MW Chapter 1957

Chapter 1957 – Returning Home

Sky Fortune Kingdom, Green Mulberry City –

Aged architecture, pedestrians of all kinds, sweet and savory candied fruits, fragrant teas…

This was a city that had been unchanged for a thousand years, a constant scene of peace and tranquility.

Today, Green Mulberry City welcomed several unusual strangers.

They were Lin Ming and his parents.

After a thousand and several hundred years, dozens of generations of people had already passed in Green Mulberry City.

No one recognized Lin Ming and no one recognized his parents, but they had still heard of Lin Ming’s legends.

This name would be passed down for several hundreds of thousands of years…

Lin Ming entered Green Mulberry City like common folk. They walked down new streets that had been renovated many times already, and these still familiar streets left Lin Ming’s parents filled with emotion.

They arrived at the Lin Family restaurant. This was a historical landmark that had been sealed away for over a thousand years, and was the true home of Lin Ming and his parents.

Because this building had been carefully maintained by others, it still remained completely intact.

However, after the glazed tiles withstood the wind and rain of over a thousand years,...

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