MW Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975 – Suppression Through Power

“You are a human? How interesting! In these many years I’ve mutilated and killed countless humans! Although you humans are nothing but a bunch of trash, your brains aren’t too stupid. At the very least you know when to fall to your knees and beg for mercy. If you were to beg for mercy I might even spare you death so you can continue living like the dogs you are, hehehe!”

The fat man stood in front of Lin Ming like a tower. After undergoing body metamorphosis, the fat man was over twice as tall as Lin Ming. His aura erupted around him as tentacles danced in the air, filling the battlefield with an intensely oppressive feeling!

However, the oppressive aura he released didn’t achieve the effect he wanted. Instead, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly turned freezing cold, like the arctic flames of the nine nether abyss.

The fat man had bragged about all the humans he had killed in these past years. This caused Lin Ming’s mind to boil over with killing intent.

“You… really deserve death!”

Lin Ming fiercely muttered.

“Heh! The one who is dying will be you! I’ve never seen such a stupid human like you before!”

As the fat man spoke, he aimed towards Lin Ming’s head and reached down. At the same time, the eight tentacles behind him also bit towards Lin Ming’s neck.

When the fat man killed the previous trial challengers, as long as they were bitten by this tentacle then all of their blood essence would be sucked out!


Eight tentacles all bit down on Lin Ming’s neck and shoulders!

The fat man demonically grinned. However, in the next moment, his smile froze. He could feel Famine’s tentacles biting down on something impossibly hard, not able to pierce through half an inch, as if they had chomped down on divine iron.

“How is this…”

Before the fat man could respond, at this time he was suddenly horrified to discover that he couldn’t move his body at all. He could barely speak through his throat. It was like a terrifying strength had imprisoned him.

“…As I thought. To allow Famine’s flesh and blood to seep into your body and transform it…”

Lin Ming’s sense had penetrated into a microscopic field. He was able to clearly see every cell in the fat man and how his cells had fused with Famine’s.

“If I were to sever this fusion and draw out Famine’s flesh and blood…”

As Lin Ming thought out loud, he lifted a hand, slowly reaching out to the fat man.

“You…” The fat man was panic-stricken. With his entire body rooted in place, he could only stare helplessly on as this human man’s hand thrust into his chest.


Blood flowed out. Lin Ming’s hand penetrated into the fat man’s body as easily as if he were slicing into tofu!

The fat man wildly and desperately struggled, but no matter how much he tried the only response was a slight trembling of his body.

Like he was a pig tied up to a cutting board, unable to move at all.

This left everyone stunned. The mouths of the inner Asura Road disciples all fell open, unable to believe what was occurring in front of them.

That formidable fat man was actually being played around with by this human man so easily, like a child playing with an insect.

Who was this man? How could he be so strong?

It had to be known that in this level of the final trial, what was tested was not absolute strength but one’s level of talent.

Although the fat man couldn’t compare with existences like Sheng Mei or the Good Fortune Saint Son, he was absolutely not a weak individual. Now, with his body metamorphosis completed, he was even more terrifying than he ordinarily was. If this other person could easily play with him in the palm of his hand, just how horrifying was his talent?

If he was so amazing, why didn’t they see him at the Gate of Laws?

Everyone looked at each other in a daze, like they were living some dream.

All the people here had already gone to the fourth level by the time Lin Ming left the Gate of Laws. Thus, they didn’t see the changes occurring in the Gate of Hell otherwise they would have recalled that event.

Lin Ming didn’t care about these people. The reason he exposed his strength now was because of the demon relic. As for those who saw him, he had the means to deal with them.

He couldn’t let news of his presence here be revealed to the outside world. Although there was no one here able to see through his appearance changing technique, if others were to know that someone with his degree of talent existed, then there would always be those who would associate him with the name Lin Ming.

That, would be disastrous.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother!”


The Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples were inexplicably flustered. Even as they were horrified, their eyes turned red with rage!

But they didn’t dare to attack right now. The fat man was in Ling Ming’s hands and they didn’t want to do anything lest there be collateral damage to him. Moreover, Lin Ming was too strong; their attacks likely wouldn’t have much effect.

Before the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples could come up with a plan for how to deal with the situation, the fat man’s face suddenly twisted. His body shivered and veins stuck out on it. Big drops of sweat rolled down from his forehead.

He was clearly withstanding some kind of agonizing pain.

“Blood… flesh…”

The fat man struggled to say, even as blood started pouring down from the top of his head. From within his body, every bit and piece of Famine’s flesh and blood was being severed by Lin Ming using small energy flows and then forcefully drawn out!

With Lin Ming’s understanding of the Life Laws in addition to his incredible true essence control, he could accomplish all of this.

Then, the several tentacles waving behind the fat man started to wither, like worms that had their fluids sucked out!

The fat man’s giant and towering body also started to rapidly deflate like a pierced rubber ball.

At the same time, in Lin Ming’s palm, a blood red ball of meat started to grow. This was the gathered bits of Famine’s flesh and blood.


Lin Ming drew out his hand and pulled out this bloody ball.

The bloody ball was the size of a person’s head and it also palpitated like a heart. It violently struggled in Lin Ming’s hand, but no matter what it tried it couldn’t escape his grasp.

And at this time, the fat man didn’t seem like a person at all anymore. His body metamorphosis was forcefully cancelled and he had reverted to his original form. But, this so-called original form was in truth much worse than the original. His fat body had shrunk to nothing and his face had turned sallow like paper. He looked like an old smoker who had used opium for far too many years.

His life essence had been drawn out along with Famine’s flesh and blood. All of it was pulled out by Lin Ming.

“Little Black!”

Lin Ming called. He threw out the ball of meat in his hand, and at the same time there was a happy howl from his inner world. A small black wolf rushed out and bit down on this ball of flesh, casually chewing it a few times before swallowing it down.

The small black dragon licked its lips and patted its belly with its claws, appearing extremely satisfied. This time it was in its minimized form. Besides a single horn, it resembled a wolf.

The first reason Lin Ming came here was because of Famine’s flesh and blood and the intense swallowing desire shown by Little Black. Now that Lin Ming pulled out Famine’s flesh and blood from the fat man’s body, he did so to experiment with it and also to let Little Black swallow it.

As this scene fell into everyone’s vision, their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. This mysterious and terrifying man had easily overpowered the horrifying fat man and then drew out his flesh and blood essence. Then…

He fed it to a dog!

This was too incredible!


The Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples’ eyes nearly cracked open with rage. They originally feared Lin Ming thus they didn’t attack him, but now that they watched him draw out Famine’s flesh and blood to feed a dog, their fury burned to the extreme!

“Attack together!”

“Kill him!”

The 20 some Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples rushed forwards together. With more people attacking together, it always felt somewhat safer. But, to their horror and despair, they discovered that they were all wrong.

Just as they reached within a hundred feet of Lin Ming, they suddenly froze, like their bodies had fallen into a thick and viscous swamp of chaos. Their bodies were locked in place, none of them able to move a single inch forwards.

It was like all of them had been suddenly locked in ice. Whether they were flying through the air or rushing over the ground, all of them froze as they were without exception!

Whether it was controlling the fat man or controlling this group of people, Lin Ming’s countenance didn’t change nor did he seem to use any strength.

“This! This…”

The inner Asura Road trial challengers were left at a loss for words. If this mysterious man had only suppressed the fat man, then they would have summed it up as – a talent on the same level as Sheng Mei.

But now, with him languidly locking down over 20 people, they started to doubt that he was human.

“Just who is he? He’s like some divine god!”

“Even if Lin Ming was reborn in the world, would even he be this strong?”

As everyone was talking, there was a light popping sound. A Good Fortune Saint Palace disciple suddenly burst apart, all the flesh and blood of Famine from his body drawn out by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had begun his slaughter.


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