MW Chapter 1986

Chapter 1986 – Refining the Demon Relic

In a single universe, and especially a universe like the Asura Road that wasn’t as large as others, a True Divinity could travel back and forth in an extremely short period of time, arriving at any corner of this world that they wished.

For a time, the atmosphere above the Asura Sea was strange and tense.

Everyone had gathered around Divine Void Divine Kingdom, but no one attacked.

Time slowly passed. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion was impossibly ugly. He had no idea how he was going to explain this mess to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“I’ll also say this. Even if you want to look for the black bone, it isn’t in the hands of my Divine Void Divine Kingdom’s disciples. During the fourth level it already escaped underground and has long since disappeared. If you don’t believe me then feel free to investigate any spatial ring of our disciples. If you discover anything you want then you can take it away and my Divine Void Divine Kingdom won’t even bat an eye!”

Dragonsweep explained, bracing himself.

His Divine Void Divine Kingdom was a True Divinity influence to begin with, so normally they wouldn’t even bother giving such an explanation. But, this matter was just far too important. According to...

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