MW Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978 – Fighting the Undying Polar Ice Once More

“I’ve awakened… it seems, I slept for another thousand years?”

“Mm. To be exact, you’ve slept for 1058 years…” Lin Ming smiled.

Over a thousand years ago, Empyrean Divine Mist had awoken for a short ten days. Then he fell asleep once more, resting until this moment.

The Magic Cube had the effect of stabilizing the soul. Empyrean Divine Mist wasn’t in a bad or good situation. As long he went through his period of slumber then his soul force wouldn’t weaken or increase.

“What you did this time could be called giving Divine Void a good deal of trouble.”

Empyrean Divine Mist lightly said. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had done all of this in order to obtain the demon relic; he wouldn’t give up on it so easily. And in terms of strength, Divine Void Divine Kingdom was weaker than the Good Fortune Saint Palace. However, within the Asura Road and with the protection of the Asura Road’s Laws, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign shouldn’t dare to do anything reckless.

“Perhaps. Cause and effect runs in circles. Divine Void and Senior have a grudge with each other, and since I’ve received help from Senior, it’s normal for me to pay some interest back to Divine Void Divine King...

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