MW Chapter 1977B

Chapter 1977B – Stirring Up Trouble

The Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples had used their body metamorphosis. They summoned the power from Famine’s flesh and blood in their body, causing casualties to stack up all around them.

But then, wind and clouds rose up from within the final trial, and the world started to change colors. Heavenly retribution descended!

Countless Asura Law runes condensed into divine thunder that rumbled onto the 20 some Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples, immediately disintegrating them into ashes!

The illusion Lin Ming crafted made it seem that the Laws of the final trial didn’t abide the existence of the abyssal demon Famine’s reappearance, and it would descend to erase it from the world. Moreover, with Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao, the illusion of heavenly retribution crashing down to earth was recreated perfectly, all of it seeming real.

In this alone, no matter how a True Divinity tried to look through they wouldn’t be able to see any flaws. This was because Lin Ming’s understandings of the Asura Laws were number one within the 33 Heavens!

As for creating the illusion that the abyssal demon was erased in the final trial, Lin Ming didn’t fear the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would return at the next final trial to verify this. This was because every time the final trial opened, what occurred inside was unpredictable and it was impossible to figure out the rules that governed this space. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would never think that the memories he investigated and the incomparably real scene of heavenly retribution were actually forged by someone with such a higher understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

Following that, Lin Ming had yet to finish. His carefully prepared play was just beginning.

After the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples were eliminated, the other Asura Road disciples would try to snatch away the treasure, and thus attack the disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain.

Finally, two of the Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples were slain, the gray-clothed woman included, leaving behind two severely wounded disciples who fled.

The reason these two disciples were able to escape was because the other Asura Road disciples had begun infighting due to the treasure, so no one could be bothered to chase after them.

All of this seemed extremely lifelike, and also very reasonable.

Finally, the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom relied on their superiority in strength and numbers to steal the treasure and run away!

And from the memories of these Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciples’ memories, Lin Ming found some useful tidbits of information. For instance, they had brought some one-time use items that could play a great role in stealing away treasures, such as interference illusory magic arrays, withdrawal-type divine runic symbols, and so forth.

These things were all taken away by Lin Ming. But in the illusions that the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciples experienced, they had used up all of these things.

They had fought bravely and wisely, and with luck on their side they were able to wrest away the treasure. They managed to cast off their pursuers and flee into a distant mountain valley.

They were all overjoyed; this was a treasure that could even move the heart of a True Divinity!

They took out the treasure and studied it, seeing if perhaps it could increase their combat strength somehow. But then, at this time, a scene that destroyed their hearts and minds occurred.

A thick demonic energy erupted from that demonic relic!

This demon energy condensed into a giant ghost head in the skies, similar to the ghost head that appeared above the blackwater swamp at the start.

This phenomenon was too great; everyone from thousands of miles away could clearly see it.

Thus, everyone was drawn to this area and the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom had their positions revealed.

The other inner Asura Road disciples rushed towards this location, and even the two severely wounded disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain came here with looks of deep unwillingness etched on their faces.

The disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom were panicked. They had relied on luck to escape the previous mess, and now facing so many people, there was likely no way they could win. In a worst case scenario, they would follow in the steps of the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples and turn to dust!

And at this time, that massive ghost head in the skies suddenly spread outwards, dissolving into a force field that covered the surrounding area for hundreds of miles. Everyone lost consciousness as they were covered in this black energy…

This was also Lin Ming’s final illusion.

From this point on, false memories transitioned into real memories.

Even if Lin Ming’s skill in forging memories far surpassed anyone else in the 33 Heavens, he couldn’t guarantee that these little white mice wouldn’t experience traces of confusion and loss during the transition period of the memories from false to real.

Although this was only a minor flaw, the sense of a True Divinity had a high chance of discovering this.

But, if they were to faint and then reawaken, they would believe that everything that just occurred was realer than real. No matter how a True Divinity investigated, they wouldn’t discover anything wrong with these ‘real memories’.

When Lin Ming had been conjuring up these illusions, these little ‘white mice’ had already been transferred to the mountain valley.

Moreover, it wasn’t Lin Ming that moved them. Under the thrall of his illusions, they flew there themselves.

All the scenery they witnessed along the way was real.

Even their movements in the air, their offensive and defensive maneuvers, everyone’s expressions, it was all lifelike.

As for the two severely wounded Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples, they also joined the encirclement. Even when the ghost head appeared, they still weren’t willing to leave.

Then, when the ghost head exploded into a wave of energy, they too fell unconsciousness.

All of this was perfectly done. Of course, when these people woke up it would be many days later. At that time the final trial would be on the verge of ending.

These people believed they had all fallen unconscious due to the force field formed by the demon relic, and that force field was also what protected them from the attacks of the vicious beasts on the fourth level.

But they wouldn’t be happy at all. In particular, the disciples of Divine Void Divine Kingdom...

This wasn’t because they had missed out on continuing the final trial, but because after they woke up, they discovered that the demon relic had vanished after the eruption of the force field. They didn’t know where it had gone, and the worse stroke of luck was that the others believed that the demon relic was still in their hands, and yet they had no way to explain what had occurred…


At this time, Lin Ming started heading towards the final trial’s fifth level alone.

The demon relic was taken by Lin Ming and placed within his spatial ring.

As for the little black dragon that had eaten its fill, it was deeply slumbering in the Magic Cube. After it swallowed the flesh and blood of Famine, all of it turned into a red ball of meat in its stomach. This meat ball would require some time to digest.

This time, Lin Ming could be said to have had a rewarding trip.

However, he didn’t have time to study the demon relic more in-depth. All he felt was an incomparably pure strength contained within it. If he could refine this strength, then whether it was him or the small black dragon, there would be a tremendous benefit.

From between the fourth level and fifth level there also existed a test, just like the Gate of Laws between the second and third levels.

When Lin Ming came to the final trial last time, the checkpoint here was the 33 Heavens Divine Seal Altar. Lin Ming had easily climbed it. This time, the test was different; it was not an illusory killing array. Of course, he had no problem this time either.

Lin Ming easily stepped into the fifth level. At this time, a voice echoed in his mind.

“Your methods are quite cruel…”

This voice was somewhat weak and somewhat ethereal. Lin Ming was extremely familiar with it; it was Empyrean Divine Mist.

During these past years, beneath the sustaining effects of the Magic Cube, Empyrean Divine Mist’s soul force was like a candle in the wind but it never extinguished. Most of the time he was deep in slumber.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. “Senior has awakened?”


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