MW Chapter 1958

Chapter 1958 – The Second Reincarnation

Situ Mingyue stayed behind. Although her relationship with Lin Ming was only that of a master and apprentice, and one that was temporary at that, this was something Lin Ming’s parents didn’t know about.

In fact, in the eyes of Lin Mu and Lin Fu, there was a profound significance for Situ Mingyue to stay behind.

The old couple hoped that there would be people accompanying them in their old age, but they also wished that their son would marry and live a happy and bliss-filled life.

Lin Ming didn’t give an explanation for this misunderstanding. The reason he asked Situ Mingyue to stay behind to accompany his parents was because he wished to have his parents live peacefully in their old age.

Most of the time he didn’t speak with Situ Mingyue. He would only pass down cultivation methods...

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