MW Chapter 1973

Chapter 1973 – Artificial Demon

“Famine? How is this…” Lin Ming’s eyes flashed with shock. This was absolutely not the saints’ body metamorphosis, but a strength that came directly from Famine!

And at this time, the clothes on the fat man’s back had already been blown apart. Massive bloody pustules rose up from his back.

Gurgle gurgle!

These pustules violently wriggled and crept, growing larger and larger until they exploded open. As blood and plasma flew into the air, several python-like tentacles rose out from these pustules, dancing all about.

“This is…”

Lin Ming’s pupils shrank. There was no way he would mistake these tentacles for something else; they were Famine’s blood dragon tentacles! The only difference was that on the fat man’s body, they had shrunk countless times over.

At this time, the fat man was already completely unrecognizable from his past appearance. He had become a 20 foot tall blood red demon with fierce bone spikes that jutted out and thickly corded muscles wrapped around him. Eight tentacles flapped about from behind him.

Seeing the fat man, everyone was bewildered. This blood red life form didn’t seem like a person at all, but a manmade demon!

“This is strength that comes from Famine… I understand now.” Lin Ming recalled Empyrean Primordius from thousands of years ago.

At that time, when Lin Ming saw Empyrean Primordius, Empyrean Primordius’ appearance had been that of a demon. But he didn’t have Famine’s tentacles. Instead, what he had were sharp bone blades.

Empyrean Primordius had seized the body of an abyssal and had turned into that appearance. This fat man was likely in a similar situation.

Someone had artificially implanted Famine’s flesh and blood within his body!

The body of an abyssal demon was nearly impossible to seize. After Empyrean Primordius seized the body of an abyssal, he had lost his sense of self.

And the fat man’s strength was clearly far inferior to that of Empyrean Primordius. To have him attempt to seize the body of an abyssal was the same as delivering food to it instead. However, if his body was implanted with the flesh and blood of Famine then that was different.

This was because Famine’s flesh and blood was under the control of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

This flesh and blood would obey the orders of others and as a result, it wouldn’t swallow the fat man.

“So that’s what is happening… as Famine becomes more powerful and as the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s control over it becomes increasingly tight, he can split off parts of Famine’s flesh and blood and plant it into the bodies of high level martial artists to compose artificial demons. If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s controlling ability is powerful enough then he can even form a legion of demons!”

It could be imagined that this demon legion would possess a terrifying battle efficiency. At the same time, they were also completely controlled by the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. This was because due to their bodies being fused with Famine’s flesh and blood, a mere thought from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and they wouldn’t even have their bones remaining!

As Lin Ming realized all of this, he could sense that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s ambitions were becoming increasingly great. Through Famine, there were far, far too many matters he could deal with. Slowly he would be able to extend his control over the entire 33 Heavens. Of course, this was all based on the premise that he could defeat the equally ambitious Soul Emperor.

“What is that monster!?”

As the trial challengers saw this fat man’s change, all of them felt weak at heart. This came from Famine’s aura. As a once incomparably terrifying existence, once Famine’s flesh and blood was fused into the fat man’s body, the aura it carried with it caused all the trial challengers present to feel fear and dread.

“That should be the saint race’s body metamorphosis! It’s just that we’ve never seen this version before!” Some people said to comfort themselves and also raise their morale. However, at this time, the fat man chuckled.

“You… do you all really think this is the saint race’s body metamorphosis…?”

As the fat man spoke, blue veins pulsated over his body like worms. It was like every syllable he spoke was incredibly difficult to get out.

His voice had completely changed. It was hoarse, low, and deep. The change of his body had caused his voice to seem not like a person’s at all.

At this time, every change within the fat man’s body was caught in Lin Ming’s eyes.

“His blood vitality… is burning away. Famine’s flesh and blood is swallowing his cells! If he tries to maintain this kind of body metamorphosis for too long then he will die. It seems this body metamorphosis has a tremendous limitation placed on it. Using it a single time will cause one to lose a great part of their life force and also affect their future boundary. There is even a chance that they will be swallowed up by Famine instead.”

Lin Ming thought as he sensed the blood vitality within the fat man. Famine was an abyssal demon and its attribute was to swallow all. This was the ‘instinct’ that was carved into every inch of Famine’s flesh and blood.

Even with the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign restraining it, it was difficult to completely write off this sort of instinct.

“Ever since this forbidden strength was planted within me… this is my first time using it. You should all feel honored!”

As the fat man spoke he roared and hurled himself towards an inner Asura Road disciple!

That inner Asura Road disciple came from Divine Void Divine Kingdom. Amongst the trial challengers here, his strength was in the upper echelons.

“Be careful!”

Someone cried out in alarm.

But, the fat man was too fast; his speed surpassed the reaction ability of those present.

The Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple had been tempered through numerous tests of life and death. Although his brain didn’t respond his body already started to reflexively move, independently acting in this critical moment.

He leapt backwards. At the same time, he took out a thick saber and chopped downwards. A thick and sticky darkness spilled out from his saber like ink. This darkness contained a powerful divine soul attack!

Hu –

The thick darkness roared, forming a death god phantom. The death god phantom grasped a scythe as it rushed towards the fat man’s spiritual sea!

This was a transcendent divine might of Divine Void Divine Kingdom, an arcane skill specifically used to strike the spiritual sea. This Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple was smart enough; seeing that he couldn’t dodge the fat man’s attack, he decided to use offense as defense instead!

The fat man’s body metamorphosis could immediately be seen to augment the mortal body; it was the obvious choice to attack the opponent’s spiritual sea instead.


The Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s saber was caught by the fat man. At the same time, the death god’s scythe came slashing down at the fat man’s head!

This fat man completely disregarded the death god’s scythe. Rather, he reached out, grasping towards the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s heart.

“You –”

The Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s eyes flashed with deep disbelief. He stared helplessly on as the death god’s scythe cut into the fat man’s head. But at the same time, a cold feeling bloomed in his chest. The fat man’s sharp claws had thrust into his chest and grabbed onto his beating heart.

“No - !”

The feeling of having one’s heart held was indescribable. Fear and helplessness covered the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s eyes. Before he could finish speaking, the fat man cruelly grinned and twisted his right hand, twisting apart the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s blood vessels and ripping out his heart.


Blood shot out. The Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s expression stiffened and his body toppled over like a dead dog. As he tumbled away, he could see the fat man holding his beating, dripping, heart, and then directly swallowing it whole.


A trial challenger cried out in fear. This body-metamorphosized demonic fat man had actually eaten someone’s heart!

Moreover, what frightened these people the most was that the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s soul attack seemed to not injure the fat man at all. The Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple clearly excelled in divine soul attacks, but such an attack was easily withstood by the fat man!

Could this fat man’s weakness be his body instead?

Looking at the fat man’s body that seemed cast with thick iron-hard muscles, the trial challengers couldn’t summon the courage to deal with him using material attacks.

If his mortal bodily defense was even stronger than his soul defense, then this was completely a monster!

“Famine’s flesh and blood swallowed up that disciple’s soul attack…” Lin Ming was able to see what had occurred. Famine was a terrifying existence. Its ability was to swallow all. It could even swallow the Heavenly Dao rules, so what was swallowing a divine soul attack?

After fusing with Famine, not to mention the increase in strength, but this defensive ability to swallow energy, material, and divine soul attacks made it so that all other martial artists at the same level would be helpless to do anything.

This was a truly terrifying monster!

Lin Ming closely observed the changes occurring in the fat man’s body. But at this time, the Divine Void Divine Kingdom disciple’s body started to shake. Beneath the gaze of all present, his entire body melted away.

The meat on his body and face seemed to melt away like fat under high heat. It flowed down in bloody water mixed with yellow goo, finally leaving behind nothing but bones.

As everyone saw this they were panic-stricken; they had no idea what had occurred.

Then, as if it was being summoned, this bloody water slowly gathered into a stream that flowed into the pit behind the fat man where it was completely absorbed by the pitch black bone column.

Seeing this, the fat man smiled. He revealed teeth that were dyed red with blood. “The demon relic is quite greedy… at such a close distance, it is even willing to swallow ordinary flesh and blood… if it is the flesh and blood of an abyssal then it would be even greater… after undergoing my body metamorphosis, even though I am able to consciously imprison the energy in my flesh and blood, I can still feel its demonic call!”

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, isn’t this something that His Majesty the Saint Sovereign values? Today, let us keep this crowd of garbage here and use their flesh and blood to feed the demon relic! This is the best use of waste!”

Behind the fat man, another disciple from the Good Fortune Saint Palace spoke up. His body also started to change. His flesh and blood wriggled about as if numerous insects were crawling beneath his skin.

He had a pained expression etched on his face, as if his body metamorphosis process was far more difficult than the fat man’s. It was obvious that his ability to control Famine’s flesh and blood was far inferior to the fat man’s.

“Another one!”

A trial challenger shouted out as he saw another Good Fortune Saint Palace disciple undergo that body metamorphosis. He felt his limbs turn cold and his heart drop into his stomach. He feared that there were several demons within the group of Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples. It was even possible that they were all like that!

“This feeling, is truly life-taking… I almost thought I would die, haha…”

After the second Good Fortune Saint Palace disciple completed his body metamorphosis, he began panting for breath, as if he had lost nearly half his life. This was the forbidden power they worried about when they were searching for the demon relic.

This power, while giving them formidable strength, would also take their life. It required constant conditioning from the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign in order to overcome the difficulties and successfully undergo body metamorphosis without dying. But, to have the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign waste time and energy to condition them, this proved their value. That value was to find the demon relic!

After completing this mission, one day they would be able to completely fuse with Famine’s flesh and blood, obtaining an undying body!


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