MW Chapter 1983

Chapter 1983 – Riddle of the Purple Card

The words of the two old men dispelled Lin Ming’s last traces of doubt.

He needed to find some way to deal with Famine’s soul as soon as possible.

However, even though Famine’s soul had been suppressed for 3.6 billion years, it absolutely wasn’t something that would be easy to contend with. Lin Ming estimated that his current boundary was far from enough.

He needed to increase his cultivation.

He had no idea how much longer the artifact spirit of the Ancient Elysium Seal was able to live on for. The main body of a transcendent spirit treasure might be able to last for 10 billion years, but its artifact spirit wouldn’t be able to survive such a long span of time. In terms of lifespan, it was similar to a living being.

For instance, the artifact spirit that once inhabited Lin Ming’s Black Dragon Spear and Black Dragon Armor had long since died.

“Do you have any more questions?” The two old men smiled at Lin Ming.

Lin Ming pondered for a moment. He said, “Junior has two more questions....

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