MW Chapter 1974

Chapter 1974 – Slaughter

“Brothers, there is no need to hide any longer. In this battle we must win no matter the price. Once we leave, glory shall be ours! His Majesty the Saint Sovereign will grant us rewards!”

The fat man shouted out to the disciples behind him. To undergo body metamorphosis with Famine’s flesh and blood was extremely dangerous. If one failed in the transformation then death wouldn’t be strange at all.

But with that great reward dangling before them, they had to fight!

When it came to rewards, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had never been stingy. The rewards he passed out often allowed one to soar into the heavens! This also made it so that the saint martial artists were all willing to desperately fight for him without a care for their lives.

Ka ka ka ka ka!

The bodies of the over 20 some Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples began to emit explosive crackling sounds. Their muscles grew and wriggled as they activated their body metamorphosis!

All of the trial challengers present paled.

It turned out that every Good Fortune Saint Palace disciple was actually one of these monsters.

How could a crowd of ordinary martial artists fight with such savage demons?

The fat man could already easy kill one of the stronger ranked martial artists amongst them. Then what would a swarm of them be capable of?

“Damnit! We ran into a bunch of maniacs! Hurry and run!”

The trial challengers here were rational in their actions. As long as there was life, there was hope. They all revolved their movement techniques and began escaping the pit.

But at this time, the fat man sneered. “You want to run away? When you came down you all should have already understood you would die here!”

As the fat man spoke he roared out loud. From the python-like crimson tentacles on his back, dozens of blood arrows shot out. These arrows splashed onto the walls of the pit. Immediately, a great blood red net appeared at the top of the pit.

This net grew like weeds, soon wrapping around the entire pit, including the ground, sides, everything was covered in a layer of thick bright red!

“It’s an array formation!”

Seeing this blood red net, the many trial challengers turned waxen. These people had already prepared a trap for them!

This was an array formation that surpassed the understanding of the trial challengers present. In other words, it was impossible for the fat man and his group to have created it. They must have used incredibly precious one-time use array discs as well as a massive number of energy stones to power it.

This sort of array formation that borrowed power from energy stones wouldn’t be able to continue revolving for too long. But this period of time was more than enough for these monsters to slaughter to their hearts’ content in this pit!

With this, let alone the inner Asura Road disciples, even the disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain began to panic. They never expected that such a change would occur.

These disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace… they wouldn’t kill them too, right!?

Although they were allies, if anyone died in this final trial it would be impossible to verify just how it had happened. If they were attacked here then that wouldn’t be strange at all.

“You! Start killing everyone for me, otherwise I’ll kill you along with them!”

The fat man’s muscles violently twitched. His savage blood red eyes stared at the gray-clothed woman from Soaring Feather God Mountain, his look as wicked as a demonic wolf.

The gray-clothed woman was completely flustered. Facing this terrifying fat man, she had no other choice.

“Do you really think we are fish that you can slaughter as you want? Everyone, attack together! Before they complete their body metamorphosis!”

An inner Asura Road disciple loudly shouted. Currently, the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples had only finished their body metamorphoses halfway; this was the perfect time to counterattack them.

“Too naïve!”

The fat man grinned. He rushed out, and from his back, eight blood red tentacles rushed out like poisonous snakes with unstoppable momentum. These tentacles were hundreds of feet long and could easily pierce through the energy barriers of those present as if they were nothing more than paper!

Two martial artists were immediately pierced through the chest by these red tentacles. Their organs burst apart. As they wildly struggled, their blood was recklessly sucked in through the tentacles.

Many people nearly collapsed where they stood. Originally, even if this fat man didn’t undergo body metamorphosis, his strength still surpassed all those present. At the Gate of Laws, the only ones to choose the heaven-step difficulty had been the fat man and the gray-clothed woman.

But now, the fat man’s body metamorphosis had increased his strength by several times. And that gray-clothed woman seemed as if she was intending to take his side!

This was because the four disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain were already standing behind the fat man!

They came from the same faction to begin with, and beneath the threat of death, it would instead be strange if they didn’t take the hand offered to them.

“Only an outstanding talent can recognize the current trends. A wise man knows when to submit!”

Seeing the gray-clothed woman surrender, the fat man chuckled.

The gray-clothed woman clenched her teeth. Although she was humiliated, she had no other choice she could take. After all, they were together to begin with.

“Focus on defending and kill some of the weaker ones!”

The gray-clothed woman ordered the junior-apprentice brothers and sisters she had brought along.

“Once everyone here is dead, will they let us live?” A Soaring Feather God Mountain disciple worriedly asked.

“If we don’t try to steal their treasure then there shouldn’t be any reason for them to waste their blood essence to kill us. This body metamorphosis they are undergoing isn’t easy on them, and if we don’t surrender to them then we will immediately die instead!”

For a time an atmosphere of despair filled the pit, covering all the trial challengers present.

“Kill them all!”

The fat man yelled. Let the grand slaughterfest begin!

The artificial demons of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were far too strong. The strength brought about by this body metamorphosis was the same as them wildly burning up all their blood essence! In addition, these disciples were originally all a cut above the rest. From the very start of this battle, it was nothing but a one-sided massacre.

Another trial challenger was killed. And after they died, all of their blood essence and energy was completely absorbed by the demon relic.

This sort of death where they turned into red and yellow blood and were then swallowed up by the strange bone was really far too miserable.

The fat man had gone crazy. The eight tentacles behind him danced like an octopus, wildly harvesting all life!

As for the Soaring Feather God Mountain disciples, they mostly found a few trial challengers that were on the verge of death to finish off; they didn’t strike on their own initiative.

But when the fat man had killed just less than half the martial artists present, and his killing frenzy was rising, his heart shook and he turned around with disbelief in his eyes.

200 feet behind him, a man had appeared. This shouldn’t have been anything special, but this man was standing where the demon relic was, using a hand to gently grasp it!

This person was Lin Ming. From the start, all of his attention had been focused on this demon relic.

The fat man would never have even dreamed that something like this would occur!

In Lin Ming’s hand, the demon relic was still dripping with the bodily corpse fluids that it hadn’t been able to absorb in time.

With such a fierce and evil-spirited demon relic, even the fat man would have to carefully consider whether or not to touch it. He would probe it repeatedly first in order to avoid any dangers and to prevent any ominous events from occurring.

But this man was lightly holding onto the demon relic in his hands, as if he wanted to take it away!

Moreover, what shocked the fat man the most was that the surrounding scene was of everyone desperately trying to escape or crying out in sorrow and pain.

Yet this man actually had the idea and courage to dig up the demon relic.

Was he insane?

“You are seeking death!”

The fat man wildly bellowed, like the roar of a demon. The martial artists all around froze from what they were doing. For a time, all the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples held back from their killing feast. This battlefield was a one-sided massacre to begin with, and even if they stopped now they could still easily finish off everyone later.

The pit fell silent. Only the sound of flowing blood was heard.

Everyone looked towards Lin Ming. At this time, Lin Ming was holding onto the demon relic. There was no panic or fear on his face.

His expression was calm and his eyes were a bit thoughtful. When Lin Ming thought of taking the demon relic he had first probed it with his divine sense. After determining that he could resist its ability to summon and swallow blood, he then picked it up.

“This is indeed an abyssal demon… and, its rank is far higher than the abyssal that Empyrean Primordius seized the body of! Perhaps… it might have been able to compare with Famine…”

Lin Ming quickly judged. This was a demon relic that had been refined by the Asura Road Master, and even after 10 billion years it still possessed such a vast and horrifying aura. From this alone, one could imagine what rank the abyssal demon had been at!

This was also reasonable. If there was an abyssal demon that had the qualifications to be personally struck down by the Asura Road Master and have its refined relic be buried in the final trial, awaiting a destined person to come and take it, then how could it be some ordinary item? And if it were an ordinary item, why would the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign form such a large team of people to come and search for it?

“That old geezer Good Fortune Saint Sovereign should have just learned about the existence of this demon relic, otherwise he would have tried to take it long ago. He might have found some ancient ruins and accidently obtained a letter, jade slip, or some other piece of information left behind by the Asura Road Master, from which he then locked onto the location of this demon relic…”

As Lin Ming thought this, he weighed the demon relic a bit in his hands and then placed it in his spatial ring.

Seeing this occur, the fat man was utterly dumbfounded.

This sort of feeling was like an emperor going on a parade through the streets, but then a beggar walked in front of the emperor and plucked out the largest gem from his crown beneath the gaze of all present. Then, he placed that gem in his dirty pocket and patted the emperor’s shoulder before strutting away.

“I never thought that in this world there would be such a crazed idiot!”

The fat man’s voice was vicious. His blazing eyes locked onto Lin Ming as he started walking over.

The other Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples also slowly approached, surrounding Lin Ming in a circle. As they looked at Lin Ming, they did so with disdain and mockery in their eyes.

The fat man’s pace was slow and gradual. But, this plodding pace also brought about a deep restraining feeling.

The other inner Asura Road disciples looked at Lin Ming. They already expected to see him be cruelly dismembered.

“This fellow… what bad luck!”

“We can’t even save ourselves, so stop trying to care about others. Prepare yourselves and wait for a chance to break out!”

The dozen some Asura Road disciples gathered together. They rapidly passed sound transmissions, preparing to take advantage of the moment the array formation weakened to flee this pit.

Of course, the premise of all this was that they were still alive when the array formation weakened.

By this time, the fat man had already arrived in front of Lin Ming…


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