MW Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970 – The Secret Treasure in the Swamp

This blackwater swamp was extremely broad, thousands of miles in diameter. The disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace had searched for six or seven days on end, but they had only managed to search 60% of it.

By this time, many trial challengers had gathered at the entrance towards the fifth level. They had passed the fourth level’s test and were waiting for the entrance to the fifth level to open.

This situation left the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples somewhat worried. They didn’t have much time remaining. If they weren’t able to smoothly fulfill their mission then their fates would be miserable indeed.

This wasn’t a punishment that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had deliberately passed down to them. In a sense, this was a path they had chosen on their own. In order to obtain great power, they had to take an equally dangerous risk.

“Continue searching. We still have three days. Once the fifth level opens, no one is allowed to stay on the fourth level. You can either return to the third level or enter the fifth level… in other words, we have to find that thing before then.”

The fat man gloomily said. Everyone’s expressions became earnest.

The truth was that they were afraid they had missed something in the 60% of the land they had just searched. If they did that, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

Time passed. Every now and then, trial challengers would pass close by and see that the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were searching the swamp, and guessed that they were seeking out some sort of peerless treasure. But because the Good Fortune Saint Palace was too strong, they didn’t dare to have any wild ambitions and left beneath the threat of the fat man and the others.

Nightfall. The disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace tirelessly worked away.

The dark swamp was filled with perils. They had killed dozens and hundreds of poisonous insects and snakes without stopping.

And as the sun dawned, one of the disciples suddenly felt their arm stiffen. Within his palm the red ball of meat was gently trembling.

“Elder… Elder Senior-apprentice Brother!”

The disciple cried out.

“What is it?!”

The fat man’s mind had been incredibly taut these past several days. When someone called out to him, he reflexively turned his head.

As for his beady eyes, they didn’t look towards the man’s face but towards his hand, where the red meat ball was wriggling about, faintly distorting.

“Quick! Search over there!”

The fat man hurriedly instructed. Immediately, all of the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples that were spread out within 10 miles began arriving at this area.

The truth was that the balls of meat in their hands were the flesh and blood of Famine!

The thing they searched for was buried deep in the earth, and its Laws were extremely high. With their strength they were unable to sense it at all. This was the reason this thing had been buried in the fourth level of the final trial for such a long time and yet no one had obtained it before.

But by using Famine’s flesh and blood, they could form a connection to this thing. By relying on this connection, they could locate the final position of this thing.

“It’s close! Yes, it must be that thing!”

The fat man’s breathing quickened, his entire mental state extremely tight. If he could bring back this thing then his future path would be unimaginable!

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples felt the flesh and blood of Famine in their hands become increasingly soft and viscous. From a solid state, it dissolved into bloody water.

“It turned watery…”

One disciple muttered. The flesh and blood of Famine in his hand completely melted away, streaming down from between the seams of his fingers and down into the black swamp.

Then, something amazing occurred.

The melted flesh turned into little red meat worms that gradually sank into the swampy ground and drilled deep into it.

“Start digging!”

The fat man decisively said.

“This…” Someone hesitated as they heard the fat man’s order. “When a rare treasure is born it will definitely send out a terrifying aura. At that time, many trial challengers will be drawn.”

Hearing the junior-apprentice brother’s words, the fat man diabolically grinned. “If they come then they come. It won’t be easy to dig this thing out. It has a demonic nature and there needs to be a blood sacrifice…”

As the fat man spoke, a faint killing intent exuded from him. Even the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace felt their hearts quaking.

If this were normal times, then no matter how strong the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace were, they wouldn’t be able to use their 20 some numbers to defend against the onslaught of all the other trial challengers.

Unless, they were to use a forbidden power…

However, they didn’t want to use this power. “When a rare treasure is born it needs a blood sacrifice? Is this accurate news that Senior-apprentice Brother obtained?”

“It is what the God Sovereign has speculated; it shouldn’t be wrong. Alright, enough with the chatter, let’s start digging!”

This swamp was formed from mud. To the martial artists here, wanting to dig into it was as simple as cutting into tofu.

The black-clothed martial artists thrust out their weapons, stabbing a pit hundreds and thousands of feet deep. However, they weren’t digging long before they discovered that the ground resistance began to increase.

This change left the fat man disgruntled yet overjoyed. He knew that they were digging closer and closer to the rare treasure!


“I have to say… are you planning to enter the fifth level?”

In a corner of the fourth level, several trial challengers were rummaging through a pile of junk-like scraps of magic tools that they had unearthed from an ancient ruin.

However, as time passed they bitterly found out that these magic tool fragments weren’t left behind from the era of the Asura Road Master. At most, these fragments were around a hundred million years old. In other words, a hundred million years ago, there were some trial challengers that entered the final trial and experienced dangers that caused them to all perish here.

This left everyone frustrated. They had spent so much effort in finding these things but they had turned out to be garbage.

They had spent a great deal of time in the fourth level and had overcome many dangers, but the harvests they obtained were very few. They could only blame their bad luck and poor destinies.

As for the even more dangerous fifth level, they couldn’t help but mull over whether or not they actually had the ability to enter that area.

As they were stuck in this dilemma, they felt a horrifying aura, one that rushed over them like an overwhelming tide.

As they were covered by this aura, they immediately felt as if they had fallen into hell. A dreadful killing intent covered them, causing them to drip with cold sweat and nearly vomit blood.

They turned their heads and saw that in the far off horizon, an astonishing scene was occurring!

A mass of terrifying black aura hurtled into the skies, forming a massive ghostly phantom head!

This phantom head was incomparably ferocious. It transformed again and again in the skies, seeming to swallow up everyone!

And this terrifying aura was undoubtedly from that ghostly phantom!

“Heavens! What is that!?”

“Was some supreme treasure born?”

“Supreme treasure?” Everyone glanced at each other. If such a rare treasure were born and it also possessed such a strong demonic strength…

If they were to recklessly rush over then they might experience some great danger.

But with the opportunity placed in front of them, they weren’t willing to give up without a struggle!

“Look! Some people are headed over!”

Several people looked up to see black spots moving in the skies, hurtling towards that ghost head phantom at an extremely fast speed!

With others flying over, although the competition would become even more difficult, it also gave a sense of security.

People believed that if so many went over, with so many other people there the chances of them dying wouldn’t be high… right?

“Let’s go take a look!”

With this, everyone launched their movement techniques and hurtled towards the location at full speed.

And not too far away, Lin Ming also saw all this occur. He frowned. This aura… somehow, for some unknown reason that he couldn’t place a finger on, felt somewhat familiar.

He thought for a moment. Then, he slowly closed his eyes and opened them again. When he did, a strange sight occurred.

Lin Ming’s pupils had changed. His pupils had become like a small needle, and around this small needle were many strange patterns.

These patterns stretched out, emitting a sense of mystery.

For a time, beneath Lin Ming’s eyes, all the Laws in the surrounding space were unable to hide from him.

This arcane skill was Three Lives Old Man’s Three Lives Pupils!

In the past when the Divine Realm was invaded by the saints, humanity was in peril. Three Lives Old Man had decided to end his life in a fleeting moment of glory. But before he left, he had used some time to pass on the Three Lives Pupils technique to Lin Ming.

Lin Ming had originally opened the Daevic Eye Dao Palace. When combined with the Three Lives Pupils, both abilities complemented each other!

And beneath the gaze of the Three Lives Pupils, what Lin Ming saw was completely different. He saw a monstrous flame seething into the skies, burning pitch black. And in this black flame one could faintly see countless pained souls caged within. There were also the skeletons of kings, floating amidst it…

“This is…”

Lin Ming sucked in a deep breath, his heart shaking!


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