MW Chapter 1977B

Chapter 1977B – Stirring Up Trouble

The Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples had used their body metamorphosis. They summoned the power from Famine’s flesh and blood in their body, causing casualties to stack up all around them.

But then, wind and clouds rose up from within the final trial, and the world started to change colors. Heavenly retribution descended!

Countless Asura Law runes condensed into divine thunder that rumbled onto the 20 some Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples, immediately disintegrating them into ashes!

The illusion Lin Ming crafted made it seem that the Laws of the final trial didn’t abide the existence of the abyssal demon Famine’s reappearance, and it would descend to erase it from the world. Moreover, with Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, the illusion of heavenly retribution crashing down to earth...

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