MW Chapter 1954

Chapter 1954 – Attacking World King

After Lin Ming returned from such a long period of separation, his parents were overjoyed.

Lin Mu personally went to the kitchen and prepared the dishes that Lin Ming loved to eat the most during his childhood.

Living in such a high position, Lin Mu rarely prepared food. It was only when Lin Ming returned that she personally cooked for him, and she even did so daily.

After the meal was set up, Lin Ming quietly sat down and then said, “I will not be married.”

“Mm? Why?” Lin Fu and Lin Mu looked at Lin Ming with surprise. Lin Fu said, “Do you have someone you love? Why don’t you bring them back and let your parents take a look at them so we’ll be happy.”

Lin Ming remained silent.

After receiving no reply from Lin Ming for a long time, Lin Mu’s eyes widened. “You don’t have one? Then why won’t you marry? The wife has already been chosen for you. Within the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom, or even the entire continent, she is the most outstanding lady that could possibly be chosen. She has countless pursuers and even the matchmaker has visited both houses. If you could marry such a nice young lady then your mother will be happy for the rest of her days. How could you allow your...

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