MW Chapter 1967

Chapter 1967 – Completing the Laws

Every rune that the Asura Road Master drew up was only missing a very small part. Even so, making up this tiny part was as difficult as ascending to heaven.

As Lin Ming was intoxicated in his enlightened state, the Asura Road Master slowly stepped back.

He gently waved his hand and an energy enchantment fell over the world. This enchantment changed the flow of time.

The Asura Road Master’s understandings of the Time Laws had reached an incomprehensible degree. When he changed the flow of time he could even avoid the distortion of Laws that occurred in the enchantment, allowing Lin Ming to perceive the Laws as he practiced his cultivation method.

Tragic Death Valley had been such a situation. The flow of time within Tragic Death Valley had been at a 10:1 ratio compared to the outside world.

Currently, this time enchantment sped up time to an even more incredible degree, achieving a ratio of 30:1. Three days outside represented three months within the time enchantment.

This was a time extension given to Lin Ming by the Asura Road Master. In order to make up the missing parts of these runes, that was something that required more than a few days and nights. But, the final trial actually had a time limit, and once that time limit was reached, everyone within would be transmitted outside.

As Lin Ming was diligently perceiving the Laws, within the space of the final trial, other people were slowly passing the Gate of Laws.

The Gate of Laws was the tunnel that connected the second level to the third level. After the Gate of Laws was the third level, and the third level had no dangers, only rewards.

If some people didn’t have full faith they could overcome the fourth level then they could withdraw to the third level until the final trial was over.

More and more people arrived at the third level. The first martial artists that appeared were those who had chosen the mortal step difficulty. Afterwards, more and more trial challengers appeared.

They gathered at the end of the Gate of Laws, discussing their harvests and experiences during their trials.

Many of them beamed with joy. With so many juniors gathered together, it was natural for them to begin comparing who was better and worse.

And as all of these people were discussing, the heaven step level Gate of Laws began to tremble.

All of the martial artists looked over. As they saw the heaven-step Gate of Laws begin vibrating, their eyes started to shine with awe.

They faintly guessed just what was occurring.

Ka ka ka!

As the Gate of Laws opened, a woman rushed out.

She seemed a bit distressed, her clothes were torn in many areas and there was even a trail of blood flowing from the corners of her lips.

This person was the gray-clothed woman from Soaring Feather God Mountain. She had succeeded in passing the heaven-step Gate of Laws!

This was the same difficulty that Sheng Mei had chosen in the past. Although it was impossible for the gray-clothed woman to perfectly pass it, she could be more than proud of her current accomplishments.

Then, the heaven-step Gate of Laws began to shake once more!

Another figure rushed out from the Gate of Laws. This time, it was the fat elder senior-apprentice brother from the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

There were many marks on his body and his face was a bit purple. Even so, the fat man’s face was shining with a smile and his mood was excellent.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother came out!”

Seeing the fat man come out, the Good Fortune Saint Palace’s disciples hurriedly stepped forwards. “How much did Senior-apprentice Brother complete?”

Seeing the fat man’s good mood, some people quickly asked.

“Not much, just around 80%.”

The fat man casually said. But, as these words fell into the ears of others, this left them dumbfounded.

An 80% completion rate of the heaven-step difficulty; this result left everyone feeling flabbergasted.

In the world of martial artists, power was worshipped above all. This fat man might not be pleasing to look at or listen to, but he came from the Good Fortune Saint Palace and his strength was extraordinary, naturally powerful.

The fat man chuckled. In this final trial, he could be called the leading player.

He looked at the gray-clothed woman standing not too far away. She frowned. Her result was somewhat worse than the fat man’s.

And, the results of her subordinates were faintly inferior to the other disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

There simply wasn’t anything that could be done about this. Soaring Feather God Mountain was a hidden sect and couldn’t compare to the Good Fortune Saint Palace that held absolute control over all resources of the saints.

“Let’s begin and choose our rewards!”

The fat man said with high spirits. The third level of the final trial was completely covered with immortal palaces. Every immortal palace held treasures and the trial challengers could enter them according to the total completion percentage they had obtained so far.

The moment he chose his reward, the fat man had a strange tingling feeling at the back of his mind. He turned around at looked at the blood red gate on the right side of the Asura level gate; the one that was smallest.

This spatial gate emitted fluctuations of energy that shook the heart, as if something earth-shaking was occurring within.

If one had to forcefully describe this new fifth Gate of Laws that had appeared, then calling it the Gate of Hell would be the most appropriate.

After Asura was Hell. For some unknown reason, the fat man was a bit uneasy as he stared at this spatial gate…


Time passed, day after day.

Within the Gate of Laws, Lin Ming continued to feel out the runes that the Asura Road Master had left behind.

After three months, Lin Ming still hadn’t attempted filling in these 33 runes.

He had drawn countless deductions in the air, but all of them had dissipated in failure.

These deductions consumed a tremendous amount of mental strength. Even though Lin Ming’s soul force had been tempered for such a long time, he still had to regularly stop and meditate to restore himself.

A fourth month, fifth month, soon, half a year passed. From deep in his trance, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly popped open. His two pupils gleamed like bright stars.

He lifted his hand and finally drew in a key part on the first rune. And after he drew this, he felt the entire rune come to life, slowly starting to change. It turned into a burning flame. This flame began to beat with an unusual tempo; this was the fire of the universe’s most source Great Dao.

Although it wasn’t too blazing, every flame that Lin Ming had ever experienced in his life, whether it was fires of the forests, fires beneath the earth, fires of the sun, the fires of jealousy or the fires of hate, every fire had their shadow within this beating flame.

Lin Ming pondered for a moment and then drew another stroke.

As this stroke went down, the feeling of the rune changed again. In this rune, Lin Ming could see flashing thunder.

This was a vast sea covered with dark skies, with violent winds rising from all over. A terrifying sword of thunder cut through the skies like the spear of a divine god, destroying all things in its way.

The thunder changed without end. From time to time it was brutal, from time to time it was quick. Lin Ming even saw Thunder Souls and Thunder Sources amongst them, the most essential force of the power of thunder.

Even the different types of thunder that he absorbed with the Heretical God Tree began to flash before him.

As if struck with inspiration, Lin Ming drew a third stroke…

With this stroke, thunder and flame seemed to fuse as one.

This was the core of Lin Ming’s Heretical God Force – the fusion of thunder and flame.

When Lin Ming first stepped on the road of martial arts, he had relied on Thunderfire Annihilation to recklessly sweep his way through the South Horizon Region.

Now, Lin Ming had become aware of the highest Asura Heavenly Dao Laws, opening up his own road of martial arts. He smoothed out and paved the Laws he comprehended.

Lin Ming fell quiet. Then, he added several more strokes to this rune, making it even more perfect.

Next, Lin Ming turned to a second rune.

This time he didn’t take too long. After a mere hour, he moved.

His fingertip was filled with the power of divinity from the 33 Heavens. He drew out a trace of blue.

As this line appeared the surrounding space twisted up. Light was swallowed, vanishing without a trace.

This simple stroke had caused a mutation in the Space Laws. He continued without stopping. With a turn of his pen, he drew out another stroke. This stroke was purple and gave off an extremely strange feeling, as if it weren’t a marking but the endless vicissitudes of time itself…

These two markings were respectively the manifestations of space and time. Lin Ming drew all his comprehensions of space and time into this rune.

Lin Ming’s pen didn’t stop there. He drew line after line, causing space and time to be muddled and distorted, making it impossible to distinguish its size, making it impossible to distinguish whether it came from the past or future.

Within Lin Ming’s writing time and space also fused as one.

In truth, the Asura Road Master’s incomplete runes had no singular answer. As long as Lin Ming could fuse the Laws he learned into the 33 Heavens Asura Laws and complete the runes, then he would pass.

Lin Ming started to draw upon the third rune.

This time, countless starlight seemed to fall with the stroke of his pen. Every movement seemed to depict a star.

These stars became more and more realistic. As they floated in the void, seven were bright and two were dark. Faintly, Dao Palaces lay atop these stars. These were the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace that Lin Ming had comprehended.

In the past, the Asura Road Master’s 33 incarnations had comprehended the Great Daos of the 33 Heavens. The Nine Stars of the Dao Palace was one of these.

Lin Ming’s understandings of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace were fused into the Asura rune.

Stroke after stroke, Lin Ming tirelessly and diligently drew. Every drawing Lin Ming made resonated with the Laws around him.

As his inner world sympathetically resonated with the surrounding Laws, it was also baptized!

The Great Dao was boundless and the Laws were infinite.

Lin Ming’s inner world compressed once more, and this compression was even more thorough than before. His inner world was now only a thousand miles. Compared to the 3000 miles it was when he first entered the Gate of Laws, it was three times smaller!

Even the gaps that had been left over in Lin Ming’s self-created world began to be eliminated during this compression!

Lin Ming’s condition became increasingly vivid. The pen he wielded seemed to fly as the power of divinity wildly gushed out. His mental strength also entered an impassioned state.

He even fused in the awareness he had gained after reincarnating several times, the enlightenment of the samsara of life and death, of the changes and emotions of mortals. All of these things were fused into the runes.

The Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra were originally top cultivation methods that lay at the peak of martial arts. In so many billions of years, Lin Ming was the only one able to achieve such high attainments in both cultivation methods. Even so, it was extremely difficult for him to fuse them together!

But today, after Lin Ming entered this utterly entranced state, he had forcefully added the charm of the Concepts of Life and Death into these Asura Heavenly Dao runes!

Under these actions, the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra began to subtly unify, becoming increasingly close.

Rune after rune was completed. Yet Lin Ming didn’t complete the runes in order but was wildly drawing where his instinct brought him, as if he were drawing some splendid yet incomprehensible work of art.

Suddenly, Lin Ming felt that the Laws he wrote down had neared perfection. In the final moment, his beautiful writings swerved like dragons and snakes, completing the final stroke.

In that instant Lin Ming fell to his knees in exhaustion. But in front of him, the aura of the Heavenly Dao that had been suppressed for so long suddenly shot into the skies like a pillar of divine light!

Rumble rumble rumble!

Thunder flashed and flames billowed. The void shook.

The 33 Asura Heavenly Dao runes that dangled in the air began shining together, their divine light pouring into the world as if a spiritual god was being born. The world filled with the most mystical brilliance of the Great Dao…

Lin Ming had finally completed all 33 Asura runes!


The time enchantment opened. The Asura Road Master looked at the utterly exhausted Lin Ming and also the 33 Asura runes that shimmered in front of him. A look of praise filled his eyes.

The Law runes that Lin Ming filled in might not be perfect, but to the Asura Road Master, his work had completely surpassed the limitations of a World King level martial artist.

Even a True Divinity might not be able to accomplish this!

This wasn’t because Lin Ming’s strength had reached the level of a True Divinity, but because during his last several reincarnations his understands of the Laws had reached an unbelievable degree. In addition to all the lucky chances he had ever obtained working in tandem with him, he had been able to complete all of this!


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