MW Chapter 1964

Chapter 1964 – Change in the Spatial Gate

As the disciples from the Good Fortune Saint Palace and Soaring Feather God Mountain approached, Lin Ming stepped back and hid himself in a space distortion, completely vanishing from sight.

In the final trial, wanting to distort space wasn’t easy. Lin Ming relied on his understandings of the Asura Laws to do so.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, we’ve arrived first.”

A young disciple from the Good Fortune Saint Palace looked at the empty scene in front of the Gate of Laws, chuckling as he spoke. The elder senior-apprentice brother he spoke of was naturally the fat man leading them.

The fat man patted his belly. He drawled, “This isn’t anything to be overly proud about. We come from the Good Fortune Saint Palace and we have the most people here. With so many of us working together, if we aren’t the first group to arrive then we might as well go home and cry. Moreover, those from Soaring Feather God Mountain have also arrived.

As the fat man spoke, his eyes peered into the horizon. He could see a deep blue spirit boat slowly but solidly flying towards them. That was the transportation device of Soaring Feather God Mountain’s disciples.

After the disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain arrived, they only spared a glance at the Good Fortune Saint Palace disciples before gathering off on another side on their own where they began to meditate.

As time passed, more and more trial challengers reached the Gate of Laws.

As for Lin Ming, he chose a time when most of the trial challengers had arrived to quietly appear. No one noticed an extra person amongst the throngs.

After Lin Ming appeared, the Gate of Laws began to shine with an even more dazzling light!

Rumble rumble rumble!

The earth shook. The Gate of Laws opened just a sliver and a horrifying aura gushed out like a tsunami!

The hearts of those present quaked. The trial of the Gate of Laws was finally about to start!

This was an extremely vital part of the Asura Road’s final trial. The rewards dispensed at the Gate of Laws were incredibly rich.

Moreover, from this point on, the results of the trial challengers would rapidly be pulled apart. The powerhouses would go higher and the weak ones would drop lower.

Beneath the shroud of divine light, the gate completely opened.

Within the gate was an incomparably vast starry space. Four spatial gates were lined up in the starry space.

These four spatial gates represented four difficulties. From largest to smallest, from easiest to hardest, they were the mortal-step difficulty, earth-step difficulty, heaven-step difficulty, and also the Asura difficulty!

The difficulty of the Gate of Laws was disgustingly abnormal. In the past, even the sixth revolution Sheng Mei was barely able to perfectly complete the heaven-step difficulty.

“Hahaha! It’s finally opened!”

“It’s begun. The smaller the spatial gate, the more difficult it will be. This is one of our life’s most important chances. Everyone, be a bit more cautious and give it everything you have!”

A sect disciple with some experience began to introduce the details of the Gate of Laws.

The gazes of many trial challengers invariably drifted over to the rightmost spatial gate, the one that was also the smallest.

This spatial gate was blood red, like a spinning vortex of blood. The aura it emitted caused one’s heart to shake with fear and dread.

Many martial artists felt a terrifying pressure just looking at it. They couldn’t keep their eyes on this gate for a long period of time.

“Don’t look, if you look too long then you’ll suffer a soul wound. That gate isn’t something that people can enter.”

An Asura Road disciple grimly said to several of his junior-apprentice brothers.

“No one can enter? Thousands of years ago, wasn’t there that monstrous genius Lin Ming who managed to perfectly pass the Asura difficulty? Is that legend true?”

Upon mentioning Lin Ming’s name, the complexions of many martial artists changed.

Lin Ming was a fabled existence within the Asura Road. In billions of years, he was the only final trial challenger who had managed to obtain a completion rate above 90%.

This was a completion percentage so high it strained the neck. There were even many people that weren’t willing to believe this rumor.

“That legend… is true.”

Someone slowly said.

The atmosphere of the field fell silent for a moment. Amongst those present, no one dared to choose the Asura difficulty. Even the heaven-step difficulty caused people to shrink back.

As for Lin Ming, not only had he chosen the Asura difficulty but he had perfectly passed it. This disparity was greater than clouds and mud.

“Elder Senior-apprentice Brother, some people mentioned that boy…”

A disciple of the Good Fortune Saint Palace said in a hushed whisper. To the saints, especially talents of the saints, Lin Ming was a nauseating name.

Their senior, the Good Fortune Saint Son, had originally been brutally beaten down by Lin Ming.

“Heh, who cares if the legend is true or not? He’s already dead.”

The fat elder senior-apprentice brother loudly spoke up. Everyone turned their heads towards him.

The fat man was casually lying back on his flying rug. He unhurriedly took out a bag of fruits from his spatial ring. These fruits were the size of longans and seemed to drip with jade green juices, seeping with fragrance. Just by looking at them one could see that they were precious heavenly materials.

The fat man began speaking as he popped these fruits into his mouth. His voice was a bit slurred, “A dead genius is no longer a genius. Who cares how talented Lin Ming was when he was alive? It was bad enough he was born in the wrong race, but he was truly an idiot. A mere Holy Lord thought that he could save the Divine Realm, really, I want to laugh myself to death.

“For my saint race, killing him was easy. The only problem was that he hid behind the protection of peak Empyreans so we had to use a True Divinity. To die by a True Divinity’s hands, he should be honored.”

The fat man lazily spoke, his words careless. As everyone heard these words, they felt various emotions in their hearts. Some felt pity for Lin Ming, but there were even more people gloating in his downfall.

Where there were people, there was bound to be jealousy. In particular, geniuses hated being surpassed by others. When someone was so terrifying that no one could see their back, these people naturally hoped that something bad would happen to them.

“Enough with the chit chat. Choose your gate!”

The fat elder senior-apprentice brother waved his hand and the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace began making their choice.

What they chose was the earth-step difficulty level.

This difficulty level was already extraordinary. Of the many Asura Road disciples, most could only choose the mortal-step difficulty.

But then, the fat man also made his choice. He chose the heaven-step difficulty!

This was the same difficulty that Sheng Mei and Xiao Moxian chose in the past. From this alone it could be seen how hard it was!

Of course, Sheng Mei had perfectly completed the heaven-step difficulty in the past, moreover she had done so calmly. It was impossible for the fat man to do the same, but he might be able to partially complete it.

After making his choice, the fat man looked towards the disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain.

Finally, the gray-clothed woman from Soaring Feather God Mountain decided not to weaken her momentum at all; she also chose the heaven-step difficulty.


The fat man’s lips curved up in a happy and thoughtful smile.

Following that, the others made their choice. No one could summon the courage to follow in the footsteps of the fat man and the gray-clothed woman; they only chose the easier difficulties.

And by this time, Lin Ming still hadn’t made his choice.

He looked towards these four spatial gates and frowned. His divine sense repeatedly scanned the Asura difficulty spatial gate but he didn’t detect anything strange. This spatial gate was exactly the same as the one he chose in the past.

After seeing that 99% of the people had chosen and the Gate of Laws trial would soon begin, Lin Ming finally started to move. But, he still couldn’t make a choice.

However at this time, the Gate of Laws suddenly shined with a divine brilliance once more!

The earth wobbled and quaked, even fiercer than before. Everyone was panic-stricken; they had no idea what had occurred.

Ka ka ka ka!

With a great cracking sound, the void to the right of the red Asura gate suddenly split open!

A vortex of energy emerged from thin air, revolving without end, stabilizing that shattered space and turning it into another spatial gate.

This spatial gate was a deep blood red, and even smaller, only a fifth of the Asura level gate’s diameter.

For a time, everyone was shocked.

What was going on here?

There were supposed to be four spatial gates – why had another appeared?

Moreover, this spatial gate was smaller than all the other ones present. If so, this meant it was even more difficult than the Asura level gate?

Just as people thought this, someone suddenly paled as he began shivering.

This new smallest spatial gate emitted a horrifying aura, one that affected his soul and nearly ruptured his spiritual sea.

He quickly turned his head. Only then was he able to let out a breath of relief.

Everyone looked away, no longer daring to look at the new spatial gate.

How terrifying!

It was like this gate contained demons.

It seemed that their previous guess had been true!

Then, was there anyone that could actually enter such a gate?

Everyone glanced at each other in dismay. No one knew what to say.

Then, a breathlessly angry voice resounded in the air –

“Fuck, this is such a damn tease!”

Everyone turned their heads. All they saw was the fat man who was eating his fruit suddenly throw the remaining fruits he had on the ground.

“There already isn’t anyone capable of entering that damned red Asura gate, and now one with an even higher difficulty popped up out of nowhere. The brains of the final trial creator are really…”

As the fat man was cursing, he suddenly forcefully swallowed his last words just before he was about to say them.

This was because the reputation of the Asura Road Master was too dazzling. The fat man didn’t dare to violate this final taboo lest he incur the wrath of the Asura Heavenly Dao Laws.

As the fat man spoke, the light of the final spatial gate grew increasingly bright. This blinding blood red color made everyone feel as if they were about to tumble into hell, so suffocating that they couldn’t breathe.

As the luminescence reached its peak, they ever feared that glancing at the final spatial gate would cause their souls to fall into chaos.

And in this situation, a person’s blurry figure slowly approached this final spatial gate. However… because of the shroud of blood red light, no one was able to clearly see him.

“I think… someone walked in…”

An Asura Road martial artist hesitantly said with doubt, his eyes leaking tears.

His foundation was solid, his soul force was formidable, and he was also extremely curious. He persisted in looking at the new spatial gate for a little bit longer and seemed to have seen someone’s figure vanish into it.

“Are your eyes blind? You can die in this Gate of Laws trial, so who would dare enter that gate!”

“Don’t joke around. Those who enter that gate are either idiots are they are trying to kill themselves!”

Everyone began arguing with each other. But at this time, a powerful suction force reached out from every spatial gate.

These suction forces contained the power of the Asura Heavenly Dao. All of the trial challengers were sucked into the spatial gates they chose. Then, after they entered, the Gate of Laws slammed tight behind them.

The trial of the Gate of Laws had officially begun.

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