MW Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982 – Empyrean Divine Seal

Lin Ming trailed off as he spoke to here. He felt that his question had been a little rude, but he was just too curious. He had a faint premonition that the Asura Road Master hadn’t yet died, but since the primal god race was on the verge of extinction, why wasn’t he concerned about it?

Would he really stare blankly on as his own race slowly declined over time until it was finally destroyed…

“The High Lord, he…” Clear sighed. “Some matters aren’t as simple as they seem. The High Lord has some difficulties…”

Clear didn’t directly answer Lin Ming’s question, but from the implied meaning, the Asura Road Master might really be alive!

Then for all these years, where had he been?

Such a terrifying character. If he had hidden himself in the universe for 10 billion years, Lin Ming would find it a bit unimaginable.

In these 10 billion years, how could he not have revealed a single trace of his presence?

The 33 Heavens had undergone far too many events. These events involved the rise of fall of countless races, including the Asura Road Master’s own race, so why had he been blind to all of it?

Moreover… if his lifespan was so long, why would he be so anxious to leave...

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