MW Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971 – Demon Phenomenon

Originally, Lin Ming believed that the so-called geniuses who entered this final trial were nothing but a bunch of rabble. Compared to Sheng Mei and Xiao Moxian from the past they were far worse. Thus, Lin Ming hadn’t cared much about them or paid much attention to them. He thought that whether in the Gate of Laws or the fourth level, they wouldn’t be able to cause any chaos.

The Gate of Laws had confirmed this point. Amongst all of the people here, the most formidable was the fat man from the Good Fortune Saint Palace, but not even he was able to perfectly pass the heaven-step difficulty.

But Lin Ming never would have thought that these people had unexpectedly managed to stir up such a strange scene in the fourth level. This wasn’t something ordinary, but a truly terrifying existence.

It was either a supreme world treasure, or the birth of a super demon!

Regardless of which it was, Lin Ming was interested either way. Moreover, he also felt that this aura was familiar, so why wouldn’t he go and take a look?

Lin Ming casually stepped forwards. Space twisted beneath his feet. Although his pace seemed slow and steady, he rapidly strode the thousands of miles towards the...

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