MW Chapter 1985

Chapter 1985 – Deep Trouble

“I wonder how those boys of our clan have done…”

“The final trial’s competition is too intense and our background is too shallow. If they can at least complete the Gate of Laws test without any problems then I will be happy…”

A sect Elder spoke with a sound transmission. In truth, many of these sects didn’t have the ability to obtain a qualification token for the final trial. But, because of certain factors coinciding and with destiny on their side, they sometimes managed to occasionally obtain one. With the disciples they carefully raised and such a precious final trial qualification token, the future hopes of their sect were pinned on their success. If these disciples perished within, then the losses would be too great.

“He came out, the disciple of my White Snow Sect! Hahaha!”

An old man laughed. Everyone looked to the right and saw a youth slowly flying towards them. He had been transmitted several miles away from the sea viewing platform and had immediately discovered people from his sect.

His sect quickly welcomed him and checked to see if he was injured or not.

At this time, another sect found their disciple. These disciples didn’t enter the fourth level, but they still passed the Gate of Laws and obtained satisfying rewards.

Their rewards were some cultivation methods, Laws, and even heavenly materials that were bred within the energy of the final trial.

Lin Ming naturally held no desire for things like this, but to the martial artists of small sects, these treasures were enough to change their destiny.

“Haha, it looks like the Asura Road disciples obtained some good harvests!”

“I wonder how the several largest influences of the Asura Road have done.”

Some people whispered. Many of them looked at the people from Divine Void Divine Kingdom.

Dragonsweep stroked his beard, his lips turned up in a confident smile. But, his smiled belied the worry in his heart, the worry that something had occurred.

“Look over there, those are the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom! They came out!”

“That’s their leader Whiteflower! Haha, they’re safe!”

Whiteflower was one of the core disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom as well as the focus of cultivation for this generation of disciples. As long as he was safe then everything was okay.

Dragonsweep let out a long breath of relief.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, how was it?”

A disciple from Divine Void Divine Kingdom asked as he welcomed Whiteflower. But, to his surprise, he discovered that the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom seemed to shrink away, looking distressed, as if they had encountered something terrifying.

“Whiteflower, what is it?”

Seeing Whiteflower’s appearance, Dragonsweep was puzzled. They didn’t have many disciples that died, so why was everyone looking so troubled?

As Whiteflower and his troop was welcomed back, Dragonsweep discovered that the disciples from other influences were glaring at their Divine Void Divine Kingdom. Then, those disciples used sound transmissions to say something to their Elders.

After they finished speaking, everyone would turn to stare at the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom and even the look in their eyes would change.

“Elder… we…” Whiteflower hesitated.

The Good Fortune Saint Son watched all of this occur from the corners of his eyes. He contemptuously sneered. In his opinion, these people were mostly talking about some inane matters that weren’t worthy of his attention at all. Compared to the demon relic, anything they did was a joke.

“What an idiotic Divine Void Divine Kingdom!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son looked down at Divine Void Divine Kingdom was disdain. Although Divine Void Divine Kingdom was also a True Divinity influence, in the eyes of their Good Fortune Saint Palace, the Soul Emperor Divine Void was one of the weaker True Divinities and was far worse than Soaring Feather God Mountain.

But still, how come the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace didn’t completely kill off the disciples from Divine Void Divine Kingdom?

As these dark thoughts swirled in the Good Fortune Saint Son’s heart, he waited expectantly for the Good Fortune Saint Palace to come out. At least two thirds of their disciples should still be alive.

However, at this moment, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s smile froze on his face.

He could hear some people speaking about Divine Void Divine Kingdom, “…It’s true, absolutely true! The disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom obtained a black bone that shined like crystal; its value cannot be estimated!”

Black bone? Inestimable value?

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s heart skipped a beat. Could it possibly be that…

He immediately shot down this thought. There were many lucky chances in the final trial and it wasn’t surprising for there to be some similar object.

But at this time, the disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain also came out.

They only had two disciples remaining, and they had obvious wounds marring their bodies.

“Who injured you? Where is your elder senior sister?” Fairy Blue Lotus reached out a hand to investigate the situation of these two Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples. Her face immediately darkened.

“A wound left behind by a divine soul attack…”

In these past years, the saint race had sent many disciples to the Asura Road. Fairy Blue Lotus travelled to the Asura Road many times and had a good understanding of the cultivation methods of some large influences of the Asura Road. The injuries of their two Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples seemed to have come from the cultivation methods of Divine Void Divine Kingdom…

“Elder Senior Sister… died…”

The two disciples muttered with hate thick in their voices. As Fairy Blue Lotus heard this, her face turned into a mask of frost.

And at this time, the vortex leading to the final trial began to slowly shrink. This meant that the final trial was soon about to close. The disciples that should have come out would have come out by now. Otherwise, they had died inside.

It was only now that many Elders discovered that the number of disciples who died was far more than they had expected!

And it was also at this time, that in the middle of all these people, the originally confident Good Fortune Saint Son froze like a statue.

“Where are the disciples of my Good Fortune Saint Palace? How come they haven’t come out?”

The Good Fortune Saint Son was utterly stunned. He stared helplessly as the vortex continued to shrink away until it fully vanished.

Yet, the 20 some disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, the Legion of Famine that the Good Fortune Saint Son had raised so carefully, still hadn’t emerged. Had they died inside? Was that even possible?

“The disciples of my Good Fortune Saint Palace, how come they haven’t come out!?” Blue veins stuck out on the Good Fortune Saint Son’s face. Gold light shot out from his entire body, even causing the skies to shake. Wild waves stirred up in the Asura Sea as the Good Fortune Saint Son’s anger reached the peak. The surging waves rolled up like giant tsunamis.

Clearly, from what the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had said to him before, two thirds of the disciples were still alive!

The Good Fortune Saint Son was like a maddened lion. He stepped in front of a small influence and grabbed one of the disciples who had just come out of the final trial.

“Tell me what happened in the final trial!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes were blood red, like a rabid animal.

This mission was far too critical to him; he could not accept failure!

“I… I…” The disciple was frightened so badly that his face turned ash gray. Although the Good Fortune Saint Son was only a peak Great World King, in terms of strength, he was actually a master more powerful than an ordinary Empyrean. This disciple’s Great World King level influence wasn’t able to stop him.

“Your… your Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples were… cut down by the Asura Laws… judgment… dead, killed them…”

This disciple stuttered as he spoke, his voice trembling all the while. The Good Fortune Saint Son was so enraged that his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

The Asura Laws had sentenced them to death!?

How could this be!?

For a time, the Good Fortune Saint Son felt his mind go blurry and a ringing sound echo in his ears. How was he going to explain this to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign? And the demon relic? Where was the demon relic?

That’s right… some people had just said that the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom had obtained a black bone. Was that the demon relic?

Just as this thought popped into the Good Fortune Saint Son’s mind, he discovered that the disciples of many other influences had started to move and surround the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom.

The disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom paled. The several Elders from Divine Void Divine Kingdom also had extremely ugly complexions.

As Dragonsweep saw these people surround his Divine Void Divine Kingdom, he coldly said, “Everyone, what is the meaning of this?”

“What do you mean ‘what is the meaning’? Sage Dragonsweep, there is no need to pretend to be clueless at this time. Didn’t your disciples tell you what happened in the fourth level?”

With such a precious treasure, no one could feel relaxed. In particular, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s face was completely distorted.

The situation had developed in the worst direction possible!

Originally, in the mission that the Good Fortune Saint Son led, everyone was to remain as low-key as possible. After his disciples exited the final trial and before the other influences could respond, he would take the demon relic into the body of Famine and then directly leave the Asura Road.

But now, with the existence of the demon relic exposed, all the influences of the Asura Road would force their way into the situation. After all, there were still two True Divinities here and this was not the stage of their saint race. If a battle were to start up here, they would surely suffer a loss!

“Do you plan on attacking us? I’ve already sent a sound transmission to Soul Emperor Divine Void… in another 20 breaths of time or so, he should arrive here…”

Dragonsweep’s face was grim. This situation was far beyond what he could handle. He had no choice but to contact the guardian god of their Divine Void Divine Kingdom – Soul Emperor Divine Void!

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