MW Chapter 1965

Chapter 1965 – The Final Gate

After thousands of years, because Lin Ming had chosen an intensely difficult and steep road of martial arts and he had perceived the world of the universe and the world of the body to the peak, his strength hadn’t risen too quickly. One could say he had done everything in perfect order.

Now, facing this Gate of Laws that had never been revealed before, an unusual mood brewed in his heart.

Thousands of years ago, what he had seen in the Asura level gate was also the same.

A dark blue ancient plank road stretched to the horizon, vanishing into a boundless sea of clouds.

Lin Ming stepped onto this ancient plank road.

On the plank road existed the remnant pressure of the Asura Road Master. The deeper one ventured, the greater the pressure.

Lin Ming summoned the power of divinity of the 33 Heavens. Within his body, his self-created universe slowly revolved. The terrifying aura of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws barraged Lin Ming’s mortal body without end.

This strength and this pressure was absorbed into Lin Ming’s inner world. As for what Lin Ming himself had to bear, it wasn’t much at all.

However, the further he walked down this plank road the greater the pressure was.

Slowly, Lin Ming realized that beneath the exertion of this pressure, all of his flesh and blood was being grinded down and his footsteps and even his breath became labored.

This strength was as deep as a sea. Beads of sweat formed on Lin Ming’s forehead.

Lin Ming sat atop the plank road, withstanding the pressure on his body and drawing it into his self-created universe.

Cracking sounds filled the air. Under this pressure, Lin Ming’s inner universe began to emit the sound of breaking.

He frowned. Focusing his mind, the Laws of the Holy Scripture also revolved. A power of endlessness merged into Lin Ming’s inner universe.

Lin Ming closed his eyes, feeling the hundred tastes of a thousand mortal generations. The Great Dao of Life and Death, the samsara of the world, all of these feelings passed through his spiritual sea. Slowly, Lin Ming felt his inner universe not only withstand this pressure but also become constantly compacted beneath it.

Originally, Lin Ming’s inner universe had expanded to 3000 miles.

But in this short period just now, his inner universe was forcefully compressed by a hundred miles, reduced to 2900 miles.

This sort of change left Lin Ming overjoyed. The more his inner universe shrank, the more compact it would become. Although this wouldn’t increase Lin Ming’s strength, it would actually be a tremendous benefit to his future martial arts growth.

Slowly, Lin Ming adapted to this pressure. Then he stood up and continued forwards.

He didn’t worry. He moved forwards slowly. Whenever he felt that he couldn’t withstand the pressure, he would sit down and meditate.

Each time this would take him several hours.

Like this, Lin Ming’s inner world constantly compressed.

When Lin Ming completely passed through the plank road, his inner world had been compressed by 900 miles, making it 2100 miles in size. By this time, a full 12 days had passed in Lin Ming’s journey.

At the end of the plank road existed a vast and ancient continent. At the center of this continent, numerous golden gates stood tall.

These golden gates stretched to the horizon. They covered all the Laws of the 33 Heavens, and this was also the reason why the test from the second level to the third level was called the Gate of Laws.

In the past, Lin Ming had also come to this ancient continent. These golden gates had opened one after another and enemies who represented the Great Daos of the 33 Heavens had appeared.

When Lin Ming defeated all these enemies in turn, the golden gates had disappeared, leaving behind only a single final gate. When this final gate opened, the Black Asura had appeared.

The Black Asura he had ridden a great black dragon and he had also worn deep ruby red armor. His arms and his waist had been wrapped with thick chains.

When Lin Ming first came to the final trial, he had to withstand three spears from this opponent in order to perfectly pass the Asura level difficulty.

But this time, the Gate of Laws that Lin Ming stepped into was clearly far more difficult than the Asura level gate. He had no idea just what sights would greet him.

Because of the Grand Reincarnation Art, Lin Ming’s skeletal age was actually much less than his true age. This also gave him an overwhelming superiority in the final trial.

The endless golden gates shivered. But, none of them opened. They shivered so hard that even the entire ancient continent started to quake. Lin Ming tensed himself and raised his guard, revolving his energy to the limit. He waited for the fierce battle to begin!

With all of the golden gates shaking, Lin Ming even suspected that all the enemies would rush out at him together. If that occurred then this would truly be a brutally frigid battle.

However, he didn’t think that a moment later, all of those golden gates would suddenly quiet down and vanish, without a single enemy appearing.


Lin Ming was surprised. He gazed around and noticed that there was only a single gate left in the entire continent.

This was extremely similar to the last time Lin Ming had come to the Gate of Laws.

But, what was different was that Lin Ming had leapt over the test of the 33 Heavens’ Laws, passing directly to the end!

Then, what would appear from this final sealed gate?

Lin Ming slowly approached the gate.

This gate was a thousand feet high and as heavy as the earth.

It was engraved with ancient reliefs. As Lin Ming saw these reliefs, he could no longer move his eyes away.

These reliefs contained a beguiling demonic charm that that was indescribable. The 1000 foot square of reliefs seemed to contain a great universe. As Lin Ming looked upon this relief, he felt as he were gazing into a real world.

The surface was engraved with daunting warriors, heaven-destroying magic tools, disintegrating worlds, and also… countless demons.

Some of the demons were as large as planets and some were as small as gravel. They were all perfectly presented on this relief, making it feel unbelievable.

Looking at these demons, Lin Ming felt something strange tickling his mind. This relief should be depicting a great war in ancient times between fierce demons and the rest of the intelligent life that existed.

At this time, the gate suddenly opened!

A horrifying divine light shot out from the slit of the opening gates, cutting through the world like the sword of a divine god!

Lin Ming subconsciously narrowed his eyes. With his sense, he vigilantly prepared to begin this test at any time.

When the gate opened, Lin Ming opened his eyes to see that the world around him had fallen away.

He had arrived in a pure white space.

This feeling was as if a world was sealed into that great gate, and after opening, this world had descended and Lin Ming had been drawn in.

In the endless white was a man’s back.

He quietly stood there, as if he were the only one to exist in the heavens and earth.

This back didn’t seem like that of a phantom, but like that of a real person.

Like this, with his back to Lin Ming, the man slowly stepped backwards.

The moment Lin Ming saw this man he gasped. His blood began to boil and seethe. Facing this man felt as if he were facing the entire universe.

For a time, an unstoppable thought swelled up within Lin Ming’s mind.

He immediately understood that this person was likely… the Asura Road Master!

He was a mere 100 feet away from Lin Ming. Lin Ming could clearly feel the waves of aura that washed off his body.

The man turned around. As he did so, a bright halo of light wrapped around him, blurring his face and making it impossible to clearly see his appearance.

The man raised his right hand. What floated above it was a slowly spinning galaxy.

This galaxy seemed ethereal and unreal, as if it contained the infinite mysterious changes of the universe.

At this time, the man gave off a feeling as if he were the source of the universe’s Laws, the singular epicenter of the 33 Heavenly Daos.

The Asura Road Master, was he the Asura Road Master?

Lin Ming was left dazed for a moment. His heart began to race. The legendary Asura Road Master that was said to possess unparalleled strength now stood in front of him. It was like this was all a dream.

Could it be… the Asura Road Master was planning on giving him the final test?

In the past when Lin Ming passed through the Asura level difficulty, his final test had been to face the Black Asura. Lin Ming had speculated that the Black Asura was the Asura Road Master’s avatar or an incarnation.

And where he was now was a difficulty far higher than the Asura level; it could even be said to be a Gate of Laws that was specifically opened for Lin Ming.

The examiner of this Gate of Laws was actually the Asura Road Master himself!

In the past, the Asura Road Master’s incarnation had been at the True Divinity level! As for the Asura Road Master’s true self, he had likely surpassed the realm of True Divinity…


Lin Ming took a deep breath and respectfully bowed.

In truth, he had already guessed that the man in front of him was not the true Asura Road Master, but a wisp of will that he had left behind in the past!

Just what kind of test would he hand down?

Lin Ming didn’t know what it would be, but he knew it would be difficult beyond imagination!

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