MW Chapter 1958

Chapter 1958 – The Second Reincarnation

Situ Mingyue stayed behind. Although her relationship with Lin Ming was only that of a master and apprentice, and one that was temporary at that, this was something Lin Ming’s parents didn’t know about.

In fact, in the eyes of Lin Mu and Lin Fu, there was a profound significance for Situ Mingyue to stay behind.

The old couple hoped that there would be people accompanying them in their old age, but they also wished that their son would marry and live a happy and bliss-filled life.

Lin Ming didn’t give an explanation for this misunderstanding. The reason he asked Situ Mingyue to stay behind to accompany his parents was because he wished to have his parents live peacefully in their old age.

Most of the time he didn’t speak with Situ Mingyue. He would only pass down cultivation methods to her that were suitable for her to practice and allow her to perceive them on her own.

As for pills, Lin Ming had more than enough. Every pill would be melted by her into spring water, and she would slowly drink this spring water and refine the medicine.

The effects were remarkable.

Situ Mingyue used a mere 10 years to approach the Divine Transformation realm.

The truth was that her talent wasn’t too bad even when placed in the Divine Realm. The problem was that she lacked skilled teachers in the lower realms which had delayed her cultivation. However, this was all made up for now. Although it was impossible for her to have any monumental achievements, with Lin Ming’s guidance it wouldn’t be difficult for her to cultivate to the Divine Lord realm.

Sometimes, Lin Ming would go out together with Situ Mingyue. They would venture deep into the starry space, and here Lin Ming would teach Situ Mingyue some Laws and advanced cultivation methods.

Lin Ming even passed Situ Mingyue an incomplete portion of a transcendent divine might. Although he didn’t have much hope that she would be able to perceive anything from it, she could at least come into contact with the Great Dao Laws, expanding her horizons as she obtained more inspirations.

Whenever these times came, Situ Mingyue’s eyebrows would bunch together as she simply wasn’t able to find any clue on what to do.

She was worried that Lin Ming would think she was too stupid and she desperately hoped that she could perceive something to satisfy him. However, these Great Dao traces were too complex and varied. No matter how hard she tried, it was difficult for her to become aware of anything.

Lin Ming didn’t say anything. He simply asked her what progress she had made and then would silently leave.

Like this, 50 years passed.

Lin Fu and Lin Mu grew older. But at the same time, they smiled more and more.

When she wasn’t cultivating, Situ Mingyue would spend the rest of her time accompanying Lin Ming’s parents. She frequently went to the kitchen to help Lin Mu prepare food and would take out a chess board to play with Lin Fu.

Everything was warm and harmonious. The happiness of a whole family made up for the final regrets that the old couple felt in life.

This was also what Lin Ming wanted.

In this life, he wanted to give his parents peace and happiness in their twilight. For this reason, even if he had to contaminate himself with some karma, it didn’t matter at all.

Spring went and fall came. Another 20 years passed. Lin Fu and Lin Mu both leant on walking sticks. It became a little difficult even to walk down the street.

Even so, there were no servants in their family. Every time they went to buy groceries, Situ Mingyue would help Lin Mu out of the Lin Family restaurant where they slowly walked down the familiar streets.

During these times, Lin Mu would walk slowly. She would take a stroll, feeling the sun on her face, feeling the joys of life.

Lin Fu and Lin Mu, the two of them had tasted poverty, and lived in opulence, had experienced the supreme life of being worshipped by millions and billions of people. Now in their old age, with Situ Mingyue and Lin Ming accompanying them, they felt warmth and happiness.

This was their life, a blessed life.

They had no regrets.

Two years later, just as summer began, on a sunny day Lin Fu and Lin Mu passed away one after another.

Just before they left, their faces were filled with smiles and their expressions were at peace. They had died in bed of old age.

The death of his parents also marked the end of Lin Ming’s first reincarnation, one that had lasted for over 1600 years.

It marked a complete ending to this time.

According to his parents’ will, Lin Ming buried them in the mountains around Green Mulberry City.

After death, become dust and return to the earth. This was the simple wish of most mortals.

According to custom, Lin Ming set up grass houses up in the mountainside. He wore simple mourning clothes and mourned for his parents for three years.

Situ Mingyue also followed Lin Ming. She wore white clothes, observing the mourning period together with him.

They lived in two separate grass houses. Every day they would sweep the graves of the old couple, burning incense for them and praying for them.

These days were slow and tepid. But whether it was Lin Ming or Situ Mingyue, they found an inner peace and quiet in these slow and tepid days.

Three years quickly passed.

With the end of the mourning period, Lin Ming had to leave.

Early one morning, the bright sun rose. The morning haze of Green Mulberry Mountain scattered and the dewdrops hanging on the grass also slowly evaporated.

Lin Ming lit incense for his parents and deeply knelt on his knees, bowing down, his forehead reaching the ground. This was also his final bow.

He stood up and said to Situ Mingyue behind him, “According to our agreement, our relation as master and apprentice has come to an end. You can now begin walking your own road.”

Lin Ming calmly said. But as these words fell into Situ Mingyue’s ears, she felt infinite desolateness, infinite melancholy.

There was an unspeakable feeling in her heart. She had known this day would come and she had mentally prepared for it. But when it truly came, she was at an inexplicable loss.

But, she was well aware that she and Lin Ming were originally two straight lines that never crossed. It was only because of Lin Ming’s parents that they approached for a brief period of time – and that was only approaching.

Then, as these straight lines continued on, they would slowly separate, gradually growing further and further apart.

This was a destiny that was already decided.

Regardless of what she did, it wouldn’t change.

Thus, she slowly nodded.

“Then, farewell. If we are fated to meet again…”

As Lin Ming spoke he casually stepped into the void. He simply didn’t need to tear open the void, but entered directly into it, vanishing from sight.

Situ Mingyue stood in a daze where she was, silent for a long time.

The year before Lin Fu and Lin Mu passed, Situ Mingyue had broken into the Divine Transformation realm. Moreover, with Lin Ming’s teachings and the support of the resources he left her, she had formed a solid foundation. It wouldn’t be a problem for her to reach the Divine Lord realm in the future.

But none of this, including the peak of martial arts that she had longed for in her dreams, brought her any joy right now. She quietly turned around, entering the grass house she had lived in for three years and gently closed the door…


Another 20 years passed.

In a lower dimension of this universe, within an imperial city on an unknown planet, at some unknown time, a young beggar appeared at a city corner.  

He was short and his entire body was covered in dirt, but his eyes were amazingly bright.

Although he was a beggar, he never begged people. He only wandered about, and this wandering continued for dozens of years.

This young beggar grew extremely slowly, but because he was a beggar, no one noticed him.

Until one day, he disappeared from the city…

He broke into space, flying deep into the universe.

This was the second reincarnation of Lin Ming. During these years, Lin Ming’s mood and cultivation had become increasingly perfect. His cultivation didn’t increase quickly, but his comprehensions in the Heavenly Dao grew at an alarming pace.

He quickly sped through the universe. Soon he reached a massive black planet. Like a meteor, he plunged deep into its core…


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