MW Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984 – Ending of the Trial

Great sea viewing platforms were set up on the boundless Asura Sea. And on these viewing platforms, numerous Holy Lords and World Kings had gathered. These people were powerhouses that had come from the Asura Road and 33 Heavens.

In the depths of the sea, the Good Fortune Saint Son stood on a silk rug, his hands held behind his back. He looked at a projection crystal floating before him. In just several more hours, the final trial would open.

And the disciples that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign sent would bring out news related to the demon relic!

This group was personally chosen and raised by the Good Fortune Saint Son. Besides implanting the flesh and blood of Famine in the end, which was done by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, the Good Fortune Saint Son had managed everything else. This squad of disciples could be called the Good Fortune Saint Son’s direct descendants, as well as an important moment for him to prove his own abilities.

Moreover, once he brought the demon relic back, the strength of the saints would rise tremendously. The Good Fortune Saint Son himself would receive many advantages in the process. On the other hand if he were to fail such an important mission then he would surely suffer punishment and castigation in the Good Fortune Saint Palace, and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would be deeply disappointed in him.

Although the Good Fortune Saint Son had already been designated as the next successor to the title of Saint Sovereign, his status was not completely unshakeable. After all, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign still had a long life ahead of him. Who knew what would happen in the future? Perhaps there might be a junior born in the future who was just as talented as the Good Fortune Saint Son, or who possessed an even higher degree of talent. Thus the Good Fortune Saint Son had to grasp every chance he could to consolidate his influence and increase his strength.

So, as the time of the final trial’s opening approached, the Good Fortune Saint Son found it hard to keep himself composed.

He looked at the projection crystal in front of him, pacing back and forth in his opulent room with worry thick on his mind.

At this time, the projection crystal began to tremble. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s heart shook. He knew just what this sort of aura was; the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was initiating contact from his side.

During the days of the final trial, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had only contacted him once; this was the second time. If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign didn’t have some important matter to discuss then he wouldn’t appear.

“Your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son reverently fell to his knees as the image of a middle-aged man appeared through the projection crystal.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion darkened as he looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son. “Out of the flesh and blood of Famine that is in the disciples sent out, about a third has been lost!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s heart skipped a beat. A third was lost?

This meant that out of the 20 some disciples sent by the Good Fortune Saint Palace, seven or eight had died!

These losses were already considerable!

For each one of those disciples, the Good Fortune Saint Palace had invested an enormous amount of resources, time, and energy, all in order to raise them. According to any reasoning, their strength should far surpass the average amongst the other disciples in the final trial, so how could they have lost so many!?

“They… when did they die?” The Good Fortune Saint Son worriedly asked. He didn’t worry about several disciples dying, but whether or not those people could bring back the demon relic.

“According to the time, it should have been around when the fourth level’s test was coming to an end. Then people continued to die and the flesh and blood of Famine was continually lost… in other words, every period of time, another person died…”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign could only feel the existence or destruction of Famine’s flesh and blood.

What he was actually sensing was the flesh and blood of Famine that was being continuously refined within the belly of the little black dragon.

When the little black dragon refined the flesh and blood of Famine, sometimes it was slow and sometimes it was fast. But overall, about a third had been processed already. This left the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign perplexed.

“The demon relic is buried deep in the fourth level. According to the sensation of your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor, the time that Famine’s flesh and blood started to disappear should have been the time the disciples obtained the demon relic! As for why the others died, that should be because they entered the fifth level and died there…”

The Good Fortune Saint Son frowned. Such speculations were the most reasonable explanation.

No matter how wild the imaginations of the Good Fortune Saint Son and Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, they could never have extrapolated what truly happened within the final trial from this tiny piece of information.

After listening to the Good Fortune Saint Son’s words, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s complexion turned cold and dire. In the fifth trial, when facing the Undying Polar Ice and Undying Inferno, there indeed was a chance that one could perish there.

At the time, the orders passed down to the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were to take the demon relic as the most important goal of all; if needed, the entire final trial could be abandoned.

They shouldn’t have entered the fifth level in order to avoid any possible accident from occurring and losing the demon relic. Could those disciples have ignored these orders?

The Good Fortune Saint Son fell to the floor once more. “Your child has been incompetent in disciplining them. After several more hours they will emerge from the final trial and your child will surely punish them according to the rules of the Saint Palace!”

“For your sake, you should hope they can bring back the demon relic… now go!”

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s phantom disappeared. His final words left a chilling cold in the air. The Good Fortune Saint Son’s complexion turned ugly.

Although the news that the Good Fortune Saint Soveriegn brought left him a bit angry, it at least proved something. This was that between the end of the fourth level and the beginning of the fifth level, most of the disciples from the Good Fortune Saint Palace had remained alive. If so, then the chances of them obtaining the demon relic were at least 90% assured.

After all, the Good Fortune Saint Son had full confidence in the legion that he formed. He believed that in this situation, there were no other disciples of any influence that would be able to defeat this ‘Legion of Famine’. In fact, those 20 some disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace could completely annihilate all the other trial challengers if necessary!

Thinking of this, the Good Fortune Saint Son finally relaxed a little. He placed his hands behind his back and flew upwards. In the next moment Famine’s flesh and blood twisted and wriggled, forming a tunnel of meat that allowed the Good Fortune Saint Son to leave its body.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The Asura Sea tore open and a massive amount of seawater flowed out like innumerable waterfalls. The giant body of Famine emerged from the Asura Sea. The Good Fortune Saint Son stood atop it, his arms crossed behind his back, filled with a heroic and dashing mood.

In the skies, an elegant woman with bare feet and wearing a long blue dress stood atop a blue lotus. She faintly glanced at the Good Fortune Saint Son, ice and arrogance in her eyes.

This woman was the number one direct disciple of Soaring Feather God Mountain’s Soaring Feather God King – Fairy Blue Lotus.

Soaring Feather God Mountain’s venture into the final trial was led by Fairy Blue Lotus. Although her looks weren’t extraordinary, her temperament was as ethereal as dust, giving off an elusive and untouchable feeling.

Soaring Feather God Mountain and the Good Fortune Saint Palace stood on the same side, but the competition between the two influences wasn’t small. The Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus weren’t on good terms either.

The two of them were each the top heroic elite of their influence and were also tied into the group known as the four saint marvels. Neither of them could accept being lower than the other.

“Heh! It looks like Fairy Blue Lotus is filled with confidence in the disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain.”

The Good Fortune Saint Son flew into the skies. The position he hovered at just happened to be 10 feet higher than Fairy Blue Lotus. This caused him to occupy a commanding position and look down at Fairy Blue Lotus with contempt.

“Nothing can compare to the 20 some disciples that your Good Fortune Saint Palace sent out. You seem prepared to take all the advantages obtained in the final trial!”

Fairy Blue Lotus didn’t back down. The Good Fortune Saint Son smirked. “I don’t dare to say that we took all the advantages, but I’m afraid the value of what we’ve obtained is likely greater than everyone else’s combined…”

As the Good Fortune Saint Son’s cryptic words fell into the ears of the others present, it only seemed like a contentious struggle of words between two elites. But, only the Good Fortune Saint Son knew that he had already lowered the demon relic’s true value by countless times. This was to prevent the demon relic from being coveted by others. Hiding the truth in plain sight would make it even harder for others to see just how great the harvests of the Good Fortune Saint Palace had been.

Seeing Fairy Blue Lotus’ clearly disbelieving expression, the Good Fortune Saint Son only sneered in disdain, not bothering to argue any longer.

Not to mention anything else, just the remaining two thirds of disciples from the Good Fortune Saint Palace would bring back a considerable harvest from the final trial. According to the information from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, these people must have stepped into the fifth level. Although this was a violation of his orders, if they did go to the fifth level then their completion percentage would definitely be higher. This would earn the Good Fortune Saint Son even greater glory.

“These saint race fellows really think the Asura Road is their own realm…” In the throngs of people, some people began to mutter with envy and anger as they saw the Good Fortune Saint Son contend with Fairy Blue Lotus.

“Brother Dragonsweep, I hear that your Divine Void Divine Kingdom has already made sufficient preparations this time around. At the very least there should be three or four disciples who surpass 70%, and there might even be someone who surpasses 75%.”

Divine Void Divine Kingdom was one of the two True Divinity influences native to the inner Asura Road, and their background was naturally deep. Normally the Empyrean influences envied Divine Void Divine Kingdom, but now, because of the arrogant clamoring and boasts of the saint race, many influences of the Asura Road instead wished for Divine Void Divine Kingdom to do their best and beat these outsiders.

“75% is the target, but… almost none can reach it. The disciples of our Divine Void Divine Kingdom have set the fifth level as their goal, and they should be able to obtain a bit more completion percentage as a bonus…”

The man called Dragonsweep was a half-step Empyrean who had led the forces of Divine Void Divine Kingdom here. As he spoke, his thick mustache trembled. The appearance of these outside saints had roused the vigor and competitive spirit of Divine Void Divine Kingdom, and the plan was to do everything in their power to compete in a struggle for victory or defeat. Dragonsweep may have spoken some modest words, but his innermost feelings were actually blazing with impatience as he waited for the results.

“Fifth level… how fierce! That is a dangerous level, but the disciples of your Divine Kingdom are incredibly skilled. If they work together I’m sure they could make something happen!”

The other influences praised together. When disciples from the same Divine Kingdom formed a battle array, then their combined combat strength would multiply. If a group of weaker disciples joined forces to deal with the fifth level’s guardian together, then although they might not be able to kill it, injuring it a little was possible. They would be able to obtain just a little bit more completion percentage.

And at this time, a massive vortex appeared in the Asura Sea. A gaping entrance appeared on the surface of the water, swallowing in infinite seawater like the maw of a giant beast!

The final trial had finally opened!

All disciples in the final trial would be transmitted outside to a surrounding area of a hundred miles. Then, they would gather on the sea viewing platforms.

It was time to verify the achievements of the young elites that the various influences had raised!


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