MW Chapter 1953

Chapter 1953 - A Single Life (10)

Concerning Marquis Yutian, Situ Mingyue was faintly aware just how much of a cold and calculating individual he was. He was a past champion of the martial arts meeting and he had many, many lucky chances.

There were even some current records of Lin Academy that were held by Marquis Yutian.

Such a strong person who had such deep plans had ended up with such a pitiful fate.

The reason for this was likely because he had tried to assassinate Lin An.

Situ Mingyue couldn’t imagine just how Marquis Yutian’s plan to kill Lin An and stage a coup was discovered. But, she believed that all of this was inevitably related to Lin An.

This youth was far too mysterious…

Three days had passed since Marquis Yutian’s plotting had been revealed, but, the capital was still on high alert, the entire city drowned in a tense atmosphere. With the downfall of such an important figure there was bound to be a wide cleansing.

All matters related to this were managed by Lin Xiaodong.

Lin Xiaodong didn’t slay innocents. Rather, those that were associated with Marquis Yutian were reassigned to other areas, had their authority reduced, or were even exiled to far off outposts.

This was an inevitable end.

Situ Mingyue watched all of this occur, not finding it strange at all. Over 200 years ago when the Asura Divine Kingdom was destroyed, what followed was also a wide-scale cleansing.

She aimlessly walked. Then, she paused…

She saw that not too far away, on a rolling hill adjacent to the Lin Academy’s martial field, there was a youth holding a blade of grass in his hands, relaxing in the sun…

This youth was Lin Ming. At this time, his mood wasn’t good at all.

Although matters had been resolved, the final culprit had been the husband of his sister, Lin Ping.

The Lin Ming of this life in truth didn’t have much contact with Lin Ping and his parents’ other children. Deep within palace politics when matters of power were involved, affection would slowly turn cold and distant.

At the same time, there would be people willing to take risks, murdering and framing in order to seize more power.

Zhou Yutian might be the first for the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom, but he wouldn’t be the last.

As the Lin Family grew larger and larger, it wouldn’t be surprising for those who shared flesh and blood to kill each other.

All of this was an unavoidable truth.

Lin Ming didn’t want to bother with this. In this life, all he wanted to do was quietly accompany his parents to the end of their natural lifespan. As for whether the Lin Family prospered or declined, that would depend on the will of heaven.

There was no family that could thrive forever. Tens of thousands of years later when his own prestige faded, the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom he established might change to another name and the Lin Family might revert to an ordinary family… and in truth, this might not be a bad thing.

As Lin Ming was thinking this, he could feel a girl silently walking towards him. He turned to see a black-clothed Situ Mingyue quietly arrived at his side. She wore a dress and as she sat down beside him, she looked like a proper lady.

Her hands wrapped around her knees. She didn’t look at Lin Ming, only quietly staring into the far off distance.

Lin Ming had long since noticed that Situ Mingyue would sometimes appear by his side, whether it was by design or accident. Sometimes she would be quietly paying attention to him.

But it was never like today where she sat right by his side.

He faintly smiled but didn’t speak. Like this, the two of them looked towards the horizon.

The setting sun was colored like blood. The red clouds seemed completely dyed. As the glow of the sun poured down the rolling mountains, it was like the veil of a goddess, an infinitely beautiful sight…


Zhou Yutian’s case of treason had caused Lin Ming’s parents to suffer some strain. In these past days Lin Ming had frequently appeared by his parents’ side, trying to cheer up and soothe their moods.

“Father, your child raises a cup in your honor.”

At a family banquet, Lin Ming filled a cup of wine for his father.

No matter how many years passed, his father still had the same two hobbies – drinking and playing chess.

“Father, Mother, this time your child would like to go out for adventure…”

Lin Ming suddenly said at the end of the banquet.

In this first new life he wanted to accompany his parents, but that didn’t mean he would always be around them. He needed to leave, walk down more roads, experience more of life.

“That’s also good. Go out and take a look at how great this world is.”

Lin Fu chuckled. But Lin Mu was a bit regretful. However, in order for her child to gain more experience, she eventually nodded.

Lin Ming left. This time, he was gone for 20 years.

Afterwards he returned and spent two years beside his parents.

Then, he left once more.

He traveled through the Sky Spill Continent and the Holy Demon Continent. In the Sky Spill Continent’s Southern Wilderness, he went to the country that was founded by the two sisters, Na Yi and Na Shui.

These two sisters had become the rulers of the greatest tribal power in the Southern Wilderness. They met and survived through a catastrophe and were bound by a common destiny. Their relationship was extremely good.

Now, the two of them had aged. The older sister Na Yi had a house full of grandchildren. As for the younger sister Na Shui, she had become the most devout goddess, vowing to never marry for life.

Lin Ming became a wandering seer that roamed the four corners of the world. He arrived at the two sisters’ country and quickly saw Na Shui and Na Yi before leaving.

“Big Sister, that man…”

Na Shui looked at Lin Ming’s back as he faded into the distance. She didn’t know why, but she felt an aching pain in her heart.

“What’s wrong?”

Na Yi looked at Na Shui in confusion. Na Shui shook her head.

She lowered her head and saw a glow of blue light gather in her palm, finally condensing into a pill bottle.

“He left this behind?”

Na Shui was stunned. She opened the pill bottle. Two vividly green pills tumbled out.

These two pills emitted a medicinal fragrance beyond description. Just from smelling them, they could feel their meridians clear out and their flesh and blood burn hot, as if all of their meridians  were being transformed by these pills.

Heavens! Just the smell alone possessed such a potent medicinal strength. It was hard to imagine just how precious these pills were!

At this time, a sound transmission passed into Na Shui’s mind. “Dip the pill in warm water and only drink the juice. Remember: do not directly swallow the pill. This medicine can prolong your life, help maintain your thoughts, and cleanse your marrow. It can even allow your cultivation to rise much higher and extend your lifespans by several times…”

Hearing these words, the sisters were completely shocked.

This person, could it be…

After completing these karmic ties, Lin Ming quietly left. He arrived at the Holy Demon Continent. Here, he visited the Fey race.

He saw Duanmu Qun, Feng Shen, and Lan Xin.

These three people had partied together with Lin Ming in the Blood Slaughter Steppes, fighting with him. They had risked their lives with Lin Ming and there could be considered some friendship between them.

These three people had also reached the Divine Sea realm.

On the Sky Spill Planet, someone that could become an emperor in a hundred years was a peerless genius. As for Duanmu Qun and the others, they had accomplished this in their sixties.

In particular, Duanmu Qun. He was making steps towards the middle Divine Sea realm. In his Holy Land, he held onto an extremely high level of authority and was slowly ascending to become the successor.

Lin Ming quietly arrived, left behind lucky chances for the three of them, and then departed once more.

This time, Lin Ming left for a hundred years.

He left the Sky Spill Planet and freely wandered the vast cosmos of the lower realms. Sometimes he went into seclusion and sometimes he journeyed out to gain experience.

Every time he went to a new place, he would settle down for a period of time.

He saw different people, saw different nations. Some were primitive, some were advanced, some were poor, some were prosperous.

Slowly, during this first new life, Lin Ming had reached 160 years of age.

Because of his past accumulations there were no bottlenecks in his cultivation.

His cultivation had long been restored to its previous state and his strength surpassed its previous highest point.

He was getting closer and closer to the World King realm.

Breaking into the World King realm was an extremely important jump upwards. Thus, he wasn’t in a hurry. He had plenty of time to fully prepare for it.

Time passed, year after year.

On this year, Lin Ming was 200 years old. Adding on his last life, Lin Ming had experienced the winds and rains of over 400 years. He planned to return to his parents and carefully cultivate for 20-30 more years.

Then, he would begin his preparations for breaking into the World King realm.

To break into the World King realm before 500 years of age, for a level of talent like Lin Ming that far surpassed the elites of the 33 Heavens, this speed wasn’t fast at all, and could even be called slow…

But during the process of making a breakthrough, as he became more and more aware of himself, Lin Ming had obtained many, many benefits…

This year, Lin Ming returned. He went to his parents’ side.

His cultivation was disguised at the early Divine Sea realm. He planned to start his final preparations to break into the World King realm.

However, he didn’t think that his parents would give him such a difficult conundrum.

During the days he was gone, his parents had privately made a decision and prepared a marriage for him.

And the fiancée wasn’t a stranger either. It was unexpectedly… Situ Mingyue.

This was because in these past years, Situ Mingyue was far too dazzling in the Sky Spill Continent.

Lin Ming’s parents had taken a liking towards this girl and had already promised the matchmaker the marriage. They even met with Situ Yaoyao and Situ Yaoyue, passing down a dowry to them…


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