MW Chapter 1981

Chapter 1981 – Guardians

Lin Ming observed these two old men from afar. In truth, Lin Ming had seen similar trial examiners multiple times during the final trial. For instance, the Black Asura or the Asura Road Master phantom.

Yet these two people were nothing but a wisp of divine sense left behind by powerhouses of the past; they were not their true form.

But as for these two old men standing at the top of the Divine Seal Altar, Lin Ming could see that they were true living people.

This left him surprised.

These two people, they wouldn’t be related somehow to the Asura Road Master right? From the ancient era that the Asura Road Master once lived in, there should be no one capable of living for such a long time.

The Divine Seal Altar was several thousand miles from the cliff Lin Ming had been at. He flew through the void and stepped onto the Divine Seal Altar. This was the smallest level of the Divine Seal Altar, but even so it was spacious with an area that was hundreds of miles wide.

The two old men stood a hundred...

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