MW Chapter 1960

Chapter 1960 – Reentering the Asura Road

Regardless of what calamity occurred in the 33 Heavens, the Asura Road hadn’t changed.

As for the human, saints, and spiritas here, they seemed to live independently from their kin in the 33 Heavens, without much overlap or contact between them.

Lin Ming’s Asura Command had already shattered so he was unable to use it anymore. He found the spatial entrance into the Asura Road that Empyrean Divine Dream had led him to in the past, and used his own strength to sink into the Asura Road.

When Lin Ming reentered the Asura Road he discovered that amongst its trial challengers, the saints had rapidly increased in number.

In the outer Asura Road, Lin Ming observed that many young saint elites passed in and out of the large cities. It seemed that during the time he was gone, the great influences of the saints had dispatched their disciples en masse into the Asura Road.

The saints had revealed their ambitiousness.

Lin Ming didn’t bother with any of this. Currently, the Asura Road’s final trial had yet to open. Lin Ming quietly waited in the Great Desolate.

He sank deep into the Great Desolate. Here, he felt the power of the world of the Asura Road.

Deep underground, Lin Ming could feel that the Asura Road world was actually somewhat similar to his own inner world.

Could it be that the Asura Road world that the Asura Road Master had created in the past was also his own inner world?

This thought immediately flashed through Lin Ming’s mind. Just how difficult would it be to accomplish something like this? However, he also believed that in the distant future, he would be able to take this step too.

The world power within the Asura Road was potent and vigorous. However, because it was locked in by the constraints of the Asura Heavenly Dao, it was incredibly difficult for Lin Ming to absorb any.

Lin Ming composed himself and began to quietly perceive the composition of the Asura Road world. With the guidance of the Asura Heavenly Dao, it wasn’t difficult for Lin Ming to accomplish all of this.

Perceiving all of this was a slow process. Lin Ming focused himself, becoming enraptured with the process. In the blink of an eye, dozens of years passed.

Lin Ming obtained many new enlightenments. He fused all of these comprehensions into his growing inner world.

And at this time, the opening of the final trial also approached.

Lin Ming left the Great Desolate and ventured into the inner Asura Road.

In order to attend the final trial one needed a qualification token. The last time Lin Ming entered the final trial, he had obtained a qualification token from Mo Brightmoon.

If one wished to obtain a qualification token, the process would require a tremendous amount of energy and time. Although it wasn’t too difficult to the current him, Lin Ming didn’t want to waste this time.

His strength was already great enough that he could blatantly storm into a sect and recklessly wrest away a qualification token.

Late at night, Lin Ming floated high in the air, letting his sense spread out in all directions. He covered a large region of the inner Asura Road and soon discovered an influence that was located near the Asura Sea. This was a group that belonged to the saints!

And they were the saints of the 33 Heavens!

Among them was someone that possessed a qualification token. Even though they had carefully hidden away the token, they still couldn’t escape Lin Ming’s sense.

Lin Ming sneered. He silently descended like a dark ghost of the night.

This group of saint martial artists was still meditating in their holy palace. But outside of the holy palace, there were some people standing guard.

Those standing guard had spread out their divine sense, completely covering a surrounding area of a hundred miles. But when Lin Ming arrived, he didn’t alert them at all.


With a faint sound, one of the sentries wobbled and slumped to the ground.

The other saint martial artists were alarmed. They rapidly rolled up from their sleep and were about to draw weapons from their spatial rings. But at this time, there was a loud explosion. The defensive barrier of the holy palace had been smashed apart!

Soon after, one of the people amongst them felt a strong breeze rush against him. A black beast rushed forwards like a demonic hellhound, crashing into his chest!


This person flew backwards, smashing against a wall and vomiting a mouthful of blood.

His organs had all been crushed apart in this single strike!


Amongst the group of people, a Great World King roared out. He was clearly able to see the vicious beast that had attacked them. This unknown vicious beast looked like a black wolf with a single long horn jutting out from its head.

But, what was most terrifying was the master of this vicious beast. Of the ten plus people present, no one was able to clearly see his appearance or catch his position. He was like a death reaper, mercilessly harvesting lives.

Every time he flickered he didn’t leave behind any fluctuations of the Space Laws. Even so, he floated in the air and disappeared into space, vanishing without a sign. This degree of Law comprehensions had reached an unimaginable level.

Moreover, this other party had a terrifying strength capable of ripping apart the holy palace’s protective barrier. This left the saints drowning in despair.

“Scatter and flee! Inform the sect and request backup…!”

The Great World King sent out sound transmissions. However, halfway through his sound transmission came to a halting stop.

He was the last saint martial artist to die.

This saint race squad consisted of 12 people, and all of them were killed off by Lin Ming.

Looking at the corpses around him, Lin Ming was silent. Before, he would never kill innocents. Those he had killed had already stepped onto the road of death.

But this time he killed 12 saint martial artists in a single breath, all so no news would be leaked out. Even though his identity wouldn’t be revealed even if news of him had leaked out, Lin Ming had to guard against all possibilities, no matter how small they were.

Lin Ming felt no psychological burden in killing these people. This was because when it came to a war between races, there were no innocents.

Lin Ming flicked his finger and shot out a fireball. All of the corpses burned away, and with the breeze of the night, their ashes faded.

He found the token he wanted. The other useless things were all destroyed. The holy palace was also taken away by Lin Ming and all other traces of his appearance destroyed.

After finishing all of this, Lin Ming flew up, disappearing into the night like a bat…


The final trial’s location was deep in the inner Asura Road. This was a boundless sea called the Asura Sea.

The Asura Sea was limitless and fathomless. Even if a massive planet like the Sky Spill Planet were to sink into the Asura Sea, it would be completely submerged!

In such a deep sea, the pressure at the seabed was unimaginable!

By any common reasoning there was no seabed that could withstand such tremendous pressure. The reason the Asura Sea could still exist was because of the power of the Asura Laws.

At those terrifying depths, innumerable horrifying sea beasts were bred. Among them were many sea beasts equivalent to an Empyrean in strength. In the rumors it was said that deep in the Asura Sea, there were one or two True Divinity level super sea beasts that had been bred. They were the king of all sea beasts!

Because of these stories, very few people dared to enter the Asura Sea.

The only exception was if… the final trial was beginning.

On this day, the usually lonely Asura Sea began to greet many guests.

Many influences gathered at the Asura Sea.

On the surface of the Asura Sea, many great figures spread out viewing platforms that floated above sea level. Many martial artists rushed here from all over the Asura Road, gathering to bear witness to such a grand occasion of the Asura Road.

Rumble rumble rumble!

Deep within the sea, the waters separated. A blue whale as large as a mountain emerged from the sea waters. As it rose up, countless streams of water fell down from its titanic body like waterfalls.

For a time, the viewing platforms on the sea surface were wildly swept up by the waves created by the blue whale. Many young martial artists on the viewing platforms stumbled around, unable to stand steady.

“Hey, that’s Northheaven Palace’s Deepnorth Leviathan… that is Northheaven Palace’s destiny-stabilizing God Beast. Although its bloodline is a bit flawed, it is still a fortress that is much stronger than a half-step Empyrean. I never thought that Northheaven Palace would send the Deepnorth Leviathan here to shake up the scene.”

Someone said from the viewing platforms. As they spoke, the giant blue whale called the Deepnorth Leviathan opened its huge mouth. From its mouth, a blue curtain of light appeared. The disciples of Northheaven Palace were shrouded in this blue light.

They all wore the uniform of a sect and bloomed with heroic dashing. From their dignified appearance, one could see that they were the elites of their sect.

In truth, most of these people only came to see the world and broaden their horizons; they wouldn’t truly be entering the final trial. After all, there was a limited number of qualification tokens.

“Northheaven Palace really laid out their capital this time, but they can’t be blamed for doing so. During these past years, the saints from the 33 Heavens outside the Asura Road have sent far too many elites in here. It sort of feels as if they are trying to make a show of some kind. Because of this, competition for the final trial has also become more intense.”

“This time, I heard that the 33 Heavens’ saints have sent many high level figures here. Many of those people come from the Good Fortune Saint Palace!”

Upon mentioning the name of the Good Fortune Saint Palace, dread flashed across the faces of the martial artists from the Asura Road. Many great figures who rushed here from all over the Asura Road also frowned.

The master of Good Fortune Saint Palace was also the supreme leader of the saints – the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign.

The Good Fortune Saint Sovereign was simply too terrifying. According to rumors, he might have become the number one master of the 33 Heavens. He had fused together with some strange and horrible monster, obtaining unparalleled power in exchange!

As everyone spoke, a resonant phoenix cry echoed out in the skies.

A bird that resembled a phoenix flew towards this area. On the back of this bird sat an old woman dressed in a phoenix robe and wearing a golden crown. She leaned on a golden walking stick and exuded a rich and opulent aura. Her eyes seemed to contain a great pressure, making it difficult for others to feel at ease.

And behind this woman were several beautiful young women. Each one had a face covered by a thin veil, looking like goddesses that descended to the mortal plane.

“Grandma Goldwind! An inner Asura Road Empyrean!”

After seeing this old woman, many people were stunned. The Asura Road’s final trial was a grand occasion, but it was still a tempering experience for juniors. Most of the time Empyrean level characters wouldn’t attend, but would send their direct disciples to manage the situation.

With the arrival of Empyreans, that signified just how valuable this final trial now was.

“Grandma Goldwind personally led her disciples to the final trial. It looks like the limelight of the 33 Heavens’ saints has been too bright these past years. The native influences of the Asura Road are unwilling to fall behind them and are willing to fight more.”

“I fear this final trial will also be set atop the winds and waves. I wonder if anyone will be able to achieve an 80% completion rate…”

“It’s not impossible. Amongst the young elites that the Good Fortune Saint Palace dispatched this time, there might be some people capable of this…”

As everyone was speaking, no one noticed a black-clothed, common-seeming youth quietly standing atop a viewing platform.

He was like a gray brushstroke amongst this world, completely out of sync.

At some time, he suddenly turned his head and looked into the horizon of the Asura Sea.

He felt that someone he recognized had arrived…


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