MW Chapter 1972

Chapter 1972 – Demon Relic

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was a memory that Lin Ming would never forget. That person was the reason for the catastrophe of the human race.

Anything related to the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, Lin Ming was glad to destroy.

And at this time, within a rumbling explosion, the demon phantom in the skies exploded!

It was like the energy field sealed underground had suddenly burst out, and because of its extreme instability it had directly dissipated.

As the energy flow recklessly scattered, it surged away like waves of black wind. All of the martial artists swerved to avoid it, lest they were blown over by this black wind and triggered something horrible.

All of this fell into Lin Ming’s eyes. He even used his mental strength to drag a bit of this black wind into the space distortion he was hiding in.

Feeling this black wind, a flash of surprise lit up in Lin Ming’s eyes.

This black wind was filled with a tremendous amount of death energy. Moreover, even though the remnant energy field in the black wind was filled with a vast aura, this aura was lacking in continued strength. As if… the abyssal had already died.

This black wind seemed to be the accumulated death energy after the corpse of the abyssal demon had been buried underground for 10 billion years.

As Lin Ming thought all of this, he probed the pit with his sense.

Then, he clearly saw what was occurring within. At the bottom of the pit there was a cylindrical-shaped thing that felt like some sort of skeleton. It was black throughout, only a foot long, and crystal smooth like a piece of black jade.

And on this black jade, there were some fresh meat bloodstains.

This flesh and blood was being slowly absorbed by the black jade, like a sponge absorbing water. These were the pieces of flesh and blood that had come from Famine.

In the search for this black jade, the flesh and blood of Famine had melted away, turning into bloody water that was swallowed by it!

Lin Ming had once fought with Famine and was familiar with its aura. He faintly realized that that flesh and blood came from Famine.

As for the black jade, Lin Ming didn’t know what it was. He could only feel an incredibly dense aura coming from it, one that was hundreds if not thousands of times stronger than the supreme dragon bone that Lin Ming had obtained from the God Beast Mystic Realm!

As Lin Ming saw this black bone, he suddenly felt the small black dragon in his inner world began to stir.

“Mm? Little Black?”

Lin Ming was surprised. In these past years, Little Black spent most of his time deeply slumbering within Lin Ming’s world. As Lin Ming absorbed world power from all over, the small black dragon also absorbed the power of the universe to grow. It was usually quiet and peaceful, deeply sleeping, unlike now when it suddenly started to restlessly move about.

During these past years, Lin Ming had already developed the ability to communicate with the small black dragon on a spiritual level. From what the black dragon was trying to convey, this small black jade thing was something that it held an intense desire to swallow.

“Are you saying that this is a relic left behind from the death of a formidable existence?”

Lin Ming mumbled, startled. The little black dragon had accompanied him to the Eternal Demon Abyss several times where it had inherited the strength of the Dragon Sovereign as well as a great deal of the Dragon Sovereign’s knowledge and experience. In many areas, the small black dragon knew much more than Lin Ming. 

“If so, then this should be a powerful abyssal demon that was killed by the Asura Road Master and then refined. The Asura Road Master left this demon relic behind and now the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign is looking for it!”

Lin Ming soon guessed what was occurring.

In fact, this was an abyssal demon that had been killed and refined by the Asura Road Master. But even if all that remained of it was a relic, it was still incredibly dangerous and could kill and swallow numerous lives.

In particular, it was able to form a link with the abyssal Famine’s flesh and blood. Using this, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was able to locate the demon relic.

The goal was to dig up this relic and allow Famine to eat it as food!

During the years that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had invaded the Divine Realm, Famine had already swallowed far too many things. It was now on the precipice of evolution.

Currently, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign needed something that could bring about a qualitative change and allow Famine to complete its evolution, furthering his strength!

This demon relic was the key to accomplishing all of this!

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples had gathered at the bottom of the pit. The death energy that erupted from the pit was so corrosive it was able to instantly dissolve a person’s flesh and blood, but somehow, these disciples were unscathed.

None of them were even injured. Moreover, with so many people gathered together coveting the treasure that they had dug out, the disciples didn’t seem startled at all, but rather seemed as if they had anticipated this.

Lin Ming’s thoughts raced. Without a doubt, these fellows had come prepared! As for the impact of that black death energy, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign must have given them some special magic tool capable of withstanding it.

Then, two Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples rushed out from the pit!

They leapt onto the surface like two rabid wolves, coldly looking at the trial challengers that were arriving from all over.

With these two disciples facing over a hundred other martial artists, they didn’t seem fearful at all.

This surprised those present.

Among them, one was a relatively famous spiritas martial artist that came from a True Divinity level influence of the inner Asura Road – Divine Void Divine Kingdom. This martial artist stepped forwards, a sneer on his face. He planned to say some opening remarks before they fought to steal these treasures, to make the whole act appear a bit more justifiable.

However, this person never imagined that the two disciples of Good Fortune Saint Palace would speak up first.

“If you don’t want to die then hurry up and fuck off!”

These disdainful words were filled with contempt. As they were spoken, the trial challengers were stunned for a moment before becoming enraged!

These Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples were insane! Were their brains normal? What gave them the courage to say such words?

“You are courting death!”

Several inner Asura Road disciples fiendishly grinned. They also thought of spouting off some polite words and asking whether or not the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples wanted to split the treasure, but since these people seemed so anxious to die then they wouldn’t bother with needless bantering. “Let’s go. We have more people than they do. Encircle them all and kill them off!”

More and more people gathered and moved forwards. But at this time, the two Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples that had leapt out to provoke everyone outside suddenly took a step back and fell into the pit.

“Mm? Running away?”

“They want to lure us in?” The geniuses present were no idiots. The actions of those two disciples had aroused their suspicions.

As if they were trying to intentionally provoke them to enter the pit.

“Be careful, there is likely something strange occurring in that pit. The black wind that rushed out just now was able to kill someone!” Someone frowned.

“Humph! If they can enter, why can’t we?”

“No matter what, the birth of a rare treasure is something we must struggle to take. If we don’t even dare to enter the door then what’s the point of being here!”

A brutish fellow carelessly said. But although he seemed a bit crude, he wasn’t hasty. He waited for a moment and used his sense to probe the pit repeatedly. He felt that the black wind which was filled with that energy field seemed to have vanished.

Thus, he put on a treasure armor and grasped two pieces of mind clarity jades in his hands. Then, he revolved his energy shields to the limit and carefully flew into the pit.

After passing several thousand feet down, nothing happened to that big fellow. The violent black wind that gushed out from the pit was powerful at the start, but it weakened a great deal afterwards. After all, the abyssal demon had long since died.

Looking at this brutish fellow rush in without a single wound, many martial artists that were ready to move also began to rush in.

Then, most of the trial challengers also flew down into the pit, Lin Ming included among them. No one noticed him. He blended into the large crowd and entered.

Flying into the pit, one could see just how large it was.

The pit was three miles in diameter and could easily hold over 10,000 people. But as for the depth of the pit, it was almost a hundred miles deep. As one reached the base of it, the light from above had weakened to nearly nothing.

Moreover, as one ventured deeper into the pit, the death energy became thicker and more potent. The martial artists carefully moved forwards. In the group were also the disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain. Although they belonged on the same side as the Good Fortune Saint Palace, they clearly didn’t know just what the Good Fortune Saint Palace was plotting. This could all be seen from the gray-clothed woman’s expression.

She was equally amazed but also hesitant.

As the group fell down, the dark became increasingly thick. As the crowd neared the bottom of the pit, a gloomy voice echoed out.

“You’ve finally gathered the courage to come down? I’ve been respectfully awaiting your arrival all this time!”

The martial artists all turned to look at the one speaking – it was the fat man from the Good Fortune Saint Palace. The fat man stood at the bottom of the pitch black pit, coldly smirking as he looked at the crowd of trial challengers.

Hu - !

Blazing balls of fire suddenly lit up and illuminated the bottom of the pit. The light shined upon the fat man’s vicious face. Because the fat man was extremely obese, this should have been a humorous sight, but in this situation, it seemed as if he had become a man-eating demon!

The trial challengers all raised their guards. Although they had the advantage in numbers, they couldn’t be reckless in such a strange place.

“You sure like to shamelessly boast. Do you think that your Good Fortune Saint Palace can deal with so many of us!? You all dug out such a deep pit, it seems you wanted to make your own tomb! The black swamp is a naturally formed graveyard of the heavens and earth. After you die you’ll stay in here and rot away, and good riddance!”

Several inner Asura Road disciples scoffed. As they spoke they had already formed a battle array, ready to deal with any situation that could occur.

“Graveyard? Your viewpoint is quite interesting, but you seem to have made a simple mistake. This place is only your graveyard! Since you came down, then stay behind!”

The fat man suddenly roared. This didn’t seem like the roar of a human, but the roar of a savage beast!

In the next moment, explosive popping sounds crackled from all over his body. The thick layer of fat on his body violently wriggled. Fierce blue veins stuck out all over him and steel-like muscles started to rise!

“Saint race’s body metamorphosis?”

Lin Ming immediately thought. This was also what the others were thinking.

Amongst the saints, those with outstanding bloodlines were able to undergo body metamorphosis. The Good Fortune Saint Son and Imperial Prince Naqi were such examples.

But soon, Lin Ming discovered that something was wrong.

The fat man’s body metamorphosis was far too strange. All of his flesh had burst open, and from the crevices of his body bone spikes drilled out, looking like ferocious swords and spears!

His skeleton also began to lengthen, growing taller. His body rose to over 10 feet high, and was growing even taller all the while!

An aura that Lin Ming was extremely familiar with suddenly rushed out from the fat man. This aura came from… Famine!


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