MW Chapter 1954

Chapter 1954 – Attacking World King

After Lin Ming returned from such a long period of separation, his parents were overjoyed.

Lin Mu personally went to the kitchen and prepared the dishes that Lin Ming loved to eat the most during his childhood.

Living in such a high position, Lin Mu rarely prepared food. It was only when Lin Ming returned that she personally cooked for him, and she even did so daily.

After the meal was set up, Lin Ming quietly sat down and then said, “I will not be married.”

“Mm? Why?” Lin Fu and Lin Mu looked at Lin Ming with surprise. Lin Fu said, “Do you have someone you love? Why don’t you bring them back and let your parents take a look at them so we’ll be happy.”

Lin Ming remained silent.

After receiving no reply from Lin Ming for a long time, Lin Mu’s eyes widened. “You don’t have one? Then why won’t you marry? The wife has already been chosen for you. Within the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom, or even the entire continent, she is the most outstanding lady that could possibly be chosen. She has countless pursuers and even the matchmaker has visited both houses. If you could marry such a nice young lady then your mother will be happy for the rest of her days. How could you allow your mother to agree to this and then go back on our promise?”

Lin Ming shook his head, leaving no ground for compromise.

“Why don’t you say something!” Lin Mu anxiously said. “That child Mingyue, in what area does she not match up to you? Her appearance is outstanding, her talent is good, she is clever and smart, just how could you not like such a wife? Do you really want to be alone for the rest of your life? Your big brother and big sister, who hasn’t married? Your second brother even has over 100 children.”

In Lin Mu’s mind, marrying and producing children, continuing the family lineage, that was the right and honest thing to do. Lin Ming seemed to have planned to live his life alone and this left her very worried.

Lin Ming still didn’t speak. Lin Mu was left grasping at straws.

This family banquet did not end happily.

On the next day, Lin Ming entered Lin Academy once more. After 200 years, Lin Academy hadn’t changed much. On the campus grounds there were young people everywhere who dreamed their own dreams of martial arts. They all trained here, hoping to find success in the future.

There were many people but none of them noticed Lin Ming. Amongst the academy’s younger generation, although many of them had listened to stories about Lin Ming, only a small number of them had seen Lin Ming’s portrait.

Lin Ming did the same as he did in the past. He quietly arrived on the rolling slopes near the academy’s martial field and laid down on the lawn, biting a blade of grass between his lips. He quietly experienced the bustling noise of the mortal world, tranquilly perceiving it…

He lay here until the sun set. But at this time, the voice of a woman sounded out in his ears.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to cause such a problem for you.”

Lin Ming turned to see a black-clothed Situ Mingyue standing beneath the setting sun. The golden light fell down upon her, illuminating her and making her appear like a spirit that was dancing in flames.

“When the Empress Dowager sent someone to settle this marriage with me, she didn’t tell me that you didn’t know about this matter…”

Situ Mingyue’s voice was a bit melancholic. After 200 years, her appearance hadn’t changed much at all. She was still as beautiful as she was in her youth, but she gained a more mystical atmosphere around her.

She had already broken into the Divine Sea realm and was making great progress towards the middle Divine Sea realm.

In the entire Sky Spill Planet’s martial world, Situ Mingyue possessed a considerable status and the Situ Family was already beginning to slowly reform. Although they no longer had their own country, they had become a top family that was dreaded by many countries.

In terms of status alone, Situ Mingyue was properly matched with Lin Ming.

“I should be the one apologizing.” Lin Ming shook his head. “I don’t want to marry nor will I marry.”

Situ Mingyue looked at Lin Ming’s eyes as if she could pierce through him and understand his deepest feelings. “Why? Because you already have a wife?"

Lin Ming remained silent.

At this time, Situ Mingyue suddenly lightened her tone. She calmly and clearly said, “The truth is that you really are his reincarnation…”

These words shook Lin Ming’s thoughts. He turned to Situ Mingyue, astonishment in his eyes. But then, he immediately calmed down.

He didn’t acknowledge this nor did he deny it.

There were things that had been personally witnessed by Situ Mingyue. Moreover, in the past years, Situ Mingyue’s understanding towards the road of martial arts had become increasingly profound. She recalled the moment 200 years when Lin Ming was attacked by an assassin, and as she mulled over these memories, she thought more and more that it wasn’t a Divine Sea powerhouse secretly protecting Lin Ming, but that it was Lin Ming himself who struck back.

As for Situ Mingyue, she contrasted her current strength with the strength of Lin Ming at the time. Then, she finally determined that the Lin Ming of that time had possessed a strength that far surpassed her understanding.

Even today, Situ Mingyue found that Lin Ming was becoming harder and harder to understand.

She eventually believed the conclusion she had formed in the past – that Lin An was Lin Ming. Perhaps he had suffered some danger in the Divine Realm, or perhaps some other reasons, but in short, he had returned…

Lin Ming’s silence was seen as tacit agreement by Situ Mingyue.

Realizing that such a legendary figure was standing in front of her, Situ Mingyue discovered that she didn’t feel much fear or awe. Rather, the one in front of her was still Lin An, the youth from 200 years ago.

She softly said, “I won’t speak of this and I also understand the reason why you don’t want to marry. As for the marriage matter, I have already told my mother to cancel it. Really, I’m sorry…”

After Situ Mingyue spoke, she turned and quietly walked away.

For a time, Lin Ming had a strangely inexplicable feeling in his mind. In particular, Situ Mingyue’s way in which she addressed his name afterwards left him feeling something peculiar.

He left the martial field and returned to his parents.

During these past days, his mother seemed to be depressed. Lin Ming quietly accompanied her.

Year after year passed.

Like this, 20 years passed. On this day Lin Ming left Sky Spill Planet and rode Primordius Heavenly Palace to fly deep into some far off planet.

He wanted to… break into the World King realm!

World King, that was the king of a world!

To an essence gathering martial artist, the Pulse Condensation realm was the start of their road of martial arts. At this boundary, a martial artist formed their meridians and could draw in heaven and earth origin energy through their acupoints.

When one’s origin energy reached a certain degree, it would gather in their lower abdomen and form a dantian. From there, a true essence vortex would be created.

From the disorderly inner energy of the Houtian realm, it would become orderly at the Xiantian realm.

Then above that, when the vortex condensed into a core, that was the Revolving Core realm.

When that core shattered and was remade, that was the Life Destruction realm.

As for the Nine Divine Shifts – the three boundaries of Divine Sea, Divine Transformation, and Divine Lord, during this process a martial artist’s dantian would become a world, forming continents, lakes, seas, heavens and earth…

After entering the Holy Lord realm, the vast earth within one’s inner world would turn into a planet and the great vault of heaven would become the universe.

After the Holy Lord realm was the World King realm!

This boundary was extremely special. It required that a martial artist refine a real world and fuse it into their own inner world. Their own inner world would integrate the space, time, and matter of a real universe, thus obtaining the characteristics of a real world.

To refine a real world, that sounded inconceivable.

However, upon practical application, it wasn’t so exaggerated.

Worlds came in sizes large and small. The 33 Heavens could be called an entire world, but a single dewdrop, a single flower petal, could also be called a world. This was what others meant when they one flower one world, one grain of sand one pure land of bliss.

When a martial artist grew to the World King realm, they would refine a world that depended on how solid their foundation was and how strong they were.

The stronger a martial artist was, the more solid their foundation was, then the larger the world they refined would be. Otherwise, the world they refined would be smaller.

But in truth, no matter how talented a World King was, the world they refined wouldn’t be too ridiculously large.

Generally speaking, refining an area of dozens of miles as well as the material in space was considered quite good.

Even a top talent like Emperor Shakya had only managed to refine a thousand miles of the void.

And in rumors, it was said that in the ancient past there were extreme True Divinities that refined an entire planet when they became World Kings.

To take an entire planet, as well as the void around the planet, the origin energy within the planet, the lives atop the planet, and even some of the Heavenly Dao Law fragments, and then refine all of that into one’s own inner world, that was a heaven-shaking feat.

To achieve such a step, they either existed in the records of history or were mystical characters like Sheng Mei, the Good Fortune Saint Sovereign, or Soaring Feather. But whether or not they had managed to reach such a point, no one knew.

To refine the real world in one’s inner world, besides differences in size, there were also differences in strength of space, the origin energy, and the Law fragments within. There were differences in all these aspects.

For these things, if one could choose a higher level world then it would be helpful to a martial artist’s future road of cultivation.

Of course, wanting to refine a higher level world was far more difficult.

Normally, when the disciple of a great influence was breaking into the World King realm, they would choose a first rate world to refine. This was because by doing this as opposed to refining a low level world, it would save a martial artist time when they consolidated their boundary. And in the future they would also reach higher achievements.

With Lin Ming’s current foundation and strength, he didn’t fear such a challenge. Rather, the higher level a world was, the larger a world was, the more it would arouse his fighting spirit.

He wasn’t afraid of any challenges. In fact, he wanted to verify where the limits of his strength were, and the results of his 400 years of comprehension.

However, Lin Ming was in the lower realm dimension where the Sky Spill Planet was located. He would have to depend on his own ability to accomplish all of this.

To find a vast high level world, wasn’t that easier said than done?

Three months later –

In the vast and limitless universe…

Brilliant stars dotted the horizon. A panorama of illusionary dream-like colors flowed through the dark void, seeping everything in a hazy halo. The distant galaxies and blurry nebulas were like small strands of silk that wound about each other, floating an unknown distance away. They glowed soft and gentle.

Lin Ming stood in this starry space, quietly feeling the vastness of the universe even as he completely opened himself to his surroundings.

His mind slowly fused with the surrounding universe. His inner world opened, communing with this part of the universe. Infinite heaven and earth origin energy began gathering towards him.

The plane of the lower realms simply wasn’t able to withstand Lin Ming’s strength. The space surrounding him had already collapsed and space storms wildly surged out.

The sound of the Great Dao echoed in the universe, continuing without end, as if it flowed from the ancient primordial nothingness.

At this moment, Lin Ming was finally beginning his breakthrough into the World King realm.

In his road of martial arts, this was an incredibly crucial stage that would directly affect his future achievements!


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