Chapter 197 - Thundergrass

Chapter 197 Thundergrass.


Chapter 197 – Thundergrass

During the day, Thundercrash Mountain was truly a marvelous spectacle to behold. Lush forests carpeted the base of the mountain, and 10,000 feet up the greenery thinned to shrubs and high grasses. Another 10,000 feet and there were only sparse weeds. As one gradually ascended, it slowly turned to icy plains of snow, and closer to the peak, there was no snow or ice; there were only the faint flashes of sizzling white lightning.

From bottom to top, it was dark green, yellow, brown, and eventually white.

Thundercrash Mountain was 100,000 feet high. The dense forest at the base was dozens of miles wide, and the trees were extremely large and tall. If seven or eight people holding hands wrapped around a tree, that tree could be considered a king among trees. However, in the forests of Thundercrash Mountain, this kind of tree was simply ordinary.

As Lin Ming walked along, he even saw a tree with a trunk that would take several dozen people to wrap around; it was over 1000 feet high, even the roots of the tree that stuck up from the ground were as large as a temple. This tree looked to be at least four or five thousand years old.

The deeper in water, the larger the fish. The forest was like this too. The deeper one went in, the higher the trees were...

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