MW Chapter 1985

Chapter 1985 – Deep Trouble

“I wonder how those boys of our clan have done…”

“The final trial’s competition is too intense and our background is too shallow. If they can at least complete the Gate of Laws test without any problems then I will be happy…”

A sect Elder spoke with a sound transmission. In truth, many of these sects didn’t have the ability to obtain a qualification token for the final trial. But, because of certain factors coinciding and with destiny on their side, they sometimes managed to occasionally obtain one. With the disciples they carefully raised and such a precious final trial qualification token, the future hopes of their sect were pinned on their success. If these disciples perished within, then the losses would be too great.

“He came out, the disciple of my White Snow Sect! Hahaha!”

An old man laughed. Everyone looked to the right and saw a youth slowly flying towards them. He had been transmitted several miles away from the sea viewing platform and had immediately discovered people from his...

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