MW Chapter 1962

Chapter 1962 – The Final Trial Opens

“After a few thousand years, the juniors of the past are now responsible for important missions…”

An Elder from the inner Asura Road looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son and spoke with deep emotion. To these rulers that lived for such a long time, several thousand years was nothing more than a blink of an eye.

However, to geniuses on the level of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, a few thousand years was enough to have them grow to a terrifying boundary.

The Good Fortune Saint Son and his group stepped down from Famine’s body. The Good Fortune Saint Son waved his hand and an opulent sea viewing platform appeared out of thin air, large enough to accommodate all disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace present.

Looking at the young elites from the Good Fortune Saint Palace, many people couldn’t help but admit that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was truly terrifying. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had an amazing inside background to begin with, and now that the saints had defeated humanity and plundered a massive amount of resources, could the Good Fortune Saint Palace have faintly become the number one sect of the 33 Heavens?

Many Asura Road martial artists looked at the...

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