MW Chapter 1962

Chapter 1962 – The Final Trial Opens

“After a few thousand years, the juniors of the past are now responsible for important missions…”

An Elder from the inner Asura Road looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son and spoke with deep emotion. To these rulers that lived for such a long time, several thousand years was nothing more than a blink of an eye.

However, to geniuses on the level of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, a few thousand years was enough to have them grow to a terrifying boundary.

The Good Fortune Saint Son and his group stepped down from Famine’s body. The Good Fortune Saint Son waved his hand and an opulent sea viewing platform appeared out of thin air, large enough to accommodate all disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace present.

Looking at the young elites from the Good Fortune Saint Palace, many people couldn’t help but admit that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was truly terrifying. The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had an amazing inside background to begin with, and now that the saints had defeated humanity and plundered a massive amount of resources, could the Good Fortune Saint Palace have faintly become the number one sect of the 33 Heavens?

Many Asura Road martial artists looked at the Good Fortune Saint Son, the fear in their eyes deepening.

But at this time, winds whipped up once more.

The clouds in the skies parted and a giant blue lotus floated downwards.

Above this lotus flower stood a woman with an ethereal making.

This woman wore a water blue dress that perfectly contrasted against her figure. Her appearance wasn’t remarkable, but even so, as she stood amongst a throng of female martial artists she stood out from them, unique and singular.

Her slender eyes and pale skin gave off a feeling just like the blue lotus behind her, a subtle and nearly imperceptible taste.

However, when Lin Ming saw this woman, his mind shook. He noticed that on this woman’s uptied hair, three beautiful feather plumes were inserted. These three feathers seemed to be hairpins, but as Lin Ming saw them, they had an unusually deep significance.

These feathers carried with them a familiar feeling. Rather, one could call it an unforgettable feeling that was carved into his bones.

That was – Soaring Feather God King!

In the past, it was Soaring Feather God King that chased down Lin Ming and forced him into a dead end road with no path to take. Finally, he was forced to escape into the Asura Road, and as a result he was tricked by Sheng Mei.

“It’s Fairy Blue Lotus, Soaring Feather God King’s direct disciple and also her number one disciple!”

“Fairy Blue Lotus and the Good Fortune Saint Son have both arrived. Out of the four marvels of the saints, two are present!”

“The limelight of the saints is too great. Elite after elite is born amongst their ranks and there isn’t another race that is capable of comparing with them… this smelting trial has become their stage. Soaring Feather God Mountain as well as the Good Fortune Saint Palace, they might take up all the benefits in this final trial. Compared to the saints, the spiritas have been too quiet lately…”

Everyone wildly discussed. But, Lin Ming noticed a few words in particular – the four marvels of the saints.

“Who are the four marvels of the saints?”

Lin Ming asked in a low voice.

“Oh? You don’t know? The saints’ four marvels are the four most outstanding True Divinity disciples of the saints. They are the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s direct disciple, the Good Fortune Saint Son, Soaring Feather God King’s direct disciple, Fairy Blue Lotus, and Astral Vault God King’s two direct disciples, Highsun and Darkmoon!”

“The saints have so many young elites?” Lin Ming asked, glancing at Fairy Blue Lotus. Her cultivation was at a half-step Empyrean, even higher than the Good Fortune Saint Son’s.

This mysterious woman caused Lin Ming to pay particular attention to her.

The one who spoke said, “The truth is that the most terrifying of the four marvels are the Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus. As for Highsun and Darkmoon, they just barely match up with them. Highsun and Darkmoon both have Empyrean cultivations and rely on the superiority of their cultivation to be listed amongst the four saint marvels. In fact, their strength can be considered slightly higher than that of the Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus.

“Thousands of years ago in the great war between the saints and humans, the four saint marvels earned tremendous numbers of military merits. In particular, Highsun and Darkmoon exterminated many human sects and even killed off human Empyreans! The two of them had already grown by that time, but as for the Good Fortune Saint Son and Fairy Blue Lotus, them growing was something that only happened in the last thousand years.”

The person chattered away. As Lin Ming listened, he quietly maintained his composure, secretly recording Highsun and Darkmoon’s names in his heart.

He took a deep breath and asked again, “Has humanity perished? I’ve been in seclusion in the Asura Road for so many years, but before I came I also heard about humanity’s situation. It seemed that all their peak masters died in battle?”

“Haha! I’m not too sure about that.” The person shook their head. “I heard that the humans found a way to pierce through the God Lamenting Wall that separates the 33 Heavens and fled. But, the saints seem to be chasing them down even now. It’s just a matter of time until they are all destroyed. I heard that humanity once produced an unrivalled genius, if I remember, his name was Lin Ming? Didn’t he also die? This proves that humanity’s destiny has come to an end. If they can’t even keep their own geniuses alive, just what future do they have left?”

“Oh? Lin Ming, I’ve heard about him too. Did he really die?” Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. This was an extremely important matter to him. If the saints truly believed he died then he would feel much safer.

“It’s true, I swear!” The person saw Lin Ming’s doubtful gaze and responded with a bit of dissatisfaction, “I heard that a True Divinity of the saints personally acted in order to eliminate Lin Ming and prevent any future problems from arising. With a True Divinity personally hunting him down, do you think he would still be alive? I heard rumors that if Lin Ming hadn’t died, he might have been able to grow up fast enough in the near future that he could threaten the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. In my opinion, that is just babbling nonsense. History never has ‘ifs’ to begin with! If you die you die, becoming nothing at all!”

“Thank you.” Lin Ming faintly responded. He learned a bit more information that concerned him, but he was still worried about the retreat of humanity.

But at this time, a raging storm was set off in the Asura Sea. A vast and boundless aura appeared from nowhere.

Violent fluctuations of energy rose up from all over and dreadful waves shot into the air! In the skies, dark clouds gathered, as dark and dense as liquid ink. Faintly, azure dragons seemed to rush between these clouds. These weren’t real dragons, but were horrifying energy flows that had gained spirituality.

Billowing thunder followed. The deafening thunderclaps seemed as if they could break apart the heavens.

Lin Ming knew that the final trial was finally opening.

“Haha!” The Good Fortune Saint Son laughed. He suddenly looked at Fairy Blue Lotus and said, “Blue Lotus, I originally thought that those I brought today would wrap up this entire final trial, but I didn’t think that your Soaring Feather God Mountain would also decide to join in on the fun. How about we have a little competition?”

The various influences of the saints competed against each other. The three God Kings of the saints weren’t harmonious to begin with, and their direct disciples, the four saint marvels, were also so.

“If you want to compete then let’s compete!”

Fairy Blue Lotus lightly said, thinking little of it.

Behind her stood four young disciples, three men and one woman. Without exception, all of them had a feather mark on their head.

At this time, a giant crack appeared in the void. A surface appeared like a pitch black pool with endless arcs of lightning glistening within.

The crack rapidly expanded, drowning away the world and the sea. Countless runes of the Great Dao appeared, carrying a vast power of chaos that gushed outwards.

This terrifying strength tugged at everyone’s blood vitality and divine soul, making it impossible to approach this fissure of space and time. But, several bold and daring young elites actually flickered, their bodies disappearing as they rushed straight into this space and time crack before it fully opened.

Their figures flashed. Like winding dragons, they passed through the arcs of thunder!

Most of these people came from Soaring Feather God Mountain and the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

In the fierce onslaught of thunder, their movements were calm. Amongst them, there was a fat person who stopped in the storm. He looked towards the four disciples of Soaring Feather God Mountain and sly smirked, the corners of his round face curling upwards. Then, his figure flashed and he dove deeper into the horrifying storm.

“They’ve already gone in!”

Many people looked at the mystical and unknown world that lay behind that massive space crack, unable to go forwards.

It was only when the thunder gradually died down did martial artists fly into the entrance of the final trial, sinking into the black crack.

As for Lin Ming, he joined the waves of people, looking extremely common. From the time he came here to the time he flew into the space crack, no one had noticed him.


After all young elites with the trial qualifications had entered the final trial, the Good Fortune Saint Son slowly flew away.

Behind him, Famine’s avatar gradually emerged upwards from the sea. It stretched out a thick blood dragon tentacle that wrapped around the Good Fortune Saint Son.

Then, Famine’s flesh and blood split and the Good Fortune Saint Son sunk into it in front of everyone’s eyes.

After the Good Fortune Saint Son entered Famine’s body, Famine sank deep into the sea, isolating out everything outside.

The Good Fortune Saint Son wore a red cloak as he stepped on a path made from Famine’s flesh and blood. Slowly, he arrived at the core of Famine, where there was a room formed from its body.

This room was wide and spacious. The furnishings were elegant. There was a soft rug of red feathers and an ancient wooden bed covered with sheets woven from threads of divine silkworm silk. On the side of the bed, there was wine made from heavenly materials.

But, this room was permeated with the scent of blood. The ground also wriggled, making one feel uncomfortable.

The Good Fortune Saint Soon walked into this room and took out an array formation jade slip. He crumbled it in his hand. The light of the array formation faded and a blurry face appeared in the air.

This face contained a pressure beyond description, almost impossible to look at head-on.

This was the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign!

As the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s face appeared, the originally overbearing Good Fortune Saint Son became meek and respectful. He politely bowed and then stood up.

“Was there a problem?” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s voice was as cold as metal, without any emotion at all.

“Reporting to Your Majesty Sovereign, everything is going well. The final trial has begun and those from Soaring Feather God Mountain have also appeared. Besides them, there is no one else worthy of attention. Your child will surely complete the mission you have handed down!”

“Mm…” The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign thought for a moment. “That woman Soaring Feather shouldn’t know the circumstances of why you are there. This time, the result of the final trial is secondary. That thing… must be found, no matter the cost.”


The Good Fortune Saint Son solemnly replied. But at this time, the jade slip array formation had already shattered to nothing and the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign’s phantom disappeared.

After the light faded away, the Good Fortune Saint Son took a deep breath. Not only must he complete this mission but he also had to make sure the disciples of the Good Fortune Saint Palace bloomed in glorious splendor, so that they took all the benefits!


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