MW Chapter 1980

Chapter 1980 – Emperor Cemetery

The three emperor jades were placed into the grooves one at a time. The emperor jades lined up in the grooves, and then, the entire statue lit up with a dazzling divine light. At the same time, a vortex began forming in the void beneath the statue.

Lin Ming was sucked into the vortex. The scenery changed, and in the next moment, Lin Ming arrived in a dark gray world.

The first time Lin Ming entered the smelting trial he had already learned about the existence of the seventh level. When he discovered that the three emperor jades of fate were required to open it, he had always been thinking just what that place would look like.

Would this be a test with a heaven-defying difficulty, or would it purely be rewards?

Lin Ming’s imagination had become even more intense when he obtained the third emperor jade of fate. But because of all the tribulations he had suffered afterwards and everything else that had occurred to him, he had pushed those thoughts out of his head.

Today, Lin Ming would finally step into the seventh level and see everything there…

But the scene that appeared in front of him left him startled.

What he saw was… a vast cemetery.

This was a pure gray world. The sky was disorderly...

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