MW Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976 – Those Against Me, Die


In the world of martial artists, this sort of behavior was common. Not to mention slaughtering a village, slaughtering a city or even slaughtering all lives living on a star was something that occurred often.

In the incomparably vast universe, even a large planet like the Sky Spill Planet wouldn’t arouse any concern if it was destroyed in a single day. Even if some people learned about this event, they would only think that a bunch of talentless, useless, and unimportant Divine Sea people had been killed off.

But, slaughtering geniuses in groups, and in particular slaughtering a crowd of geniuses from a True Divinity level influence, was something that was incredibly rare in the world of martial artists!

There was a scant number of True Divinity level influences in the 33 Heavens. Who would dare to provoke them or even have the ability to do so?

This was the same as declaring war with a great influence; the consequences were dire!

At this time, in front of Lin Ming the 20 some disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were desperately struggling against the bindings that imprisoned them. However, even if they gathered all of their strength and even used all the power that Famine’s flesh and blood gave them, they weren’t able to shake the single person that was Lin Ming.

A horrifying force field tightly locked them down, as solid as an immortal mountain!

And by now, Lin Ming was already moving towards a third person. This left everyone alarmed!

To show such overwhelming strength in the final trial, what he displayed was not his cultivation but his talent.

And if talent could be quantified, then this man’s talent far surpassed the sum total of all 20 some Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples!

This was unbelievable.


With a light sound, Lin Ming pulled out all the flesh and blood of Famine from a third saint martial artist. And this flesh and blood was fed to the little black dragon.

Famine’s flesh and blood contained an extraordinary degree of energy, but even so, the small black dragon’s appetite was even more amazing. It swallowed down this flesh and blood without even chewing it.

Then, a fourth disciple of the Good Fortune Saint Palace was killed by Lin Ming. He killed them like he was killing chickens, slaughtering them without an iota of resistance.

“He’s killing geniuses like pigs… every time he kills someone, who knows just how much damage he’s causing to the Good Fortune Saint Palace…”

Some people shrank inwardly, silently dumbfounded.

These Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples had been raised through piling up a massive amount of heavenly materials. In the Good Fortune Saint Palace, these people were the best disciples they had raised in the last several hundred years, and they were also raised with every possible effort.

And the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had carefully prepared for this mission. He had recklessly invested resources in the bodies of these people, sending out all the top junior elites within the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

In addition, he had even transformed their bodies using the flesh and blood of Famine.

It could be said that out of these 20 some people, the value of a single one of them was several times more precious than all the lives of a thousand Sky Spill Planets!

In particular, the fat man that had been killed by Lin Ming; he was the greatest junior to be born in the Good Fortune Saint Palace for the last thousand years, a natural leader of his generation. Although he was worse than the Good Fortune Saint Son, he was actually equally matched with someone like Imperial Prince Naqi.

If Lin Ming killed these people then it was the same as destroying all the work that the Good Fortune Saint Palace had put effort into for the last several hundred years.

In the world of martial artists, the value of life could be measured. In the eyes of the Asura Road martial artists, Lin Ming killing a single one of these people was the same as destroying thousands of planets.

One after another, Lin Ming slowly killed off these saint race martial artists. He didn’t deliberately plan on torturing them, but did so because he needed to accurately control his true essence flow so he could sever the tie between these saint martial artists and Famine’s flesh and blood. This was a mentally consuming task, and even for Lin Ming it wasn’t simple.

But, this behavior caused the still living disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace to lose all courage and hope!

No matter how they struggled, it was useless; they could only wait for death to slowly arrive in front of them and have them suffer the most excruciating pain in the world! In particular, the pain of having Famine’s flesh and blood forcefully drawn from their bodies caused their scalps to turn numb with shock. Even though these martial artists were firm of will and heart, once they experienced this pain they immediately wished they could all die.

“Boy! If you kill us then the Good Fortune Saint Palace will never forgive you!”

A Good Fortune Saint Palace disciple crazily screamed before he died. This was because in the brief moment before he died, the force field imprisoning him weakened, allowing him to speak.

However, his threat didn’t change his fate. Famine’s flesh and blood was also pulled out from his body!

Those who killed should expect to be killed. All of the saint martial artists present, including nearly all the martial artists from the inner Asura Road, had already stepped onto the road of death!

Lin Ming wasn’t some weak-willed or softhearted individual. As he killed these people he didn’t even blink.

But at this time, slowly, the enchantment sealing off the pit began to weaken. Several obscure figures began to quietly retreat.

These people came from Soaring Feather God Mountain.

Seeing the pitiful fate of the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples, all of their hairs stood on end and their limbs tingled with fear.

Although they had been passively drawn into this mess, they were still on the same side as the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples. After this person killed off those Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples it was possible he would kill everyone else who witnessed it!

“You all… where are you going?”

After continuously killing a dozen some Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples, Lin Ming suddenly turned his head to look at the four Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples.

Even though he had killed so many people, his hands weren’t stained with a single drop of blood; they still remained as clear and bright as jade.

In that moment, the four Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples felt as if they had fallen into an icy lake!

The gray-clothed woman turned deathly pale. She knew that she was facing the greatest crisis of her life.

At this time, fleeing meant certain death and staying here meant they would likely die!

Her mind raced. She grit her teeth and said, “If you have the ability then kill off everyone here. Otherwise, news of you killing off all the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace and Soaring Feather God Mountain will definitely leak out. At that time, the saints will chase you down with everything they have!

“The only exception is if you can take root in the Asura Road or the spiritas and find a super True Divinity influence to shelter you! However, you are a mere human, and there are no True Divinities amongst humanity!”

The gray-clothed woman hastily breathed out. She was trying to divert all fear and hatred towards Lin Ming so that everyone else here would stand with her.

This was a method of self-perseveration. And as the gray-clothed woman hoped, the atmosphere in the pit began turning to panic. The complexions of many people changed as they looked at Lin Ming.

Indeed, if this man was afraid of the Good Fortune Saint Palace and didn’t want news of him slaughtering their disciples to leak out, then he would kill everyone here.

“Just who are you? With your talent it is impossible for you to remain nameless and it is also impossible for you to come from nowhere!”

The gray-clothed woman verbally attacked Lin Ming once more, questioning his identity.

In the eyes of those present, this sort of peerless talent was even able to suppress Sheng Mei and the Good Fortune Saint Son. His existence was completely unreasonable.

Moreover, for him to be born amidst the human race that was on the brink of extinction, that was even more unbelievable.

Speaking of the human race, the gray-clothed woman couldn’t help but think of the man known as Lin Ming who had existed several thousand years ago. Although Lin Ming had already perished, his past fame remained vibrant and storied. Even though the saints tried to dilute his legend, they weren’t able to cover him up.

As for this gray-clothed woman, she was a junior that was born over 2000 years after Lin Ming had died. To her, the name of Lin Ming rang in her ears like thunder. This was a person that had caused the founder of their Soaring Feather God Mountain, Soaring Feather God King, to personally hunt him down!

A True Divinity had disregarded their status to chase after a Holy Lord. From this treatment, it could be imagined just how terrifying Lin Ming was!

“This person, he shouldn’t be Lin Ming…” The gray-clothed woman immediately denied the thought that crossed her mind.

The final trial was aimed towards juniors and this concept was supported by the Laws that permeated this space. Even if Lin Ming was still alive, his skeletal age would be several thousands of years; he would not be a junior. Even if the current Lin Ming’s strength was several times that of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, once he arrived within this final trial space and was suppressed by the Laws, the him that was several thousands of years old would find it impossible to display such a terrifying combat strength.

As the gray-clothed woman spoke, Lin Ming’s blazing eyes had stared at her the entire time.

By now, there were already some trial challengers that were stepping closer to the gray-clothed woman.

As they looked at Lin Ming, there was both fear and awe in their eyes. No matter how they looked at it, this man didn’t seem to be someone who was under the protection of a peak great influence. This was because the number of influences that could stand against the Good Fortune Saint Palace and offer shelter to someone who killed their disciples could be counted on two hands. Moreover, many of those influences had representatives here, and this man clearly didn’t belong to any of them.

“You’re quite good at shifting public opinion.”

A cold light flashed in Lin Ming’s eyes as he saw the response of these people and the gray-clothed woman’s expression. At this time she was trying to shift all the hatred and fear she could find onto him, use that to arouse the anger of the people, and then try to find a favorable turn in the ensuing chaos. Without a doubt, this was the most intelligent method.

But what a pity, all her plans were meaningless.

As the one who possessed absolute power, he could control the life and death of all those present!

Those with me, live. Those against me, die!

Lin Ming watched as more and more trial challengers were pulled over to the side of the gray-clothed woman. He coldly smiled and then said, “I will give you all a choice. You can choose to stand behind that woman and die with her, or leave her and have a chance of living on…”

Lin Ming’s words were like the whispers of a demon’s bargain. The trial challengers felt their hearts turn cold. Some of them had already subconsciously started to move far away from the gray-clothed woman.

“Stop being naïve! Do you really think he will let you live!?” Seeing this scene, the gray-clothed woman desperately shouted in panic, not caring whether or not this move would really allow her to live.

However, no matter how much she shouted, more and more people drew further away from her.

The logic was simple. To resist that man was hopeless. But if they chose to submit to him, he might not necessarily kill them.

Soon, the only ones left with the gray-clothed woman were the three other disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain.

At that time, Lin Ming attacked!

His speed was mind-bogglingly fast. Spear light cut through the void. It was an arrow striking true, instantly piercing through the gray-clothed woman’s protective astral essence. Blood shot out and she miserably coughed as her ruptured body was sent flying backwards.

Another Soaring Feather God Mountain disciple also died with her.

Two people died without any suspense. Lin Ming showed no mercy. In the war between humanity and the saints, Soaring Feather God Mountain was also involved. All the disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain were equally stained with the blood of humanity.

However, there was still a man and woman disciple of Soaring Feather God Mountain left remaining. Lin Ming didn’t kill them because he had a special use for them.

He waved his hand and locked down those two people with a force field.

The two people shook. Their faces paled. As they looked at Lin Ming, both hate and fear clouded their eyes.

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