MW Chapter 1955

Chapter 1955 – Lin Ming’s World

Energy grew stronger. Lin Ming’s body burned like a sun. The rays of light constantly transformed around him, finally forming a rainbow-colored sphere of light behind him.

This sphere of light gradually evolved, becoming a massive phantom.

The phantom was extremely blurry, as if it were formed from gathered fog. But even in the violent and crazy space storms it didn’t scatter at all.

Lin Ming’s closed his eyes. His clothes flapped around him and his hair flew upwards.

The phantom behind him continued to change, finally becoming a giant cuboid.

This was a thick and ancient book.

This ancient book slowly opened, revealing a completely blank interior.

But in the next moment, an invisible character began to emerge from nowhere, as if an invisible pen were writing on the paper.

Then, the second character, the third, fourth, fifth, more and more characters were written at an increasingly quick pace…

All of these writings appeared in either black or gold. If Sheng Mei were here, she would discover that these words contained the Concepts of the golden pages and the black book, but there were faint differences between them.

Lin Ming’s books of life and death had been born from the Holy Scripture, but he had added in his own comprehensions.

The phantom of this ancient book became increasingly clear. More and more words appeared within it.

These words starkly contrasted gold and black, simple and plain and yet containing a meaning that was difficult to name. They were simply impossible to understand.

Rather, it should be said that these words had no definite meaning at all. They only contained different kinds of Concepts. When different people read these words they would each come away with a different understanding.

Even Lin Ming was unable to accurately explain these words.

This was equal to the total comprehensions of his 400 some years of life. The same life, but different feelings, this invisible pen was the unknowable fate of life…

The ancient book was slowly written. This process continued for several days. Finally, the pen of fate fell one final time.

In that moment, this ancient book bloomed with the brilliance of a world, as if all the light in the universe was being gathered towards this ancient book!

This was an ancient book that belonged to Lin Ming, a self-created Great Dao book that would allow him to climb to the peak of martial arts!

For a time, a horrifying vortex of energy formed. A massive amount of interstellar matter was sucked into this vortex. With the ancient book as the central point, the Great Dao aura in the surrounding space was condensed to the peak.

A universe’s physical matter, heaven and earth origin energy, Heavenly Dao Laws, when these three things were joined together they were in truth the essence, energy, and divine of a universe!

Lin Ming used his strength to gather them, purifying them, leaving only their essence behind!

He had already comprehended the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Sutra and understood how the Great Dao rules of many worlds revolved. He knew that when a universe’s matter, energy, and Laws were completely gathered and essence, energy, and divine were gathered, one could breed a brand new world!

When the Asura Road Master and the Holy Scripture creator established their own world, they had laid down their own world Laws and had used their transcendent methods to gather material and energy and then manifest their own world!

Currently, Lin Ming was walking down the same path as the Asura Road Master and the Holy Scripture creator!

This was a bold move. Rather, one should call it a crazy attempt!

This was because the Asura Road Master and Holy Scripture creator had only created their own world when they had become renowned throughout the universe and their strengths had reached incomparably powerful levels.

As for Lin Ming, he wanted to walk down this road as he broke into the World King realm.

In the dimension of the lower realms where the power of the Laws was weak and small, where matter was lacking, where energy was barren, to accomplish this here was already Lin Ming’s limit!

Slowly, beads of sweat formed on Lin Ming’s face. Blue veins popped up on his forehead.

He stared blankly on as right in front of him, a world began to slowly appear in its elementary form.

In the past when the Asura Road Master and Holy Scripture creator created their own worlds, these worlds were stable to the point where they were could exist for billions of years or even hundreds of billions of years, able to stand side-by-side with the universes of the 33 Heavens!

Lin Ming naturally couldn’t achieve this. Even if he created his own world, it would collapse in a few dozen or a hundred some years.

But that didn’t matter. The world he created now was only in its elementary form. Through the increasing influx of power and his own rising boundary, he could have this world continue to evolve and consolidate without end.

In the future, if Lin Ming became an Empyrean or even a True Divinity, it was impossible to estimate just how large this world would grow to.

This was a world that was constantly evolving, constantly developing.

And at this time, Lin Ming’s strength had already reached a limit. If he relaxed the energy flow even just a little bit, it would cause the essence, energy, and divine of a universe that he gathered to falter and collapse, completely disintegrating.

If this were to happen then Lin Ming would likely suffer a backlash from the energy and be heavily wounded.

He let out a deep bellow and summoned the power of Asura blood within him!

Black scales covered Lin Ming’s body. His blood vitality billowed like beams of light, boiling without end!

Behind him, a tall and overwhelming black Asura phantom appeared. This Asura phantom was 1000 feet high with thick chains that twined about its body, its entire being wrapped in dragon-thick muscles!

A phoenix danced above its right arm and a True Dragon wrapped around its left arm!

It stepped on nine stars. Together with Lin Ming, it held onto this newborn elementary world.

This Asura phantom was the power that Lin Ming cultivated, formed from pouring in the power of the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace, the strength of the Heavenly Sutra, and the blood of a True Dragon and Phoenix!

This giant Asura pushed forwards with the momentum of a grinding pan. It slowly pushed against this newly born world, causing the essence, energy, and divine of this world to condense and condense again.

With his own comprehensions of the books of life and death as the foundation of this world, with the Asura Laws stabilizing and restraining it, Lin Ming had done everything he could to their limits.

When his strength began to reach the point of exhaustion once more, he started to burn blood essence through the Gate of Life.

Then, this world finally began to slowly condense.

It was too small – a mere several miles in radius.

Moreover, the structure of the world was highly unstable. Even an attack from a Divine Sea powerhouse could cause the system of essence, energy, and divine within this world to collapse and be destroyed in an avalanche of failure.

After completing the creation of this world, Lin Ming had used up every ounce of energy in his body. His gaze was absorbed as he looked at this world, as if he were looking at this own child.

At this moment, Lin Ming was fervently excited. He had done it!

This was a world that belonged to himself, the beginning of a brand new start!

From this day on, a new epoch had begun in his road of martial arts.

At this time, the Asura phantom pushed this world and thrust it directly into Lin Ming’s body.

The world rapidly shrunk. It overlapped with Lin Ming’s inner world.

In that instant, within Lin Ming, this newly created world’s essence, energy, and divine superimposed with his own essence, energy, and divine. This world slowly fused together with Lin Ming’s inner world!

For a time, red clouds tumbled throughout space. Paths of life and death, the sound of the Great Dao, all of it swirled in the starry space, creating a strange image that continued to change…

And Lin Ming, in that moment, had finally broken into the World King realm!

His World King realm had an essential difference from the World King realm of other martial artists!

He had created a world which could grow and evolve.

Currently, because the world Lin Ming had fused into himself was too small and weak, the strength that he had gained from breaking into the World King realm wasn’t some drastic leap upwards. But as time passed, the world Lin Ming contained within himself would continue to expand. It would hold planets, galaxies, and eventually become a universe of its own. At that time, the strength Lin Ming possessed would be unimaginable.

Lin Ming sat cross-legged in the void, meditating for several hours of time. After he restored a part of his strength, he took a single step out into the void and vanished.

Lin Ming continued to tear through space, using void shift after void shift.

Three days later, a blood red planet appeared in front of Lin Ming.

This planet didn’t have the least bit of life; it was a lifeless dead planet. But, this planet itself contained a massive amount of precious materials and also possessed an incredible trove of world essence energy.

The volume of this star was nearly ten times that of the Sky Spill Planet. Its diameter surpassed 200 million miles.

In the past 100 some years as Lin Ming wandered through this lower realm, he occasionally saw this planet and had noted its position.

Originally, Lin Ming had worried about needing to refine a world when he broke into the World King realm. He thought of searching for an upper level world to refine.

But finally, Lin Ming had dropped this idea. This was because there wasn’t a single world that could truly satisfy Lin Ming.

Now, Lin Ming had created a world of his own. Although he couldn’t refine this massive planet before him, he could actually draw in its essence energy and use it to reinforce and strengthen his own world.

Lin Ming flew towards this planet. He broke into the atmosphere like a rapidly falling meteor.


With a terrifying explosion, Lin Ming crashed into the planet!

Lin Ming continued to drill inwards, sinking further and further into the depths of the planet. From the outer layers of the planet where it was dirt and rock, the surroundings became increasingly hot the further in he went.

Rock turned into billowing magma.

Lin Ming didn’t care about this degree of heat. He continued to pierce through. At this time, the pressure also increased.

This pressure pushed down on Lin Ming’s mortal body, causing explosive popping sounds to occur.

Lin Ming didn’t seem to care at all. He raced all the way into the deepest parts of the earth – that was, the core of this planet!

Here was no longer magma. Rather, it was a giant core formed from rare minerals and metals.

These metals and minerals were extremely good materials for forging weapons. They were formed in the massive natural furnace that was this massive planet and had been tempered under high temperature and pressure for billions of years. This was a massive trove of treasure.

It was extremely solid and had been melted into a near liquid form by the high temperature. Lin Ming plunged in, continuing to race towards the deepest part, withstanding everything to get there!

Lin Ming took a deep breath. Even If his mortal body was incredibly powerful, it still wasn’t easy for him to resist such an environment.

He let loose his mind and sat in meditation. Slowly, he began drawing in the planet’s essence energy. All of the essence energy converged into Lin Ming, nourishing the true world he had created…

The growth of a world was a long, long process. So for a long time, Lin Ming could absorb essence energy from this planet to nourish his world.


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