MW Chapter 1968

Chapter 1968 – Entering the Immortal Palace Once More

The time enchantment had already disappeared. Lin Ming looked at the 33 Asura Heavenly Dao runes that floated in the air. The inherent true meaning of the runes was something Lin Ming had yet to completely understand.

“This is for you.”

At this time, an illusionary voice echoed in Lin Ming’s mind. He turned to see the one speaking; it was the Asura Road Master.

He spoke using the ancient common language of the 33 Heavens. The ancient words were directly thrust into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea through spiritual strength.

This was the first time Lin Ming had heard the Asura Road Master send a message.

Before this, the Asura Road Master had only looked at Lin Ming or smiled at him with appreciation.

As the Asura Rod Master spoke, the 33 runes dissipated into 33 wisps of golden light that sank into Lin Ming’s body.

These runes locked themselves into Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, becoming a part of...

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