MW Chapter 1987

Chapter 1987 – Power of the Demon

Within the Galaxy Void Furnace, Lin Ming closed his eyes in deep meditation. He entered the fused martial intent state, adjusting himself to his peak condition.

This demon relic was created from the essence of an extremely strong abyssal demon that the Asura Road Master had cut down in the past. It was far more powerful than the abyssal that Empyrean Primordius had seized the body of, and Lin Ming had no choice but to be cautious.

Lin Ming traced his spatial ring and took out many heavenly materials with soft and temperate properties.

Over the years, Lin Ming had collected numerous precious materials. For instance, after killing top powerhouses or peak geniuses, all of the treasures in their spatial rings were naturally taken by him.

Although these medicines and treasures were valuable, their effects weren’t worth much to Lin Ming who had already reached the bottleneck when it came to the intensity of his mortal body. Even if he were to swallow...

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