MW Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966 – Debate In the Void

In the past when Lin Ming faced the Black Asura examiner, he had to withstand three attacks.

Then, if the Asura Road Master had come to personally conduct this test, would it also be a battle? If he were to fight with the Asura Road Master’s true self, what sort of scene would that be?

All sorts of thoughts raced through Lin Ming’s mind. But, what he knew was that regardless of what the result of the test was, the test itself was a great lucky chance.

At this time, the Asura Road Master slowly walked towards Lin Ming.

He gazed at Lin Ming. Even when wrapped in dreamy threads of fog, his profoundly deep eyes were still incomparably clear.

Through these eyes, Lin Ming seemed to see dimensions of universes being born and destroyed within them.

And now, within these eyes, what was actually reflected was Lin Ming.

This clear image was like a mirror, perfectly reflecting Lin Ming’s demeanor and appearance.

Then, the Asura Road Master arrived in front of him.

By this time the Asura Road Master was only a hundred feet away from Lin Ming. He didn’t say a single word but quietly looked on.

The Asura Road...

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