MW Chapter 1979

Chapter 1979 – Opening the Seventh Level


In close-range melee combat, Lin Ming was finally struck by the Undying Polar Ice. Its terrifyingly sharp phoenix claws brought with them a cold light that shimmered for dozens of feet as they cut into Lin Ming’s body!

Blood flew out, instantly freezing into icicles. Lin Ming turned into a meteor that smashed into the ground!


The frozen earth cracked as a giant crater formed, fissures spreading outwards like a spider web. With this successful strike, the deep blue eyes of the Undying Polar Ice flashed with pride. It shrieked and flew straight towards the icy crater!

However, the moment that it approached the crater in the ice, a black spear light thrust out, bringing with it a dreadful power and momentum that tore through all!

This spear light ripped into the Undying Polar Ice’s chest!

The Undying Polar Ice released a sad and pained scream. Its blue feathers were stained with blood once again.

Lin Ming’s strike contained the condensed Laws of the Asura Heavenly Dao, and gathered the supernatural strength of the 33 Heavens, and it was even supported with the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace. This was nearly his strongest strike, but it still wasn’t able to pierce through the Undying Polar Ice’s body.

The Undying Polar Ice was submerged in endless black light as it came wildly tumbling down from the skies. For thousands of miles around, all the clouds of frost in the air were blown away!

At this time, the blood-drenched Lin Ming rushed out from the broken debris of ice. He moved forwards, seeming to teleport as he smashed his spear down behind the Undying Polar Ice!


With a loud explosion, it wasn’t just blue blood that flowed out from the Undying Polar Ice’s back. This time traces of a crack appeared.

This meant that in the Ice Laws which composed its body, a crack had appeared.

The Undying Polar Ice was weakening!

Although Lin Ming couldn’t kill the Undying Polar Ice in a short period of time, he could still fight it to a standstill. In other words, this meant that Lin Ming would eventually win.

According to the rules of the final trial, the guardian of the fifth level, whether it was in the form of the Undying Inferno or Undying Polar Ice, once it gathered all its strength it would slowly use it all up in a series of attacks. Finally, when its energy was exhausted it would turn into the polar ice egg and the inferno egg.

The polar ice egg and inferno egg represented the lowest point of the guardian’s strength.

The Undying Polar Ice was an opponent designed to become weaker the longer it fought. If it could only evenly match Lin Ming at its peak state, then its fate after it weakened could be imagined.

Thus, by the time Lin Ming had thrust another spear towards the belly of the Undying Polar Ice, the result of this battle had already been decided.

A crack appeared on the Undying Polar Ice’s belly.

Spear after spear, Lin Ming continued his barrage of attacks, smashing down his spear.

Beneath this storm of attacks, more and more cracks appeared on the Undying Polar Ice!

Crystalline ice feathers fell off in a flurry of frost. Ice essence that was condensed into blue blood recklessly showered down.


A loud explosion filled the air. The Undying Polar Ice was no longer able to resist Lin Ming’s continuous onslaught. Its body that was lined with cracks completely shattered apart, causing ice energy to surge outwards. Like this, the Undying Polar Ice exploded in the air into a mass of freezing fog!

Whorl whorl whorl –

A terrifying wave of cold energy swept out, forming an ice storm. Seeing this rapidly expanding ice vortex, Lin Ming let out a light breath.

The test of the fifth level had ended. The Undying Polar Ice had been killed by him before it had turned into an egg!

Moreover, he had done this alone.

In the history of the Undying Polar Ice, in the 10 billion years of history since it had been created by the Asura Road Master, something like this had never occurred.

As the Undying Polar Ice died, the towering glaciers started to melt. The snow and ice slowly faded away and the space of the fifth level was restored to its original appearance.

Then, Lin Ming checked his completion percentage…

In truth, by this time Lin Ming no longer cared about his completion percentage. He wanted to enter the final trial’s seventh level and obtain the complete Asura Sutra.

The reason he chose to kill the Undying Polar Ice using such a difficult method was to test the limits of his strength.

“Completion rate, 95%!”

This completion percentage was three points higher than the first time Lin Ming had come to the final trial.

Lin Ming guessed that he should have obtained the full amount of points possible after killing the Undying Polar Ice by himself. In fact, he should have obtained extra points due to his method of completion, but it was likely that the Asura Road Master never expected that something like this would happen, thus he didn’t specifically add in a rule that would only apply if someone as formidable as Lin Ming were to appear.

“95%. It looks like the final five percent will be found in the final trial’s seventh level!”

As Lin Ming thought this, he stepped into the sixth level.

The sixth level was nothing but chaos. Here, the skies and earth were the same color, fundamentally indiscernible from each other. Only the endless mystical traces of the Laws that covered the world differentiated the surroundings of this level.

There were no dangers in the sixth level; it was a place used for rest and for providing rewards.

The last time Lin Ming was here, he had obtained a reward.

This time he had brought the emperor jades of fate to open the seventh level.

Rumble rumble rumble!

As Lin Ming strode into the center of the sixth level, the earth collapsed and a fathomless abyss appeared.

This abyss had no bottom, as if it was a connection to another universe.

And from the center of the abyss, a massive black stone statue slowly floated up.

This black stone statue was carved in the shape of an Asura war god. The war god held a dragon spear and wore a suit of black battle armor. His body was covered in ferocious scales and he stood upon a Divine Dragon. His entire being overflowed with an ancient and savage aura, one that shocked the mind and made one feel fearful.

On the armor of this war god, there were three small grooves placed in a row.

On the side of these grooves there were some familiar words, words that Lin Ming had read before.

“33 Heavens, Asura inheritance, passed down to the unrivaled genius, passed down to the one with great destiny, passed down to the fated one!

“The word of Fate, to be predestined or not, if you are fated then even through the endless universes you will still find my inheritance, but if you are not fated then even if your talent is unrivaled, you shall never enter the gate.

“I left behind three emperor jades of essence, energy,and divine. The emperor jades have spiritual powers, and if you are fated then they shall fall into your hands. If you lack fate then no matter how much hardship you undergo to find them you shall never succeed. Bring the three emperor jades to this land and open wide the gates to the seventh level.”

These words described the key to opening the seventh level… that was, the three emperor jades of fate!

For those that were fated, even if they didn’t search for the emperor jades, the emperor jades would look for them instead. And for those that weren’t fated, even if the emperor jades were placed in their hands they still wouldn’t recognize it.

Lin Ming had already collected the three emperor jades a long time ago. Now, the time had come. He would open the gate to the seventh level.

At this time, Lin Ming’s mood was extremely calm.

He slowly flew before the Asura statue and took out the three emperor jades.

These three emperor jades were similar in shape, but their lines and textures were completely different. And for Lin Ming who was proficient in the Asura Laws, the traces that covered the surface of these emperor jades possessed unexplainable Laws, as if they were the most beautiful and harmonious designs in the world.

Lin Ming closed his eyes. He quietly felt the connection between the Asura statue and the three emperor jades of fate.

Then, he began placing the three emperor jades into the Asura statue…

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