MW Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966 – Debate In the Void

In the past when Lin Ming faced the Black Asura examiner, he had to withstand three attacks.

Then, if the Asura Road Master had come to personally conduct this test, would it also be a battle? If he were to fight with the Asura Road Master’s true self, what sort of scene would that be?

All sorts of thoughts raced through Lin Ming’s mind. But, what he knew was that regardless of what the result of the test was, the test itself was a great lucky chance.

At this time, the Asura Road Master slowly walked towards Lin Ming.

He gazed at Lin Ming. Even when wrapped in dreamy threads of fog, his profoundly deep eyes were still incomparably clear.

Through these eyes, Lin Ming seemed to see dimensions of universes being born and destroyed within them.

And now, within these eyes, what was actually reflected was Lin Ming.

This clear image was like a mirror, perfectly reflecting Lin Ming’s demeanor and appearance.

Then, the Asura Road Master arrived in front of him.

By this time the Asura Road Master was only a hundred feet away from Lin Ming. He didn’t say a single word but quietly looked on.

The Asura Road Master didn’t emit any aura. In fact he seemed the same as an average mortal person. However, Lin Ming could actually feel a mind-boggling depth of strength from his body.

He knew that this shock came from the Asura Road Master’s body, from the inner universe he possessed.

Like a mortal suddenly arrived in the boundless sea of stars, even when facing the starry space they wouldn’t feel any pressure nor would they feel the aura of the stars, but just by facing it, they would be shocked by how vast and beautiful it was!

Lin Ming held his breath, quietly waiting for the Asura Road Master to give him his test.

At this time, the Asura Road Master raised a hand. With his hand in the air, he used his finger as a pen and began to draw an arc in the void.

This winding line was like a small snake. From start to finish, it formed a perfect circle. Then, the Asura Road Master lowered his finger and started to trace a new line.

Then, the third and fourth. The Asura Road Master continued to draw marks. These marks floated in the void, pale and light, like ripples of water in the air.

Slowly, these marks seemed to blend together with the world, becoming intangible and invisible. If the average person were to come here they wouldn’t even be able to see the Asura Road Master’s finger.

But Lin Ming was able to revolve the Asura Heavenly Dao within him to the limit and see these ripple-like marks. In truth, they were forming runes!

These were Asura Heavenly Dao runes!

The Asura Road Master was drawing runes, and the clear purpose was that he was preparing them for Lin Ming.

Then, Lin Ming understood.

These runes could be called his own exam page. The test that the Asura Road Master was giving him was not a battle of strength but a debate of the Laws!

To debate with the Asura Road Master?

Lin Ming took a deep breath, feeling this a bit inconceivable.

He never thought the test method would be like this…

He was well aware that this would be a tremendous challenge for him but at the same time a rare opportunity.

These were runes personally drawn by the Asura Road Master, the most essential manifestation of the Asura Heavenly Dao!

At this time, the Asura Road Master had stopped drawing. He held his hands behind his back and looked at Lin Ming, waiting for his reply.

Lin Ming took a deep breath, completely bringing his mind to tranquility.

He carefully observed these Heavenly Dao runes. They were relatively simple amongst the Asura Heavenly Dao.

It seemed that at the very start, the Asura Road Master didn’t raise too difficult a problem.

Or, in the eyes of the Asura Road Master, a junior like Lin Ming could be sufficiently proud in comprehending the Laws to such a degree at such an age.

Lin Ming pondered for a moment. Within his eyes, these runes branded themselves in his spiritual sea where they were rapidly analyzed.

After several reincarnations, Lin Ming had tempered himself in the bustle of the mortal plane and his state of mind had reached near perfection. He had even partially fused the Concepts of the Holy Scripture into the Asura Scripture. Now, Lin Ming’s understanding of the Asura Sutra had in truth begun to gradually separate from the Asura Laws created by the Asura Road Master, as he stepped onto a different path.

In this sort of situation, Lin Ming no longer simply accepted and studied the Asura Sutra, but was comprehending a version that belonged to himself.

After sitting in meditation for half an hour, Lin Ming finally moved!

Rays of energy gathered on his fingertip. Using his finger as a pen, Lin Ming began to portray his own Asura Heavenly Dao lines.

One stroke after another, the lines drawn by Lin Ming began to intersect with those left behind by the Asura Road Master.

Compared to a heaven-shaking and world-destroying scene that would occur when top supreme elders fought, this confrontation of writing could be called simple and mediocre with nothing wonderful or dazzling about it.

However, reality was different. When the lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao that Lin Ming drew connected with those drawn by the Asura Road Master, a brilliant burst of light flashed out, impacting into the heavens like a divine pillar of light!

A martial artist’s cultivation method was in truth a manifestation of the Laws.

As for drawing runes, they were the condensation of the Laws. They contained a terrifying momentum, in no way weaker than the cultivation method itself.

When two martial artists who had reached extremely high attainments in the comprehension of Laws began to engage in a vigorous debate using Law lines, although the eruption wouldn’t sweep through the world with energy that could shatter planets, it would still emit a horrifying aura and momentum that was similar to a martial artist’s billowing blood vitality during the heat of battle. As it lit up the skies, its glory could compete with the sun and moon!

Ka ka ka!

Lin Ming’s drawing speed became increasingly fast. The void of the final trial unexpectedly seemed as if it couldn’t withstand the pressure of Lin Ming’s strokes connecting with the Asura Road Master’s. With a crisp sound, it seemed to crack open.

Then, the Asura Road Master’s complexion changed!

He never thought that the Law lines he casually drew up would arouse such an intense fighting momentum from a junior.

It seemed… that he had underestimated this junior!

Seeing the lines he drew being slowly swallowed up, the Asura Road Master’s lips curved up.

He smiled, and this was also a smile of appreciation and admiration.

To have the Asura Road Master, a man who once stood at the peak of the 33 Heavens and ruled over the ancient era, show appreciation towards someone else, this was enough to leave behind a legend!

At this time, the Asura Road Master took a step forwards. He took out a spear from his spatial ring!

He began to use this spear as a pen to draw the lines of the Asura Heavenly Dao!

This time, the Asura Road Master’s drawn lines were much denser. Every line tore through the void, galloping like horses, filled with endlessly daring spirit and majesty.

Lin Ming began to heat up with excitement. He also drew out the Black Dragon Spear and engaged in a vigorous debate with the Asura Road Master!

Lin Ming’s drawings were soft and supple, continuous and without end.

As the two fought, it was like the sun and moon battling for supremacy!

This was a fierce confrontation. If an outsider were to see it they would be dumbfounded. In their opinion, it was unimaginable for people to be able to engage in such an incredible debate of the Laws.

It should be said that they would never imagine fighting could occur in such a way!

Only peak Laws like the Asura Heavenly Dao, and only with someone who understood the Asura Heavenly Dao to such a deep degree like Lin Ming, would be able to engage in such a splendid duel of Laws!

As time passed, Lin Ming noticed that he was slowly starting to fall behind.

But at the same time, the appreciative smile on the Asura Road Master’s face became increasingly wide and vibrant.

The truth was that the Asura Road Master had only been using an infinitesimally portion of his strength. He had probed Lin Ming and after discovering that Lin Ming was much stronger than he had anticipated, he had then begun to slowly increase the strength behind the Laws he drew. Like this, Lin Ming was naturally worn down the longer they went.

Ka ka ka!

A connection of lines!

Beads of sweat poured down Lin Ming’s forehead. The lines he drew were swallowed up in massive amounts. Some strokes he drew shattered, turning into Law fragments that scattered away in the void.

After all of Lin Ming’s drawings exploded, the Asura Road Master faintly chuckled and put away his long spear.

And at this time, Lin Ming’s body had reached exhaustion and he nearly slumped to the ground. A battle of Laws didn’t use energy, but it was an enormous consumption of one’s soul force and mental strength. After Lin Ming had gone through several incarnations, his spiritual sea had been tempered enough that he could last until now.

He held himself up with the Black Dragon Spear, taking great heaving breaths.

And at this time, in front of him, the Asura Road Master lifted his finger and began to draw once more in the void.

This time, the Asura Road Master’s drawing speed was extremely slow.

His writing had become pale again. But the things he drew up were entirely different from what he drew just awhile ago.

Originally, the Asura Road Master’s writings had contained a deep and profound buddha-killing intent, swift and fierce, aggressive beyond belief.

But now, the things the Asura Road Master drew up were soft and restrained, but also contained the Great Dao of the world. They were things that were hard to feel, that were elusive to the mind.

Without a doubt, the depth of the Laws that the Asura Road Master drew this time were on a higher level than those he drew just then!

Lin Ming gazed upon these Law runes. Although he didn’t immediately understand them, he could feel that these runes were all incomplete!

Incomplete rune after incomplete rune was drawn up by the Asura Road Master.

As if he were waiting for someone to fill them, make them whole again.

“Could this be… my test question?”

Lin Ming suddenly understood. The Asura Road Master was waiting for him to complete these runes. If he could accomplish this, that was the same as passing the test.

Perhaps this was also the final topic.

Lin Ming wasn’t in a hurry to complete these runes. He sat down where he was and entered the fused martial intent state, meditating.

He completely entered the ethereal state. After several hours of meditation, his soul force had slowly restored to its peak.

Then, Lin Ming finally opened his eyes and began to perceive these runes.

In front of Lin Ming hung a total of 33 runes, just enough to represent the Laws of the 33 Heavens.

Slowly, Lin Ming forgot the passage of time, forgot himself, forgot all else. He completely sunk his mind into these mysterious Law runes.

Within each rune seemed to be a phantom of the Asura Road Master. Lin Ming could faintly feel that these phantoms were incarnations left behind by the Asura Road Master in the past.

And these runes contained the complete summarized understandings of the Asura Road Master’s knowledge of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

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