MW Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976 – Those Against Me, Die


In the world of martial artists, this sort of behavior was common. Not to mention slaughtering a village, slaughtering a city or even slaughtering all lives living on a star was something that occurred often.

In the incomparably vast universe, even a large planet like the Sky Spill Planet wouldn’t arouse any concern if it was destroyed in a single day. Even if some people learned about this event, they would only think that a bunch of talentless, useless, and unimportant Divine Sea people had been killed off.

But, slaughtering geniuses in groups, and in particular slaughtering a crowd of geniuses from a True Divinity level influence, was something that was incredibly rare in the world of martial artists!

There was a scant number of True Divinity level influences in the 33 Heavens. Who would dare to provoke them or even have the ability to do so?

This was the same as declaring war with a great influence; the consequences were dire!

At this time, in front of Lin Ming the 20 some disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were desperately struggling against the bindings that imprisoned them. However, even if they gathered all of their strength and even used all the power that Famine’s flesh and blood gave them, they weren’t able to shake the single...

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