MW Chapter 1977A

Chapter 1977A – Stirring Up Trouble

At this time, the only ones left alive were the two disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain and the several dozen Asura Road disciples. When Lin Ming turned his eyes towards these Asura Road disciples, all of them held their breath.

Among these people, Lin Ming could see several youths wearing a uniform robe as well as having seven-colored feather crowns on their heads.

He recognized this clothing – these people came from Divine Void Divine Kingdom!

Divine Void Divine Kingdom was one of the two True Divinity level influences of the Asura Road. The one who established Divine Void Divine Kingdom, Soul Emperor Divine Void, was Empyrean Divine Mist’s brother. But at the same time, they shared a deep-seated blood hatred with each other.

“The lot of you, come over here!”

Lin Ming pointed towards the disciples from Divine Void Divine Kingdom. The group of them turned pale white.

However, they obediently followed Lin Ming’s orders and walked over.

“Use your soul attacks to severely wound these two. Don’t kill them.”

Lin Ming pointed towards the two Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples who were imprisoned by him.

The Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciples gulped. Just why did they need to use soul attacks?

Did this omnipotent human not know any soul attacks? However, this was also possible. After all, humans weren’t known to excel in the domain of the soul.

After a brief bout of doubts, the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciples complied with the command.

Although Lin Ming had imprisoned the movements of the two Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples, he hadn’t locked down their spiritual sea. To break through spiritual sea defenses, not harming their lives while getting just the right amount of soul damage, this was a difficult task. The two Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciples that did so could be said to have given their everything to accomplish this.

Finally, they accomplished their task. The two disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain fell into an unconscious state.

Lin Ming inspected the condition of these two disciples and was satisfied with the results.

“Very good. Then, it’s time to deal with the rest of you…”

As Lin Ming spoke these words, everyone’s complexions changed as if they had fallen into an icy lake. “You…”

Without waiting for these people to respond, black energy began surging up from Lin Ming, wildly erupting like a black volcano.

This black energy was Lin Ming’s soul force!

Such a terrifying soul force instantly shocked the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciples!

Their jaws fell down and their eyes widened to full moons. “How is this even possible!?”

These disciples came from Divine Void Divine Kingdom and were also spiritas, thus they had a naturally deep understanding into the aspect of soul force. They originally thought that because Lin Ming was a human his attainments in the soul weren’t too amazing, and thus they were ordered to attack the Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples.

But now, seeing this human erupt with such a dreadful soul force, they were all frightened to death!

It had to be known that this was all occurring beneath the suppression of the final trial Laws. If this were outside, to what extent would his soul force reach? Perhaps even a spiritas Empyrean wouldn’t be able to compare!

A human, in the aspect of soul force, was able to surpass a spiritas Empyrean?

Such formidable strength and with such a terrifying soul force, could this man be the reincarnation of the Asura Road Master?

This was a ridiculous idea. But, what was occurring was so stunning that their frazzled minds couldn’t help but produce such a thought.

At this time, a black cube appeared in front of Lin Ming, slowly spinning around.

The black cube’s surface was engraved with mysterious patterns. As it appeared, it caused the surrounding space to collapse. Dim motes of divine light gathered in space, slowly floating towards the black cube, as if the black cube contained a real universe within.

This black cube was the Magic Cube.

During these years, Lin Ming had already fully restored his soul force. Moreover, because of the several reincarnations he underwent,  because he experienced the hundred tastes of life and death, because his mood and state of mind had been tempered, his soul force had broken past its previous boundaries to achieve an even more perfect Eternal Soul.

The Eternal Soul, ancient and unchanging.

Although this soul force might not be able to compare to those peak spiritas characters, in terms of quality, no one could compete!

As Lin Ming used his perfect Eternal Soul to galvanize the Magic Cube, he was truly able to command it!

For a time, the winds changed, whipping up. Massive dark clouds covered the surrounding space, and all of the Asura Road disciples suddenly saw illusions surround them as their spiritual seas fell into enemy hands.

The truth was that the moment these people saw the Magic Cube, their eyes were no longer able to leave it.

They forgot what danger they were in, they forgot everything. In their eyes all that existed was this divine object. Afterwards, because of the Magic Cube, their spiritual seas swung completely open.

Out of so many people, not a single one was able to resist Lin Ming.

What Lin Ming first wanted to do was erase all the memories of what had just occurred from the minds of these people.

Using Lin Ming’s evolved Eternal Soul and the divine tool that was the Magic Cube, he could perfectly accomplish this. He could do so with such skill that not even a True Divinity would be able to see through it.

Erasing memories was like a skilled criminal erasing all traces of his own crime from a crime scene. In order to be flawless, the criminal would have to remove every possible trace of his presence there, including every thread of hair or even mote of dust, all in order to make it seem that he had never been there at all, to the point that even the most intelligent detective would be at a loss of what to do, unable to argue against that criminal at all.

Lin Ming was such a criminal. This was because he knew that when these people returned, the ones investigating them would be Soul Emperor Divine Void and Soaring Feather God King.

Although Lin Ming’s strength was far inferior to these True Divinities’, his advantage was that he possessed the Magic Cube and Eternal Soul. When it came to erasing memories, if Lin Ming claimed he was second then no one in this universe could say they were number one.

After earnestly erasing all of these memories, Lin Ming repeatedly inspected them to make sure not a single trace of his presence was left behind. Then, he started to forge memories.

After erasing memories there would be an unexplainable void where they had been. One naturally had to craft new memories for the plan to be perfect.

However, while erasing memories was easy, forging memories was far, far more difficult.

If Lin Ming tried to forge memories from nothing, he couldn’t guarantee that he could hide the truth from a True Divinity.

But Lin Ming had another plan. That was, to manufacture ‘illusions’ that occurred in reality, and have these people experience what Lin Ming wanted them to.

Thus, they would believe everything that happened to them and would think that it was all real.

If they believed everything they saw was real, then these memories would truly be real.

No matter how sharp a True Divinity’s sense was, if they were to inspect memories that were real, what would they be able to find out?

Thus Lin Ming didn’t falsify memories. Rather, beneath his guidance, he had these Asura Road and Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples have real memories.

Under Lin Ming’s control, the Asura Road disciples’ minds were brought back to the moment they had seen the great ghost appear above the blackwater swamp.

In order to seize treasures they had rushed to the scene, where they engaged in a fierce battle with the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace and Soaring Feather God Mountain.

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