MW Chapter 1971

Chapter 1971 – Demon Phenomenon

Originally, Lin Ming believed that the so-called geniuses who entered this final trial were nothing but a bunch of rabble. Compared to Sheng Mei and Xiao Moxian from the past they were far worse. Thus, Lin Ming hadn’t cared much about them or paid much attention to them. He thought that whether in the Gate of Laws or the fourth level, they wouldn’t be able to cause any chaos.

The Gate of Laws had confirmed this point. Amongst all of the people here, the most formidable was the fat man from the Good Fortune Saint Palace, but not even he was able to perfectly pass the heaven-step difficulty.

But Lin Ming never would have thought that these people had unexpectedly managed to stir up such a strange scene in the fourth level. This wasn’t something ordinary, but a truly terrifying existence.

It was either a supreme world treasure, or the birth of a super demon!

Regardless of which it was, Lin Ming was interested either way. Moreover, he also felt that this aura was familiar, so why wouldn’t he go and take a look?

Lin Ming casually stepped forwards. Space twisted beneath his feet. Although his pace seemed slow and steady, he rapidly strode the thousands of miles towards the black swamp.

The black ghost head was far too large. All the trial challengers on the fourth level had noticed it. For a time, more and more people arrived.


And at this time, just outside the space of the final trial in the immeasurably deep Asura Sea, Famine’s avatar was immersed 100,000 feet underwater.

Within the deepest depths of the mass of flesh and blood, the Good Fortune Saint Son was sitting atop a giant chair covered with the skin of an ancient rhinoceros beast. He quietly gazed at a projection crystal in front of him.

This crystal showed the entrance to the final trial. No matter what magic tool it was, nothing could spy upon what was occurring within the final trial; that space was completely isolated from the outside Laws.

Although looking at the final trial’s entrance was meaningless, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s eyes didn’t leave the crystal projection. He was someone that loved to drink fine wines, and even today he was holding onto a wine glass in his hand. But, he actually had no interest in drinking wine, after all, what was occurring within the final trial was of great importance to him. If any accidents were to happen, that would be catastrophic for him.

As the Good Fortune Saint Son found it hard to relax, the projection crystal suddenly shivered.

A blurry phantom appeared in the air above the projection crystal. Seeing this phantom, the Good Fortune Saint Son immediately straightened. He stood up and politely bowed.

“This child greets Your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor!”

The phantom who had appeared was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s voice was slow and haunting. He said, “I just felt my connection with those several pieces of Famine’s flesh and blood suddenly disappear… that flesh and blood should have been swallowed.”

The flesh and blood of Famine were the red balls of meat brought into the final trial by the fat man and the others in order to seek out the treasure they were searching for. Those lumps of flesh had melted away and drilled into the swamp where they were then swallowed. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had been able to instantly sense this.

If it wasn’t for that flesh and blood having stemmed from Famine and shared a life link with it, then the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign would have had no way to know anything about what was occurring in the final trial.

“This…” The Good Fortune Saint Son was shocked for a brief moment before turning ecstatic. “It seems they have found it!”

“That’s right. Of course, it could be that the disciples sent out were killed and the flesh and blood of Famine was refined…”

“Haha, the chance of that happening is almost zero. In this round of the final trial, none of the trial challengers are capable of killing the 20 some disciples I sent out and even refining Famine. Famine’s flesh and blood, even if just a tiny bit, would take even an Empyrean a long time to refine!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son was filled with confidence. As long as the location of that thing was found then obtaining it would be no problem at all!

And once they obtained it, the strength of the saints would be greatly enhanced!

And when that happened, he would also profit endlessly from it!

“I hope so…” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s voice was dignified. “Nothing can go wrong!”

“Your Majesty Sovereign Ancestor, you can rest assured that the disciples who entered the final trial this time were all personally chosen by your child. Whether it is skeletal age, strength, or talent, they have all been thoroughly inspected by me. Amongst the younger generation of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, they are the most suitable talents capable of completing the mission! In addition, in order to guarantee success of the mission, I have transformed their bodies. Amongst their peers, they are invincible!

“Your child has personally handled every aspect of this mission. If there is any problem, then your child will personally sever his hands and feet and suffer any other punishment!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s voice was decisive, disallowing any escape route.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign slowly nodded. His phantom gradually faded away.

The moment the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign completely disappeared, the Good Fortune Saint Son leapt up, excitement flashing in his eyes. He subconsciously gripped his fists together, as if the entire world could be captured in his palm.

He had his own ambitions. Once they found what they wanted, then the saints might even be able to defeat the spiritas and dominate the entire 33 Heavens!

At that time, he would be able to break into True Divinity and even reach extreme True Divinity, afterwards inheriting the position of Saint Sovereign of the saint race!

Famine’s life was infinitely long. When the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was lying in bed, dying from old age, then Famine would surely be passed down to him. At that time, whether it was in the heavens above or earth below, he alone would reign supreme!


Lin Ming used several breaths of time to cross thousands of miles, as smooth as if he were taking a stroll through a park.

He arrived in the skies above the blackwater swamp.

Here, Lin Ming could clearly see the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace. They had actually dug out a great pit in the blackwater swamp.

And that terrifying aura had come from the pit.

Looking at these Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples, Lin Ming’s eyebrows arched up. It seemed this mess really had been stirred up by these people.

Lin Ming easily hid himself away in a space distortion. With his strength, no one was able to discover him.

He wasn’t worried. First, he wanted to take a look and see just what they were doing.

But at this time, more and more trial challengers were rushing here. They encircled the great pit, standing dozens of miles away and floating up and down in the void.

Everyone’s eyes were tightly glued onto that pit. In their eyes there were hints of excitement, greed, and even fear…

“It’s the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace! That phenomenon really occurred because of them!”

“When I saw the position that of that phenomenon I already guessed it was them. Several days ago, I saw those people searching for something in that blackwater swamp, and now they are still searching! I think they already knew the swamp isn’t ordinary!”

“That’s right. I also saw them before. I thought it was strange. The space of the fourth level is so large and yet they all gathered in that small blackwater swamp, spending an entire seven or eight days searching without going anywhere else. It’s obvious that they had already prepared all of this before coming here. But, that’s puzzling. This final trial space is so mysterious, so how did they obtain that information? This is too suspicious!”

“No matter how they obtained that information, that treasure shouldn’t be able to be easily obtained by them. Perhaps there might be some ancient ruin in there with many treasures. If we are able to wrest it away then everyone will have a share!”

Of course, they all had to be careful. These sorts of ancient ruins usually held layers upon layers of dangers. A small mistake could cost them their lives.

“The disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace are stronger than us but we are greater in numbers. As long as we work together in this battle then it won’t be a problem to kill them all off.”

The one who spoke was a disciple from the inner Asura Road. Even if the news of them slaughtering people here was revealed, it was still worth the risk. Moreover, they didn’t fear the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. The Asura Road was a world that was existed independent from the 33 Heavens, and no matter how strong the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was he wouldn’t recklessly do anything to the Asura Road.

First, there was the deterrence of the Asura Road Master. The Asura Road contained the terrifying Asura Laws, and no one knew what sorts of ominous things would occur if anyone were to attack these lands.

Second, the native influences of the Asura Road were also formidable existences; they had at least two True Divinities! Moreover, in the deepest parts of the Asura Sea and the Great Desolate, there were said to be several True Divinity level vicious beasts hiding.

As everyone was waiting for a chance to make a move in their small groups, preparing for the upcoming battle to erupt, a loud roar suddenly exploded from the great pit!

This roar was incomparably terrifying, as if some dreadful demon had awakened from that pit!

Following this roar, a violent flow of energy wildly shot out into the skies, even annihilating the void!

A trial challenger that had been too close due to his greed and curiosity cried out in alarm as he was swept up by this power!

His body spun into the air with this energy flow. He emitted an ear-piercing scream, then, under the eyes of all present, his mortal body rapidly decomposed as his flesh and blood was absorbed by this energy flow and he turned into nothing but a skeleton.

Then even that skeleton shattered, turning into powder that soon vanished!

Like this, a genius from a great influence in the inner Asura Road had been turned to smoke and dust. This scene left a creepy feeling crawling up everyone’s scalps.

What was that energy flow?

And at this time, the energy flow gushing out from that pit didn’t dissipate in the void. Rather, it slowly gathered together into a giant black phantom!

This black phantom was a thousand feet tall. It was covered in scales the size of buckets and it was in a semi-upright state. Its two arms were strong and thick and its legs were like heaven-supporting pillars. Behind it, a large tail swung about, covered with bone spikes!

The phantom’s eyes were blood red as it looked down on the world with disdain. Even though its gaze didn’t fall on the martial artists present, they still felt their breath catch in their throats, as if their hearts would stop beating at any moment.

This phantom was…

Everyone panicked in awe and fear. And within a space distortion, as Lin Ming looked upon all this, even he found it hard to maintain his calm.

He took in a deep breath. A thoughtful look flashed in his eyes. He was finally aware of why he felt that the aura from the pit had been so familiar…

If he wasn’t wrong, then this black phantom was in truth an abyssal demon!

The abyssals had extremely high level differences amongst them. The most powerful existences in their ranks were as strong as if not stronger than a True Divinity!

And this abyssal in front of him was such a type!

A crowd of juniors with cultivations between the Holy Lord realm and World King realm had somehow managed to rouse the phantom of a True Divinity level abyssal?

Lin Ming didn’t believe something like this could happen randomly.

Somewhere in the back of all this, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s shadow was lurking.

This was most likely a plan that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had devised!


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