MW Chapter 1963

Chapter 1963 – Entering the Gate of Laws

This was the second time Lin Ming had entered the strange world of the final trial.

This was an ancient ruin that the Asura Road Master had left behind. Lin Ming had undergone several reincarnations and now with his cultivation greatly increased, as he stepped into this place once again, what he felt was even deeper than before!

He could even faintly feel that he shared some bloodline relation with this world.

Hu - !

Hu - !

Lin Ming could feel his own inner world breathing, and this breathing tempo seemed to have some inexplicable connection to this final trial world.

And from the surrounding space, faint traces of remnant world power began to spontaneously merge into Lin Ming’s inner world, causing it to rapidly grow far faster than it did in the past.

“The Asura Heavenly Dao is truly mysterious beyond compare…”

Lin Ming was well aware that the Asura Sutra cultivated the world of the universe. In terms of creating a world and developing...

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