MW Chapter 1986

Chapter 1986 – Refining the Demon Relic

In a single universe, and especially a universe like the Asura Road that wasn’t as large as others, a True Divinity could travel back and forth in an extremely short period of time, arriving at any corner of this world that they wished.

For a time, the atmosphere above the Asura Sea was strange and tense.

Everyone had gathered around Divine Void Divine Kingdom, but no one attacked.

Time slowly passed. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion was impossibly ugly. He had no idea how he was going to explain this mess to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“I’ll also say this. Even if you want to look for the black bone, it isn’t in the hands of my Divine Void Divine Kingdom’s disciples. During the fourth level it already escaped underground and has long since disappeared. If you don’t believe me then feel free to investigate any spatial ring of our disciples. If you discover anything you want then you can take it away and my Divine Void Divine Kingdom won’t even bat an eye!”

Dragonsweep explained, bracing himself.

His Divine Void Divine Kingdom was a True Divinity influence to begin with, so normally they wouldn’t even bother giving such an explanation. But, this matter was just far too important. According to what the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom told him, this should all be part of a plan that the Good Fortune Saint Palace had carefully arranged. But an accident had occurred and they had all failed.

When it came to matters involving the Good Fortune Saint Palace, Divine Void Divine Kingdom couldn’t help but be careful. They were a super influence that no one in the 33 Heavens was willing to offend.

Dragonsweep glanced at the Good Fortune Saint Son. Hundreds of thoughts raced through his mind. For something so bizarre to occur in the final trial, this had completely surpassed his imagination.

“What use is there in searching your spatial rings… a small bone can be hidden using 100 different methods so that no one can find it…”

A saint martial artist testily muttered. To a martial artist, hiding things was far too easy. For instance, they could hide something in an unknown space distortion at a certain location only known to them and not carry that item on their body. If so, even a True Divinity would be helpless to do anything.

At this time, Dragonsweep was really in a mess. Although he felt bitter about this whole situation, there was nothing he could do.

The atmosphere above the Asura Sea became increasingly tense and cloudy. No one spoke. Only the sounds of the sea wind and great waves smashing into the columns of the viewing platforms rang through the air.

Some people suspected that Soul Emperor Divine Void had already arrived but simply hadn’t made his presence known.

With a True Divinity here, they were helpless to do anything.

It was even possible that the demon relic was already in the hands of Soul Emperor Divine Void.

“We’re leaving!”

Some Asura Road influences began to withdraw.

As for the Good Fortune Saint Son, he didn’t leave. He looked at Dragonsweep and prepared himself for what was to come. He braced himself and transmitted news of what occurred to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign…


As winds and clouds were chaotically stirring above the Asura Sea, Lin Ming still remained in the final trial’s seventh level. His trial would continue for a long time. Perceiving the Asura Sutra required an immense amount of time, and he also had to refine the demon relic.

Lin Ming slowly paced around in the cold and endless starry sky, his form mixing in with the chaos surrounding him.

The Space and Time Laws seemed to lose all effect on his body. Planets, stars, all was easily crossed by him like a river or mountain.

Although his step seemed slow and measured, every movement crossed 10,000 miles.

His goal was the centermost region of this starry space.

Finally, after an incense stick of time, he arrived at this central point.

Here, he sat down, wrapping himself in the inexhaustible darkness.

At this time, stars that seemed dead and lonely, on the verge of annihilation, suddenly bloomed with the most dazzling light.

Finally, this incomparably potent and vibrant starlight condensed into a transparent furnace as large as a mountain.

Vast amounts of chaos energy swirled within the furnace, carrying with it Laws of the heavens and earth that stabilized the furnace to an extreme degree.

Like this, Lin Ming sat in the central-most point of this starlight furnace.

The figures of two old men slowly appeared before Lin Ming.

These two old men were the guardians of this world – Clear and Ink.

“Absorbing the demon relic is incredibly dangerous. This is because when the abyssal was slain by the High Lord, its strength was equal to that of an extreme True Divinity! The abyssal’s body was refined by the High Lord, leaving behind only a portion of its body’s essence. And even though this essence was sealed and suppressed in the final trial for 10 billion years, with a great deal of its demonic energy having weakened, your cultivation is simply far too low. If you want to absorb it, it will create an unfathomable burden upon your body. There will be the likelihood that your body explodes from the energy, bringing you death.”

Ink slowly cautioned, seeing Lin Ming sitting firm in the void.

“So, the two of us have prepared this Galaxy Void Furnace for you. By borrowing the power of a galaxy, it can suppress the power of the demon relic.”

This time, the one who spoke was Clear.

“Galaxy Void Furnace?”

Hearing the name of this furnace, Lin Ming was startled. Originally, he shouldn’t know about this sort of ancient inheritance. But it just so happened that when he was perusing the ancient texts of the primal god race, he had seen records concerning the Galaxy Void Furnace.

The Galaxy Void Furnace was not some magic tool, but a secret technique that consisted of combining a cultivation technique and array formation.

Billions of years ago or even 10 billion years ago, this inheritance was created by the lineage descendant of the Asura Road Master. That person had been an array formation and alchemy grandmaster of the primal god race.

This array master was able to use the secret technique of the Galaxy Void Furnace to refine pills without the need for a true pill furnace or fire. Rather, by utilizing the vast power of the starry skies, he was able to refine pills. He could even use the power of the stars and universe to suppress and refine his own body. The effects and uses of this technique were extraordinary.

However, in order to lay down this array formation and begin burning the surrounding power of stars, one had to consume a great deal of blood vitality. In addition, one had to deduce the secrets of the changes of heaven. Because of this, arranging the Galaxy Void Furnace was extremely difficult.

In the current primal god race, this inheritance had long since disappeared. All that was recorded was superficial description of the Galaxy Void Furnace. Lin Ming never thought he would be destined to see it with his own eyes today.

“Seniors are really helpful.” Lin Ming sincerely said.

Lin Ming didn’t know what the Asura Road Master had been planning when he created the Asura Road, but just from the actions of these two guardians, it seemed that they truly considered him the Asura Road Master’s successor. In order to help train him they had put forth a painful amount of time and energy.

“Besides the Galaxy Void Furnace, we also have some heavenly materials. First, place the demon relic in the furnace to boil it down. Once these heavenly materials have been mixed with the power of the demon relic, they can be used to make spirit juice that is useful in tempering your body. This will reduce the demonic nature brought about by the demon relic and will help you absorb it and refine it…” As Clear spoke, he began tossing all sorts of mind-bogglingly precious materials into the Galaxy Void Furnace.

An abyssal was difficult to tame, whether it was alive or whether it was dead.

In the past, Empyrean Primordius had seized the body of an abyssal and had assimilated its soul, turning himself into a demon.

And the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had to rely on the Grandmist Spirit Bead in order to control the soulless Famine.

Thus, in order to help Lin Ming refine the demon relic, Ink and Clear had taken all possible precautions. They wanted everything to be perfect and to ensure that nothing could go wrong.

Some seemingly yellow and withered grass that had been tossed in suddenly started to emit the roar of a True Dragon. It exploded within the power of stars, turning into strands of clear holy energy.

Some strange pile of dirt was tossed in, and it began to bloom with a blinding light as it was stimulated by the power of stars. It grew, becoming as heavy as a brown continent, wrapping around Lin Ming and forming a brown armor. In this instant he felt as if he had an indestructible diamond body, immortal and undying.

Broken pills were tossed in. As they mixed with the chaos, the sounds of the highest nine heavens began to ring out. In the air, one could make out the phantom of a divine king sitting down, immortals chanting by his side even as the thick scent of medicinal efficacy wafted in the air.

One after another, innumerable precious heavenly materials were tossed into the furnace where Lin Ming was, colliding with the black jade-like demon relic.

This demon relic was a massive vortex in the center of the furnace. With loud explosions, a pitch black blood energy shot out, combining with the strange juice formed from all the heavenly materials.

Then, this juice started to gurgle like boiling water, shimmering with a black sheen. Even the holy energy within was tainted by the demonic energy, turning as black as ink.

As that juice that was tainted by the demonic relic touched Lin Ming, his entire body shook. He could feel an amazingly powerful strength within. It was filled with the destiny of the Great Dao, and followed along his body as it desperately tried to drill into him.

The feeling was like countless giants smashing his body with iron hammers.

Some of his acupoints that were impacted became even more stable and functional, able to accompany a greater strength.

His body was already like a diamond vajra form, but beneath the continued impact of this strength it became increasingly tough…

“This really is good.” Lin Ming thought, overjoyed. After training his mortal body for such a long time, he had already reached an extreme peak and had arrived at a bottleneck. Even the tiniest bit of progress was filled with suffering and hardship at such a stage.

If he could break through this bottleneck then the intensity of his mortal body would dramatically rise to a whole new level. This was something that was as difficult as ascending to the heavens, but today, he saw a thread of hope!

“Little Black, come and join me!”

At this time, Lin Ming hadn’t forgotten about the little black dragon. The power within this demon relic was far too formidable. As a demon that was equal to an extreme True Divinity, even after its death, the strength that it left behind was impossible for Lin Ming to absorb alone.

Even if the little black dragon joined him in tempering their bodies they still couldn’t absorb it all.

Hou! Hou! Hou!

The little black dragon that had been refining the flesh and blood of Famine suddenly emitted a happy howl. It plunged into the constantly growing medicinal juice and exuberantly drank up that inky black spirit water.

As a God Beast, it possessed an extremely wise spirituality and its body was as tough as divine iron. Normal body transformation medicines wouldn’t have any effects on the little black dragon, and it could eat them like rice without any response at all. But when it swallowed this black juice, even though it only drank a little it felt as if it were full and couldn’t drink much more.

The little black dragon started burping and its dark face turned red, as if it had become drunk.

And from its skin, acupoints, flesh, and blood, infinite light burst out, wrapping around the little black dragon.

“The Galaxy Void Furnace and this spirit juice… with my current cultivation, I should be able to swallow around 20% of the demon relic’s strength…”

As Lin Ming was within the Galaxy Void Furnace, he had been constantly deducing what consequences he would suffer by swallowing the demon relic. This was the conclusion he came to.

However, he was well aware that in order to obtain a greater strength he had to break past his limits. As to what would happen if he swallowed the entire demon relic, no one knew.


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