MW Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978 – Fighting the Undying Polar Ice Once More

“I’ve awakened… it seems, I slept for another thousand years?”

“Mm. To be exact, you’ve slept for 1058 years…” Lin Ming smiled.

Over a thousand years ago, Empyrean Divine Mist had awoken for a short ten days. Then he fell asleep once more, resting until this moment.

The Magic Cube had the effect of stabilizing the soul. Empyrean Divine Mist wasn’t in a bad or good situation. As long he went through his period of slumber then his soul force wouldn’t weaken or increase.

“What you did this time could be called giving Divine Void a good deal of trouble.”

Empyrean Divine Mist lightly said. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had done all of this in order to obtain the demon relic; he wouldn’t give up on it so easily. And in terms of strength, Divine Void Divine Kingdom was weaker than the Good Fortune Saint Palace. However, within the Asura Road and with the protection of the Asura Road’s Laws, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign shouldn’t dare to do anything reckless.

“Perhaps. Cause and effect runs in circles. Divine Void and Senior have a grudge with each other, and since I’ve received help from Senior, it’s normal for me to pay some interest back to Divine Void Divine Kingdom…”

Lin Ming’s response was calm. He was someone who remembered grudges and gratitude. When he attacked the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace and Soaring Feather God Mountain, this was because they were on opposite sides to begin with, not to mention that they had already killed many Asura Road disciples when they took the treasure. If Lin Ming were to let them go, then in the next several thousand years, the number of young human elites they killed would only increase.

Regarding Divine Void Divine Kingdom, Lin Ming only wanted to deal with Soul Emperor Divine Void. As for the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom, Lin Ming had no problems with them, thus he let them live.

“Is that so… the samsara of gratitude and grudge, the circle of karma…”

Upon mentioning his enmity with Divine Void, Empyrean Divine Mist had a strange feeling stir in his heart. Ever since he was sealed in the Magic Cube, Divine Void probably thought he had died…

“But, everything you’ve done today will only give Divine Void some trouble. It’s impossible to shake his foundation.”

Divine Mist quietly murmured. Lin Ming nodded. “I’m not hoping that this matter will provoke some great war. At most, it will divert the attention of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. And I also feel that I can’t hide the truth of this matter from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. He will likely discover some questionable points…”

Lin Ming didn’t care whether or not his actions would provoke a war. His main goal was to conceal his whereabouts.

“Mm, making sure you are safe and ensuring no news that you are alive spreads is more important than anything else. You still have many days ahead for that…”

As Empyrean Divine Mist spoke, he fell into a deep slumber once more.

Lin Ming’s current strength was lacking. According to Empyrean Divine Mist’s earlier suggestion, he had to complete the seventh revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art and raise his cultivation to the half-step Empyrean or even true Empyrean realm before he could fully reveal himself.

But Lin Ming could feel that the Empyrean realm was a long, long time away.

While he simultaneously studied two of the highest Laws and had to pay attention to the Grand Reincarnation Art, Lin Ming doubted he would be able to break into the Empyrean realm within 10,000 years.

This speed was far slower than Emperor Shakya.

And compared to the Good Fortune Saint Son, it was even slower than that.

This was the price of practicing the Grand Reincarnation Art.

At this time, Lin Ming entered the final trial’s fifth level.

Although the space within the final trial changed each time, the fifth level always stayed the same.

The one who guarded this floor was the Undying Inferno and the Undying Polar Ice.

In the past, Lin Ming and Sheng Mei had joined forces to bring down the Undying Polar Ice, causing their reputations to soar.

Now he arrived here by himself and would have to face the enemy alone.

Because he practiced the Grand Reincarnation Art, Lin Ming had a skeletal age advantage in the final trial. The Undying Inferno’s attacks weren’t able to pose any threat to him. He relied on his understandings of the Fire Laws to easily avoid every strike aimed his way.

Then, the Undying Inferno eventually exhausted itself of energy and turned into a phoenix egg. Lin Ming crossed his hands behind his back, looking at this happen.

He didn’t attack, but waited for the Undying Polar Ice that was hidden in the phoenix egg to hatch out.

Lin Ming had chosen to strike down the fifth level guardian while it was in its Undying Polar Ice form in order to obtain the highest completion percentage possible.

This was because the Undying Polar Ice was restrained by Lin Ming’s attributes.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Cold energy started to gather from the heavens and earth, condensing high in the air.

Horrifying Ice Laws locked down this space. One could see that in the center of this gathering cold energy, there was a flashing ice crystal. This ice crystal started to condense into a small ice phoenix.

As more cold energy gathered, the phoenix grew larger and larger. In an instant, an aura that could freeze the world suddenly and furiously whipped up!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The earth quaked. Glacier after glacier drilled out from the ground, towering 100,000 feet high!

A lilting smile crossed Lin Ming’s lips.

Undying Polar Ice. After not seeing it for several thousand years, he was finally able to fight it again!

In the past, Lin Ming had to wait for Sheng Mei to use the Umbral Heaven Ice Array and pass through layers of dangers, blocking the Undying Polar Ice’s attacks in order to exhaust it of energy. When it had turned into an egg, Lin Ming then rushed out, using the Black Dragon Spear to kill the Undying Polar Ice in a single all-out strike!

But this time, Lin Ming didn’t plan on waiting. The moment the Undying Polar Ice appeared, Lin Ming rushed forwards!

He wanted to face the Undying Polar Ice while it was in its peak state. He planned to engage it in a brutal melee!

This was a crazy plan. If Sheng Mei saw this then even she would be understandably shocked.

Hu - !

With a keen whistling sound, the Black Dragon Spear flew out from Lin Ming’s spatial ring!

This spear hadn’t appeared for thousands of years. In these thousands of years, Lin Ming had also never fought with everything he had in his peak state.

Now, as the familiar weight of the Black Dragon Spear returned to its owner’s hand, it emitted a loud hum as if the soul of a Divine Dragon were awakening within the shaft!

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

Threads of cold energy gathered, becoming increasingly thick and potent. Within the chilling icy winds, the Undying Polar Ice was enraged. It was angry that a mere human dared to challenge its endless might!

It turned towards Lin Ming and hurtled down at him, its speed soon reaching the extreme. In the legends, it was said that ancient Rocs could pass 90,000 miles with a single flap of the wings, without needing to use any Space Laws.

Although the ice phoenix was slower than an ancient Roc, it wasn’t much worse. Of course, this was in a situation where it didn’t utilize the Space Laws. Only this speed was true speed, a speed capable of surpassing the reaction time of others!

This was because its attack wouldn’t bring about fluctuations of the Laws, thus it became impossible for others to sense it.


The Undying Polar Ice immediately appeared in front of Lin Ming. It stretched out a giant claw that radiated a freezing light, grasping down at him!

This claw was covered with a freezing ice force field. Any life form that was covered by this force field would have their mortal body and soul both frozen away.

So to avoid the Undying Polar Ice’s attack, speed alone was not enough. One needed the ability to deal with the force field that came along with the Undying Polar Ice’s attack!

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank and he drew backwards. His body started to burn with black flames. As these flames lit up all around him, they carried the true meaning of nirvanic rebirth, directly burning away that freezing ice force field.

Lin Ming stepped on the void and vanished like smoke. In terms of natural speed he was inferior to the Undying Polar Ice, thus he used the Space Laws without hesitation. And when it came to the Space Laws, he surpassed the Undying Polar Ice by countless miles. Even if he wildly used the Space Laws however he wished, it would be near impossible for the Undying Polar Ice to lock onto these Law fluctuations and locate Lin Ming’s position.

In an instant, Lin Ming had already appeared behind the Undying Polar Ice.

Nine great stars gleamed above Lin Ming’s head. Starlight poured down, pouring into his mortal body. From within him, the Purple Temple Dao Palace, Heavenly Retribution Dao Palace, Extreme Polar Dao Palace, Daevic Eye Dao Palace, all of them began to open one after another!

The Black Dragon Spear was infused with the power of nine stars. It crushed through space with overwhelming momentum as it savagely pounded down!


Like a bolt of divine lightning falling from the highest heavens, it smashed into the Undying Polar Ice’s back.

The phoenix’s back could even carry a mountain. But as Lin Ming’s spear smashed into it, not only did the freezing ice force field shatter apart but those beautiful ice feathers also cracked open, leaving bits and pieces of ice flying out.

Icy blue blood flowed out from these wounds. In truth, this wasn’t blood but liquid condensed from the purest ice energy in the world. If an ice-attribute martial artist could obtain but a single drop, it would be a treasure beyond compare.

The Undying Polar Ice was incensed. It had protected the final trial’s fifth level for billions of years, and during this period there had been people capable of shattering the egg it transformed into, but there had never been someone capable of wounding it in direct frontal combat!

It roared out once more as it hurtled towards Lin Ming!

Ka ka ka!

The void froze, cracking open! A deep blue beam of light shot out from the Undying Polar Ice’s mouth, straight towards Lin Ming’s chest!

This freezing cold beam of energy was horrifyingly powerful; it far exceeded Lin Ming with his suppressed cultivation.

After all, the Undying Polar Ice was in its peak state. When it was created in the past, it was formed in a default state so that no one would be able to defeat it in its peak condition.

Lin Ming didn’t defend. His two pupils suddenly contracted, turning as thin as pins. Around his pupils, mystical patterns appeared.

In that moment, he had opened the Three Lives Pupil.

Three Lives Pupil – All Existence to Void!

When combined with the Daevic Eye Dao Palace, in a mere moment, the complete method with which the Undying Polar Ice utilized the Ice Laws was seen through by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s eyes no longer saw that blinding blue light. Rather, what he saw was a Law structure composed of endless cold energy essence.

The power of thunder and fire erupted from Lin Ming’s body. The phantom of the Heretical God Tree appeared behind him. The two strengths collided and a terrifying explosion of energy blew into the skies, causing the world to change and origin energy to gush out in violent waves.

Beneath the suppression of Laws, the disparity in cultivation was made up for. The Undying Polar Ice’s attack had been forcefully broken by Lin Ming!

The Undying Polar Ice became increasingly furious. It fought Lin Ming in close-range combat!

Its vorpal wings and sharp claws were dreadful weapons.


With another frontal collision, Lin Ming was sent flying back. But, he didn’t fall into a disadvantage. He rushed out once more, engaging the Undying Polar Ice in brutal battle!

A battle of bodies, a showdown of energy. The Black Dragon Spear in Lin Ming’s hand seemed to turn into a black dragon that flew about in the air.

In the skies, a dragon and phoenix contended for supremacy!

The numerous 100,000 foot high glaciers were unable to withstand this terrifying storm of energy. All of them crashed down in rumbling avalanches.

Mountain-sized chunks of ice crashed into the ground and dissolved into icy rivers of water. This was an apocalyptic scene.


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