MW Chapter 1953

Chapter 1953 - A Single Life (10)

Concerning Marquis Yutian, Situ Mingyue was faintly aware just how much of a cold and calculating individual he was. He was a past champion of the martial arts meeting and he had many, many lucky chances.

There were even some current records of Lin Academy that were held by Marquis Yutian.

Such a strong person who had such deep plans had ended up with such a pitiful fate.

The reason for this was likely because he had tried to assassinate Lin An.

Situ Mingyue couldn’t imagine just how Marquis Yutian’s plan to kill Lin An and stage a coup was discovered. But, she believed that all of this was inevitably related to Lin An.

This youth was far too mysterious…

Three days had passed since Marquis Yutian’s plotting had been revealed, but, the capital was still on high alert, the entire city drowned in a tense atmosphere. With the downfall of such an important figure there was bound to be a wide cleansing.

All matters related to this were managed by Lin Xiaodong.

Lin Xiaodong...

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