MW Chapter 1979

Chapter 1979 – Opening the Seventh Level


In close-range melee combat, Lin Ming was finally struck by the Undying Polar Ice. Its terrifyingly sharp phoenix claws brought with them a cold light that shimmered for dozens of feet as they cut into Lin Ming’s body!

Blood flew out, instantly freezing into icicles. Lin Ming turned into a meteor that smashed into the ground!


The frozen earth cracked as a giant crater formed, fissures spreading outwards like a spider web. With this successful strike, the deep blue eyes of the Undying Polar Ice flashed with pride. It shrieked and flew straight towards the icy crater!

However, the moment that it approached the crater in the ice, a black spear light thrust out, bringing with it a dreadful power and momentum that tore through all!

This spear light ripped into the Undying Polar...

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