MW Chapter 1977A

Chapter 1977A – Stirring Up Trouble

At this time, the only ones left alive were the two disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain and the several dozen Asura Road disciples. When Lin Ming turned his eyes towards these Asura Road disciples, all of them held their breath.

Among these people, Lin Ming could see several youths wearing a uniform robe as well as having seven-colored feather crowns on their heads.

He recognized this clothing – these people came from Divine Void Divine Kingdom!

Divine Void Divine Kingdom was one of the two True Divinity level influences of the Asura Road. The one who established Divine Void Divine Kingdom, Soul Emperor Divine Void, was Empyrean Divine Mist’s brother. But at the same time, they shared a deep-seated blood hatred with each other.

“The lot of you, come over here!”

Lin Ming...

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