MW Chapter 1961

Chapter 1961 – Famine’s Avatar

In the distant horizon of the Asura Sea, a young man in golden armor slowly flew forwards. This gold-armored youth was tall and broad. A fire red cloak was thrown over his back, his momentum spirited and daring!

His cultivation had reached the peak of the Great World King realm, approaching the half-step Empyrean realm.

This cultivation, when placed in the grand scene of the final trial’s opening, wasn’t considered much at all. Moreover, there were more than Great World Kings but even true Empyreans.

But as this youth appeared, the eyes of those in the audience shrank. It was clear that they were extremely afraid of this gold-armored youth.

“It’s really him…”

Lin Ming muttered. This gold-armored youth was someone he was familiar with – the Good Fortune Saint Son!

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s cultivation speed was far higher than Lin Ming’s. But, this was also within reason. First, the Good Fortune Saint Son had lived longer than Lin Ming, and secondly, the Laws that the Good Fortune Saint Son cultivated were infinitely simpler than Lin Ming’s.

With Lin Ming having reincarnated also, although he didn’t experience any bottlenecks returning to his previous cultivation realm, it still delayed him by a great deal of time.

“The Good Fortune Saint Son, he actually came…”

Lin Ming thought. In truth, he also wanted to find an opportunity to kill off the Good Fortune Saint Son, but now was not the right moment.

At this time, Lin Ming’s complexion changed. From beneath the Good Fortune Saint Son the sea began to stir, a storm rising up!

Violent fluctuations of energy emanated outwards. Dreadful waves swept over the world. A giant spherical blood red life form rose up from the sea, its appearance like a scarlet sun!

From all over this bloody sun, the sea water boiled away. Water vapor evaporated all over, massive layers of clouds forming in the skies.

Following this, a horrifying momentum rushed out. Even the God Beast that had arrived at the Asura Sea felt fear. It shrank backwards, filled with dread for this bloody sun.

“This is…”

Many Asura Road martial artists were stunned. Most of them had never felt such a terrifying aura before.

And amongst these people, even the originally silent Lin Ming felt a cold sweat seep out of his forehead. He almost tore through space to run away.

No one was more aware than him of just what this blood red ball was. It was the abyssal demon – Famine!

“How is this possible?”

Lin Ming was panic-stricken. Why would Famine appear here? Did the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign also come?

Lin Ming held his breath. If the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign arrived, then his Bodily Rebirth Technique would truly be challenged!

After all, Lin Ming had once fought against the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. He didn’t have any hopes that a newly reborn body would be able to deceive the sense of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

“Mm? Something’s wrong!”

Immediately, Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. Over half of that blood red ball had appeared above the horizon. From the radius of the blood red ball, the total volume was clearly far smaller than Famine had been before.

Famine’s true body was over 10 thousand miles in diameter, as large as a planet.

But this blood red sphere was only several hundred miles in diameter.

Moreover, although the aura of this blood red sphere was similar to Famine’s, it was much, much weaker. It was clearly not the true Famine.

And, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign wasn’t atop this blood red sphere. The one controlling it seemed to be the Good Fortune Saint Son.

“This small crimson sphere, could it actually be… Famine’s descendant?”

Lin Ming immediately thought. His heart chilled. Famine was already an incredibly terrifying existence. If it was able to produce descendants… he simply didn’t want to imagine that.

Famine’s attribute was to swallow all. If it were to continue without end, then even the entire universe would be swallowed up by it!

“What is that thing?”

On the Asura Sea, many people wondered with trembling hearts.

For many of them this was the first time they had lain eyes upon such a terrifying life form.

In their original opinion, God Beasts were already the supreme vicious beasts of the entire universe. Although legends said that deep within the Asura Sea there were one or two super beasts that could compare with True Divinities, legends were only legends; no one had seen them before.

But currently, this terrifying thing could even cause a God Beast to draw back in fear. Was this a terrifying existence on the level of a True Divinity?

“It is Famine!”

On a luxurious sea platform, Grandma Goldwind slowly spoke. As she looked at Famine, a strange light glittered in her eyes.

Lin Ming turned his head and listened. For all these years, he had been absent from the Divine Realm for far too long and didn’t know what state the saints were in. He also didn’t know how strong the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had become.

“Famine? From the legends, the avatar of the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign?”

A small number of martial artists from the Asura Road had also heard about the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign. The destruction of the Divine Realm, the defeat and withdrawal of the human race, these were events that reverberated through the 33 Heavens.

In addition, many saint martial artists had recently come to the Asura Road. Thus, many of them knew just what kind of character the leader of the saints was. They also knew of his avatar – Famine, who came from the Dark Abyss.

“It is! But, it is more accurate to say that what is before us is only Famine’s avatar. In the last thousand years, Famine has swallowed far too many things. It has swallowed massive amounts of resources, life essence, soul essence, and has begun to breed its own avatars. With this, it can swallow things even faster, growing even faster...

Grandma Goldwind muttered.

Lin Ming’s face darkened. Swallowed many things!? Resources? Life essence? Soul essence?

These things could only have been from the Divine Realm!

When the God Lamenting Wall began to weaken and the great calamity approached, it was even possible that the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had raised up a great war that swept through the Divine Realm and ancient races all in order to provide food for Famine.

Where would the saints have found so many things to feed Famine? It was naturally impossible for the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign to ruin his own race, thus he could only choose to invade other universes.

After understanding this, Lin Ming gripped his fists and clenched his teeth.

In this calamity, countless people had died in battle within the Divine Realm. Innumerable sects had been turned to dust, their inheritances lost to time.

Many people had been swallowed and their souls absorbed, forced to become a part of Famine. This was a truly tragic way to die.

It was even likely that those humans who survived would be raised by the saints and used as fodder to feed Famine.

With the saints suppressing humanity, the human race would suffer the fate of eventually degenerating into farm animals.

Understanding this, Lin Ming’s eyes suddenly became icy cold. He looked towards the Good Fortune Saint Son who was flying in from the distance, and hid the murderous intent bubbling in his heart.

At this time, the Good Fortune Saint Son stood tall above Famine’s back, a light grin on his face.

In that peak battle against Lin Ming in the past, the Good Fortune Saint Son had suffered an excruciating defeat, ending in the greatest frustration of his life.

But afterwards, when the saints invaded the Divine Realm, the Good Fortune Saint Son had commanded the armies to trample over the 3000 great worlds of the Divine Realm. Most Empyreans had either fled or died. The Good Fortune Saint Son could be called invincible, knowing no loss. He recklessly galloped over the universe, overbearing, as if no one in the world could topple him. His confidence that was shattered by Lin Ming was also restored as he found the thrill of revenge.

His cultivation would need at most 2000 more years to break into the Empyrean realm.

Moreover, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign had even let him control one of Famine’s avatars!

As long as he could raise this avatar and fuse together with it, then his strength would reach an unimaginable boundary.

At that time, besides a few people in the entire 33 Heavens, who could stop him?

In this situation, the Good Fortune Saint Son’s thoughts were incomparably smooth. He had been ordered to preside over the smelting trial of the Good Fortune Saint Palace’s junior disciples. He stepped onto the Asura Sea stage with cocky vigor, using Famine’s avatar to make a high-profile appearance that deterred all present!

The Good Fortune Saint Son was satisfied with the effect he created. In his opinion, those who possessed absolutely formidable strength should expose that strength and awe everyone, making them submit!

The saints already possessed such capital.

The high-spirited Good Fortune Saint Son didn’t notice that on one of the viewing platforms, a black-clothed youth was gazing at him.

Although this black-clothed youth’s eyes contained a horrifying killing intent, what was unusual was that no one sensed him.

This was because the boundary of his soul force had far surpassed all others’ present. No one was able to sense him.

“Let’s begin… today is the stage of my race. Only my race will be the main lead of this final trial!”

The Good Fortune Saint Son raucously laughed.

Many native influences of the Asura Road saw the Good Fortune Saint Son’s rampant behavior and wanted to refute him, but they couldn’t summon the energy to do so.

Their influences truly couldn’t compare with the Good Fortune Saint Palace.

At this time, from beneath the Good Fortune Saint Son’s feet, the flesh and blood of Famine began to slowly split up like a pomegranate being torn apart. From within it, a group of young saint elites appeared!

These young saint elites had been sent from the Good Fortune Saint Palace. They were a special squad of disciples sent to participate in the final trial.

As for the Good Fortune Saint Son himself, he would not be attending the final trial. This time he was only a host.

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