Chapter 196 - Thundercrash Mountain

Chapter 196 Thundercrash Mountain.


Chapter 196 – Thundercrash Mountain

The Vermillion Bird was about 50 feet long. It had the head of a pheasant and a long scarlet neck like a snake. Its body was covered in feathers and burning flames shrouded its body. As it flew, it shed sparkling red lights that sprinkled down onto the world. It was beautiful like an exquisite dream.

Although he was very far away, Lin Ming could still feel the Vermillion Bird emitting a vast pressure that made his heart skip.

Under the suppressive nature of this aura, Lin Ming’s speed dropped. He glanced backwards at the little flame boy to see if he had caught up. However, he hadn’t expected the little flame boy was even worse. It had actually stopped and was staring with both eyes at the flying Vermillion Bird. Fear filled its face.

Lin Ming paused. Mm? Was it afraid?

At this moment, the Vermillion Bird bowed its head downwards, overlooking the little flame boy. The little flame boy was scared out of its wits. It gave a miserable scream before turning tail and running!

The speed of the little flame boy was much faster than when it had been chasing Lin Ming! It had turned into a bright red light, and in just a few breaths of time it had already reached the jungle and vanished out of sight!

Lin Ming was baffled, why did it run away?

Looking at the Vermillion Bird...

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