MW Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970 – The Secret Treasure in the Swamp

This blackwater swamp was extremely broad, thousands of miles in diameter. The disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace had searched for six or seven days on end, but they had only managed to search 60% of it.

By this time, many trial challengers had gathered at the entrance towards the fifth level. They had passed the fourth level’s test and were waiting for the entrance to the fifth level to open.

This situation left the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples somewhat worried. They didn’t have much time remaining. If they weren’t able to smoothly fulfill their mission then their fates would be miserable indeed.

This wasn’t a punishment that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had deliberately passed down to them. In a sense, this was a path they had chosen on their own. In order to obtain great power, they had to take an equally dangerous risk.

“Continue searching. We still have three days. Once the fifth...

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