ming’s body.

Lin Ming released all four Dao Palaces and simultaneously galvanized the power of the Asura blood within him.

Ka ka ka ka ka!

Lin Ming’s flesh and blood wriggled. His meridians were reborn and the wounds of his organs began regenerating.

His body was simply too abnormal. Although it kept breaking apart beneath the impact of the demon power, it continued to regenerate.

Meanwhile, the power of the Asura Laws he grasped was like towering mountains that joined together with the Galaxy Void Furnace all around him. Combined with the power of stars that washed over him, he strove to suppress the violent impact of the demon relic.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Lin Ming’s body had turned into a great battlefield. His skin swelled up and down with waves, constantly bulging and shrinking.

At this time, Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, meridians, and organs were constantly reborn and then destroyed again by the demon power. Even then, it was reborn again, as the cycle continued without end.

Slowly, the demon power was refined by Lin Ming.

Faint traces of black energy mixed into Lin Ming’s bloodline, fusing into his inner world, melting into his spiritual sea…

Suddenly, Lin Ming’s eyes turned blood red!

As if they weren’t the eyes of a man, but the eyes of a rabid vicious beast!

Seeing this, Clear and Ink felt their hearts skip a beat. To swallow the demon relic, the risk wasn’t just the potential that one’s body would explode. There was even the chance that one’s spiritual sea would be washed away by the remnant will of the demon. If so, then the martial artist would lose their mind and become a brain-dead idiot.

Ka ka ka!

Lin Ming clenched his fists. His teeth began to turn sharp and jagged.

His body started to tear open. From his wounds, long bone spikes jutted out!

These bone spikes were pure black. They were somewhat similar to Empyrean Primordius’ bone spikes, but a faint and horrifying demonic energy lingered on them, making them even sharper and more terrifying!

“This boy, not only did he plan on refining the demon power, but while he did so he planned on fusing with it so that he could thoroughly control its power and obtain the strength of a demon in his body! This is…”

“The power of a demon has already fused into the boy’s mortal body. It’s beginning to change his body structure!”

Seeing this, Ink and Clear’s pupils shrank. When a martial artist fused together the 33 Heavens’ Laws, the power they used was called the power of divinity.

And corresponding to that was the demon power of the abyssal demons. This was a kind of power that stood beyond the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

Lin Ming was actually trying to bring this demon power into his body and thoroughly control it!

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