MW Chapter 1968

Chapter 1968 – Entering the Immortal Palace Once More

The time enchantment had already disappeared. Lin Ming looked at the 33 Asura Heavenly Dao runes that floated in the air. The inherent true meaning of the runes was something Lin Ming had yet to completely understand.

“This is for you.”

At this time, an illusionary voice echoed in Lin Ming’s mind. He turned to see the one speaking; it was the Asura Road Master.

He spoke using the ancient common language of the 33 Heavens. The ancient words were directly thrust into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea through spiritual strength.

This was the first time Lin Ming had heard the Asura Road Master send a message.

Before this, the Asura Road Master had only looked at Lin Ming or smiled at him with appreciation.

As the Asura Rod Master spoke, the 33 runes dissipated into 33 wisps of golden light that sank into Lin Ming’s body.

These runes locked themselves into Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, becoming a part of his body.

The 33 Asura runes possessed a strength in themselves. As they fused into Lin Ming’s flesh and blood, he could feel them forming a strange connection with each other. His bodily strength was directly increased and his understanding of the Asura Heavenly Dao became far more profound.

“Thank you for the guidance Senior!”

Lin Ming was happily surprised. And as he spoke, he saw the Asura Road Master turn to leave.

“Senior, could you wait a moment?”

Lin Ming had many things he wanted to speak to the Asura Road Master about. For instance, questions about the Dark Abyss, whether or not the Asura Road Master himself and the creator of the Holy Scripture were alive or dead, or the truth about the great war of the ancient races 10 billion years ago, or why the primal god race had to suffer such a pitiful fate…

The 33 Heavens and the Asura Road Master shared a deep karma together. Now, with the 33 Heavens undergoing a great calamity, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign and the Soul Emperor were both hatching their own plots, hoping to subvert the world with their ambitions of swallowing up the 33 Heavens.

With chaos and clouds rising from all directions, if the Asura Road Master were truly still alive, would he just sit idly by and do nothing?

As Lin Ming shouted out, the Asura Road Master didn’t stop.

His figure gradually faded away. At the same time, ancient words echoed into Lin Ming’s mind once more. “In truth, you saying anything to me is meaningless… the future is not something given to you, but something that you struggle for yourself. Behind the backs of enemies you defeat lies your own road of growth. The peak of martial arts has never been something that you can reach by piling up resources or accumulating your background. Rather, it is something you slaughter towards even as you slowly explore your way towards it. When the vast cosmos of the 33 Heavens surges with chaos, that is a time when heroes pour forth from the ranks of creation. A calamity to end the world may be a graveyard for the weak, but it will also set the stage for the strong…

“I am only a guardian here, a wisp of divine sense left behind by my true self. As for your reward, it is kept for you in the immortal palace. Take it yourself!”

As the Asura Road Master spoke, his figure had already vanished.

For a time, Lin Ming was the only person left over in the endless white world.

“To struggle myself, find the road of growth behind the backs of my enemies…

“A world-ending calamity is the graveyard of the weak but also the stage of the strong…”

Lin Ming slowly mulled over the Asura Road Master’s words. The Soul Emperor had once spoken similar words to him, and although the Soul Emperor was his enemy, his words weren’t wrong either.

Shua –

Then, the deep white space tore apart and a spinning spatial gate emerged from thin air.

This was the exit.

Lin Ming took a deep breath and stepped towards his future…


At this time, in the third level of the Asura Road’s final trial, a group of martial artists that weren’t able to enter the fourth level had gathered here. Some of them were meditating and some of them were perceiving the Laws. But, there were also many people that were bored out of their minds and were fumbling about, randomly boasting to each other.

“Do you all think that after the saints deal with the humans, they will then move against the spiritas?”

“There’s a chance! The limelight of the saints is too bright right now, especially since they swallowed up humanity and have recklessly plundered their resources. They are naturally strong to begin with, otherwise how could the Good Fortune Saint Palace have developed so quickly in these last several thousand years? I think that the saints have already surpassed the spiritas.”

“You’re not wrong. The spiritas have been silent for far too long. But when you look at the saints, not only do they have the Good Fortune Saint Palace shocking the stage, but they even have innumerable geniuses beneath them. That fat man from the Good Fortune Saint Palace might not be able to achieve 80%, but he might be able to reach 78-79%. As for that gray-clothed woman, at most she’ll be a tiny bit lower!”

As everyone was gossiping, at this time the space around them began to violently shake.

“Mm? What’s happening!?”

Someone cried out in alarm. All those that were sitting in meditation immediately woke up. They leapt up from the ground, all of them raising their guards!

They began to panic. Originally, they had heard that the third level was safe, but who knew if some accident could occur?

As everyone was at a loss, they could see that at the exit from the Gate of Laws, the right-most Gate of Hell was beginning to rapidly revolve.

A wild and fierce energy gushed out from the Gate of Hell!

This Gate of Hell already emitted a terrifying aura, making it impossible to look at. Otherwise one’s spiritual sea would suffer great damage and they might even lose their soul.

And at this time, the Gate of Hell’s changes caused the martial artists present to feel a tremendous pressure. Many of them started to drip with a cold sweat.


A divine beam of light shot out from the Gate of Hell, breaking towards the horizon!

In the skies above the third level, countless immortal palaces floated in the air. These immortal palaces were of different sizes. According to the completion that a trial challenger had btained so far, they could enter different immortal palaces.

And at this time, the divine light that shot out from the Gate of Hell rushed towards the largest immortal palace. This immortal palace was the size of a small planet and was extremely far from the ground.

Many martial artists were stunned. What was going on here? The Gate of Hell had changed, shooting out an arc of divine light towards that planet-sized immortal palace.

Looking carefully, this beam of divine light seemed to become a tunnel of light. This tunnel lasted for an incense stick of time. Then… it slowly vanished.

As this divine light vanished, the area it originated from – the Gate of Hell, also quieted down.

The spatial gate began to slow down, shrinking in size until it contracted into a sphere of light that collapsed into nothingness.

As for the other four spatial gates beside that Gate of Hell, they continued to slowly spin.

As if that spatial gate had never existed to begin with and it had all been an illusion.

“Just… what was that just now…”

Many martial artists looked at each other in dismay, not sure what had occurred.

“A tunnel of light shot out from the Gate of Hell towards that planet-sized immortal palace…”

Some people muttered. This situation inevitably caused them to speculate. But, because these speculations were too ridiculous and simply impossible, they couldn’t help but say, “It shouldn’t be that… someone emerged from the Gate of Hell and entered that immortal palace along the path of light?”

“That’s impossible!” Someone immediately denied.

“Let alone the Gate of Hell that just appeared, even passing the Asura level gate is as difficult as ascending to heaven! Just several thousand years ago, even that monstrous freak Lin Ming was likely bloodied from head to toe when he passed the Asura level gate.”

“Moreover, Lin Ming is already dead. Although we can be called geniuses, reality is reality. Compared to that monstrous freak, not to mention us, even the fat man from the Good Fortune Saint Palace is unqualified to match up with him… amongst us, how could someone just casually appear that could pass through that Gate of Hell…”

“Mm, it shouldn’t be that someone passed through the Gate of Hell. I think that there were some mutations in the final Gate of Law that we cannot understand. That might have been the Gate of Laws trying to send some treasure to that immortal palace!”

As everyone began wildly theorizing, they dismissed the previous ridiculous idea they had.

And at this time, Lin Ming had already arrived at the immortal palace.

He had come to this planet-sized immortal palace before. He could see the same blue stone road ascending to the horizon.

Lin Ming began walking up.

Previously, Lin Ming had enlightened himself on the power of the Great Dao that was left behind in the blue stone road. This time, he walked up even faster. He used a mere quarter hour to arrive at the end of the blue stone road.

Here, in front of him, was a completely dark space.

The last time Lin Ming was here, he had obtained the Asura blood from that dark space.

But what would be here this time? Lin Ming took several deep breaths and lifted his foot, stepping into that separate space…

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