MW Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984 – Ending of the Trial

Great sea viewing platforms were set up on the boundless Asura Sea. And on these viewing platforms, numerous Holy Lords and World Kings had gathered. These people were powerhouses that had come from the Asura Road and 33 Heavens.

In the depths of the sea, the Good Fortune Saint Son stood on a silk rug, his hands held behind his back. He looked at a projection crystal floating before him. In just several more hours, the final trial would open.

And the disciples that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign sent would bring out news related to the demon relic!

This group was personally chosen and raised by the Good Fortune Saint Son. Besides implanting the flesh and blood of Famine in the end, which was done by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the Good Fortune Saint Son had managed everything else. This squad of disciples could be called the Good Fortune Saint Son’s direct descendants, as well as an important moment for him to prove his own abilities.

Moreover, once he brought the demon relic back, the strength of the saints would rise tremendously. The Good Fortune Saint Son himself would receive many advantages in the process. On the other hand if he were to fail such an important mission then he would surely suffer punishment and castigation in the...

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