MW Chapter 1960

Chapter 1960 – Reentering the Asura Road

Regardless of what calamity occurred in the 33 Heavens, the Asura Road hadn’t changed.

As for the human, saints, and spiritas here, they seemed to live independently from their kin in the 33 Heavens, without much overlap or contact between them.

Lin Ming’s Asura Command had already shattered so he was unable to use it anymore. He found the spatial entrance into the Asura Road that Empyrean Divine Dream had led him to in the past, and used his own strength to sink into the Asura Road.

When Lin Ming reentered the Asura Road he discovered that amongst its trial challengers, the saints had rapidly increased in number.

In the outer Asura Road, Lin Ming observed that many young saint elites passed in and out of the large cities. It seemed that during the time he was gone, the great influences of the saints had dispatched their disciples en masse into the Asura Road.

The saints had revealed their ambitiousness.

Lin Ming didn’t bother with any of this. Currently, the Asura Road’s final trial had yet to open. Lin Ming quietly waited in the Great Desolate.

He sank deep into the Great Desolate. Here, he felt the power of the world of the Asura Road.

Deep underground, Lin Ming...

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