MW Chapter 1963

Chapter 1963 – Entering the Gate of Laws

This was the second time Lin Ming had entered the strange world of the final trial.

This was an ancient ruin that the Asura Road Master had left behind. Lin Ming had undergone several reincarnations and now with his cultivation greatly increased, as he stepped into this place once again, what he felt was even deeper than before!

He could even faintly feel that he shared some bloodline relation with this world.

Hu - !

Hu - !

Lin Ming could feel his own inner world breathing, and this breathing tempo seemed to have some inexplicable connection to this final trial world.

And from the surrounding space, faint traces of remnant world power began to spontaneously merge into Lin Ming’s inner world, causing it to rapidly grow far faster than it did in the past.

“The Asura Heavenly Dao is truly mysterious beyond compare…”

Lin Ming was well aware that the Asura Sutra cultivated the world of the universe. In terms of creating a world and developing a world, the Heavenly Sutra was much more useful than the Holy Scripture.

Now, he paused in this final trial world, feeling the remnant world power nourish his own inner world. To be able to receive such a benefit was naturally because of the heaven-defying qualities of the Asura Heavenly Dao.

Lin Ming quietly embraced this feeling and slowly moved forwards.

But at this time, there was a loud roar as several giant taotie phantoms hurtled towards Lin Ming.

These were spiritual beings created by the final trial’s array formation and were also the protectors of the final trial.

Lin Ming thought little of them. He allowed the taotie phantoms to leap onto him. But in the next moment, Asura runes fluttered out from Lin Ming’s body and covered these taotie phantoms, immediately causing them to vanish.

Then, the heavens and earth spun around and Lin Ming was sent to a different world.

This world was covered by a vast canopy of forests, and in these forests were great beasts.

Lin Ming swept out his divine sense, immediately locating their strength and position.

All of this was the test of the final trial’s first level. This was a test with no handicap. It didn’t look at skeletal age, cultivation, or comprehension of Laws. All it tested was one’s absolute strength.

If one was weak, then no matter how lofty their talent was they wouldn’t be able to pass.

In the past when Lin Ming was at the Divine Lord realm, he had easily crossed this first level test. Now, at the peak of the World King realm, crossing this first level was easy.

He didn’t even need to enter the forest like the first time and temper himself within…

He stopped in front of the forest and closed his eyes. Before him, in his mind, the forest had already disappeared. All that remained in its place was an inexhaustible number of Asura runes.

For Lin Ming, no matter how great the scenery was or how powerful the beasts were, he could instantly see through to their essence. They were all things condensed from the Laws.

He heard a strange rumbling coming from the array formation. These were incomparably pure fluctuations of Asura energy, gently trembling. The array formation absorbed these fluctuations of energy to continue revolving.

Lin Ming looked at it for a moment and then gently thrust out his finger.


A rune broke upon Lin Ming’s fingertip, dissipating into nothing.

Then, Lin Ming pointed out his finger again and again, sometimes destroying runes and sometimes changing their position or trajectory.

After doing this dozens of times, the entire array formation began to wildly shake.

Then the entire forest illusion collapsed!

The giant beasts lurking amongst the infinite maze of towering trees vanished in plumes of smoke, leaving nothing behind.

What replaced them was a circle of energy. Within this, waves of energy surged like a night tide, forming a blue mirror surface.

Lin Ming faintly smiled. This was the entrance to the second level. To pass the first level using this method was also a test of how well Lin Ming had grasped the Asura Heavenly Dao.

Lin Ming stepped into this pool of energy and arrived directly at the second level.

As the waves of energy flowed over him, a strange sensation filled Lin Ming’s mind. He was suddenly informed of his own completion percentage – 20%.

This was the same result from the first time Lin Ming had come to the final trial.

“It seems that 20% is the maximum percentage possible from the first level.”

As Lin Ming thought this he had already stepped into the second level of the final trial.

As he arrived here, he could see that the second level was slightly different from what it had been before.

This was a boundless desert. Moreover, as Lin Ming arrived here, he instantly felt a suppression of Laws pushing down on him.

An irresistible strength enveloped his inner world.

An intangible and invisible energy formed a thin film over his inner world. Of all the energy he possessed, half was locked it.

The source of this was a suppression dependent on one’s skeletal age.

The higher a martial artist’s skeletal age, the more they would be suppressed. If those ancient rulers of sects and families were to enter here, their cultivation might possibly be suppressed to less than .001% of their original strength, making it so that the strength they could use was even less than the juniors’.

Lin Ming was already several thousand years old.

But, his situation was special. This was because he cultivated the Grand Reincarnation Art.

When Sheng Mei entered the final trial, it was also the existence of the Grand Reincarnation Art that gave her unparalleled strength here.

With the Grand Reincarnation Art, the growth of a martial artist’s skeletal age slowed down to a snail’s pace. Moreover, the Holy Scripture itself was a cultivation method on par with the Asura Heavenly Dao. Because of that, it was hard for the rules of the final trial to restrain the Grand Reincarnation Art.

As Lin Ming walked through the final trial’s second level, he did so with tremendous ease. No dangers could approach within three feet of Lin Ming.

To the current Lin Ming, the first few floors of the final trial were much simpler than an adult adding one and one together. There just wasn’t anything here capable of pressuring him.

Soon Lin Ming saw that at the line of the horizon, a great metal gate loomed.

The gate stood tall to the heavens, as heavy and towering as mountains, solemn and majestic!

The gate constantly emitted golden rays of light. Countless runes revolved around the gate. Lin Ming was extremely familiar with this gate – this was the Gate of Laws!

There were often many differences during the rounds of the final trial each time. But, the Gate of Laws always existed every time the final trial opened.

All trial challengers had to pass through the test of the Gate of Laws.

When Lin Ming arrived in front of the Gate of Laws, he could faintly hear sounds of the Great Dao rumbling from within.

“During the last time I was here, I already passed through the Asura difficulty Gate of Laws. I wonder what it will be like this time? According to the rules of the final trial, if my results from this time cannot surpass the results I obtained from the first time, then there is nothing I can obtain. In other words, if I still enter the Asura difficulty test, there isn’t any meaning to that at all…

“The final trial shouldn’t make me pass a meaningless test…”

As Lin Ming thought this, he began to wait before the Gate of Laws.

The Gate of Laws would only open once the majority of trial challengers participating had arrived here.

But Lin Ming had been too fast. Most people hadn’t even gone halfway through the first level but Lin Ming had already completed the second level trial.

Lin Ming sat down and started to meditate. In the world of the final trial, he didn’t want to waste a single second. He began slowly absorbing the remnant world energy all around him to nourish his own inner world.

After 20 hours, Lin Ming felt other martial artists finally approach.

He swept out his divine sense and discovered that there were several groups of martial artists.

He saw a deep blue spirit boat flying in from the skies. At the bow of the spirit boat, a woman in ash gray clothes stood tall against the wind. She wore a green veil on her face, and inserted on this green veil were three feathers.

Lin Ming had seen this woman before. When Fairy Blue Lotus arrived at the entrance to the final trial, she had led four disciples, three of them men and one of them a woman. This gray-clothed woman was that female disciple.

From the position she stood, he could guess that she was the core figure of the four disciples from Soaring Feather God Mountain.

And beside those from Soaring Feather God Mountain, the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace had also arrived.

The Good Fortune Saint Palace had poured in an exorbitant amount of resources and were able to obtain many qualification tokens. They were able to bring over 20 disciples into the final trial.

Many young elites had gathered together and at the front of them was a fat man playing with a gourd of wine. He quietly sat atop a flying rug, a calm and presumptuous smile on his face. Because of all the meat packed around his face, his two narrow eyes made it seem as if he were sleeping.

He had already noticed that his competition from Soaring Feather God Mountain had arrived, but he simply didn’t place them in his heart.

“We’re about to arrive at the Gate of Laws.” The fat man lazily said.

“Yes!” In sharp contrast to the fat man, the other disciples of Good Fortune Saint Palace were unusually energetic and cautious.

“Mm. Don’t forget our mission. Not only do we have to obtain the trial rewards, but we also have to find that thing…”

The fat man drank some wine, a flash of light crossing his narrow eyes…


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