MW Chapter 1961

Chapter 1961 – Famine’s Avatar

In the distant horizon of the Asura Sea, a young man in golden armor slowly flew forwards. This gold-armored youth was tall and broad. A fire red cloak was thrown over his back, his momentum spirited and daring!

His cultivation had reached the peak of the Great World King realm, approaching the half-step Empyrean realm.

This cultivation, when placed in the grand scene of the final trial’s opening, wasn’t considered much at all. Moreover, there were more than Great World Kings but even true Empyreans.

But as this youth appeared, the eyes of those in the audience shrank. It was clear that they were extremely afraid of this gold-armored youth.

“It’s really him…”

Lin Ming muttered. This gold-armored youth was someone he was familiar with – the Good Fortune Saint Son!

The Good Fortune Saint Son’s cultivation speed was far higher than Lin Ming’s. But, this was also within reason. First, the Good Fortune Saint Son had lived longer than Lin Ming, and secondly, the Laws that the Good...

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