MW Chapter 1955

Chapter 1955 – Lin Ming’s World

Energy grew stronger. Lin Ming’s body burned like a sun. The rays of light constantly transformed around him, finally forming a rainbow-colored sphere of light behind him.

This sphere of light gradually evolved, becoming a massive phantom.

The phantom was extremely blurry, as if it were formed from gathered fog. But even in the violent and crazy space storms it didn’t scatter at all.

Lin Ming’s closed his eyes. His clothes flapped around him and his hair flew upwards.

The phantom behind him continued to change, finally becoming a giant cuboid.

This was a thick and ancient book.

This ancient book slowly opened, revealing a completely blank interior.

But in the next moment, an invisible character began to emerge from nowhere, as if an invisible pen were writing on the paper.

Then, the second character, the third, fourth, fifth, more and more characters were written at an increasingly quick pace…

All of these writings appeared in either black or gold. If Sheng Mei were here, she would discover that these words contained the Concepts of the golden pages and the black book, but there were faint differences between them.

Lin Ming’s books of life...

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