MW Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975 – Suppression Through Power

“You are a human? How interesting! In these many years I’ve mutilated and killed countless humans! Although you humans are nothing but a bunch of trash, your brains aren’t too stupid. At the very least you know when to fall to your knees and beg for mercy. If you were to beg for mercy I might even spare you death so you can continue living like the dogs you are, hehehe!”

The fat man stood in front of Lin Ming like a tower. After undergoing body metamorphosis, the fat man was over twice as tall as Lin Ming. His aura erupted around him as tentacles danced in the air, filling the battlefield with an intensely oppressive feeling!

However, the oppressive aura he released didn’t achieve the effect he wanted. Instead, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly turned freezing cold, like the arctic flames of the nine nether abyss.

The fat man had bragged about all the humans he had killed in these past years. This caused...

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