Chapter 198 - Thunder Lizard

Chapter 198 Thunder Lizard.


Chapter 198 – Thunder Lizard

The young man at the side of the black-clothed martial artist curled his lips as he heard Lin Ming’s refusal, and whispered, “He doesn’t know what’s good for him. If Elder Senior Apprentice Brother was willing to take him along, then he was already thinking highly of him. Since he rejected him, he’ll just die sooner or later.”

Lin Ming had very keen perception. Even though the youth wasn’t speaking very loudly, he was still able to hear him. Of course, he had suppressed his cultivation to the early Viscera Training stage. The first reason was because he was taking precautions, and second was because he didn’t want to stand out too much. With his age, it was simply too shocking to being able to reach the peak of Bone Forging.

In the end, these five martial artists came from a small place. They were only little fish in a little pond. They hadn’t seen the world and didn’t know how much talent was out in the wide world.

The twin girls didn’t seem as if they could bear Lin Ming delivering himself into the jaws of death. They said, “Little Brother, if this your first time coming to Thundercrash Mountain, you need to know that this isn’t a place you can casually play around in. After crossing the forest, there are many dangers; even a Viscera Training martial artist...

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