MW Chapter 1959

Chapter 1959 – Return to the Divine Realm

The universe was profound and endless, an existence far too mysterious. It contained infinite rules of the Heavenly Dao. Since ages long lost, innumerable ancient powerhouses had searched high and low, tirelessly chasing down the elusive road of martial arts.

But up until now, there had yet to be a single person who completely understood all the mysteries of the universe.

Not only was the universe mysterious, but it was eternal.

Even when great worlds collapsed and returned to nothing, the universe as a whole would continue to exist.

No one knew where these eternal skies started or where they would end…

Time, was the most terrifying reaper of all life. But to the Heavenly Dao of the universe this concept held no meaning at all.

A thousand years was only a flash of time, so short that there would be almost no change in the universe.

However, when it came to mortal society and their nations, in several thousand years there would be hundreds of generations of people. Dynasties would fall and others would rise in their place. The great families, sects, countless lives were born and returned to nothing. Their convoluted history would be buried in the sands of time as they were slowly lost ...

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