MW Chapter 1951

Chapter 1951 - A Single Life (8)

“Miss Mingyue, you’re here too? What a coincidence.”

As Situ Mingyue was looking at Lin Ming, a voice sounded out from behind her. She turned around to see a 17-18 year old youth in embroidered robes holding a sword and walking out from the martial field. As this youth looked at Situ Mingyue, his face was full of smiles.

He was a Prince of the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom. With his talent he had chances of becoming the Crown Prince, or at the very least being given the title of a king. He always had a favorable impression towards Situ Mingyue.

However, he wouldn’t be someone ardently fawning over Situ Mingyue. Instead, he maintained an appropriate distance so that his actions didn’t seem disgusting.

“What is Miss Mingyue looking at?” The youth looked towards the direction Situ Mingyue was gazing at earlier and saw Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s appearance caused the youth to frown a little. Why would Situ Mingyue come to see how that wastrel playboy was doing?

“That fellow Lin An is a bit weird. I heard that the two teachers who died were originally sent to protect him. His teachers died but he was completely safe… moreover, what’s strange is that this fellow somehow managed to pass the survival course and obtain a ‘great’ ranking result. With his current level, this is a bit suspicious.”

As the youth spoke, Situ Mingyue frowned. She didn’t reply.

In that moment, an incomparably shocking idea rose up in her heart, one that she could hardly believe she thought of. Lin An was so young and yet had such hidden depths. As for his true strength, it completely surpassed common sense.

This was not something that could be explained by mere talent.

In addition, his appearance resembled that man from the past. Was there really a possibility that Lin An was the reincarnation of that person?

This idea caused Situ Mingyue to suck in a breath of cold air. She didn’t know just what she was feeling in that moment.

That person, he had returned to the Sky Spill Continent? Why would he want to come back?

But as these ideas raced through Situ Mingyue’s mind she saw Lin Ming, who was lying on the grassy lawn, suddenly turn his head to look at her. His eyes seemed to pierce through the bustling martial field, penetrating through all, shining like stars…

Days passed. Years flew by.

Three years passed. Lin Ming was now 18 years old.

During these three years, Lin Ming’s strength rapidly grew.

After he obtained a new life, all of the essence he had accumulated from before had been transferred to his new body. And not only did it not weaken, but instead it strengthened along with his rebirth.

Thus, in terms of the mortal body and blood vitality, Lin Ming didn’t need to train in those at all.

Similarly, his inner world had long since been consolidated.

Even when his cultivation had fallen to its lowest point, his dantian had still been an inner world and not a revolving core.

Thus, bottlenecks didn’t exist in Lin Ming’s cultivation. As long as enough energy gathered in his inner world then it would become as stable as the time when Lin Ming was a peak Holy Lord.

As for the Laws, there was no need to mention them. The Laws he comprehended hadn’t diminished in his rebirth. Rather, during these past years he had obtained many new comprehensions.

Like this, Lin Ming didn’t possess problems in his foundation for cultivation. His foundation was solid beyond belief.

What Lin Ming needed to train in now was his state of mind.

In addition to that, he needed to gather accumulations.

What he required was time.

On this day as Lin Ming was quietly cultivating in his chambers, his eyes flew open and the power of his sense surged outwards, enveloping the entire Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom.

The Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom was countless times larger than the Sky Fortune Kingdom of the past. Now, Lin Ming’s constantly growing soul force and cultivation was enough to cover it all.

The array formations in the various palaces of Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom were unable to stop Lin Ming’s sense.

The moment that Lin Ming’s sense covered over everything, some Divine Sea powerhouses of the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom seemed to sense something. Their hearts stirred, feeling as if a clear breeze had blown past them. However, their minds immediately calmed afterwards. They tried to sense what was different but they couldn’t find anything special about what just happened, thus they finally summed it up as an illusion…

“My ability is still far worse than before…”

Lin Ming shook his head. With his current level of strength, the larger the area he wanted to cover his sense with, the less ability he had to hide it.

However, he wasn’t worried. He was only 18 years old and had plenty of time ahead of him.

The moment Lin Ming’s sense covered the entire Divine Kingdom, he also monitored everyone’s locations. Although this consumed a tremendous amount of Lin Ming’ soul force, he still continued onwards. He considered this an exercise for his spiritual sea.

During this reincarnation, what Lin Ming focused on was cultivating his state of self and cultivating his spiritual sea.

He maintained this condition every day. At the start he was only able to last for a few quarter hours, but afterwards he was able to continue for two hours, four hours, and even 8-10 hours.

Lin Ming challenged his limits again and again. His actions left him a little exhausted.

During these three years, Lin Ming gradually obtained better results in Lin Academy so that others wouldn’t have a reason to criticize his parents. From lower ranks, to middle ranks, to upper ranks, he now approached the highest ranks.

As for Lin Ming himself, he became increasingly handsome. His eyes were deep and bright. His temperament was like a book that no one could put down. Sometimes he was mysterious, sometimes he was as hot as the sun, sometimes he was restrained, sometimes he was anxious…

In the fourth year, Lin Academy organized a massive test. Lin Ming achieved incredibly good results and even broke the records for two of the tests.

This left everyone surprised. No one wanted to acknowledge Lin Ming’s progress, yet they had no choice but to.

At the end of the fourth year, Lin Academy held a massive tournament. Lin Ming reached the finals, defeating many senior students along the way and finally obtaining a top five position.

Lin Ming’s name was carved onto Lin Academy’s ranking stone tablet. Moreover, it appeared in many other places as well. This left Lin Ming’s mother ecstatic with joy.

During this great tournament, Lin Ming managed to shut up all those people that were looking at him with distaste.

After all, only true combat strength was the real deal!

In a short few years, Lin Ming had gone from a useless young master to someone who almost matched Situ Mingyue’s level. This proved that Lin Ming possessed a terrifying talent.

As things stood, if Lin Ming continued on like this then he would become increasingly fierce. He would overtake many people and then leave them behind as he finally stepped into the Divine Sea.

This was just incredible.

This was a bright future. Coupled with Lin Ming’s handsome looks and his famous family background, many young girls at Lin Academy had a crush on him.

16-17 year old girls that looked like flowers were naïve and innocent. Often they would have crushes on the best looking, most well-mannered, and most confident boy they met.

And Lin Ming had all of these advantages, so it was natural for there to be such a result.

In fact, sometimes as Lin Ming was wandering through the academy there would be a brave girl that ran out in front of him. These girls would give Lin Ming a pink letter before fleeing with embarrassment and blushed faces.

Slowly opening the letters, the gracefully written words were faint. The words of girls’ budding interest in boys contained a shyness and youthful beating of the heart as well as tenseness and anticipation…

Lin Ming accepted all of these letters in piles.

He deeply recalled that during his youth, he had seen countless young masters of great families.

These people all came from grand and wealthy backgrounds. Their talent was above others’ and their strength was amazing. Their looks were handsome and it seemed as if they were the pets of heaven, given every possible advantage.

As for the frustrated men that were compared to them, those men had humble origins, their talents were poor, they lacked resources, their strength was mediocre, and even their appearances were ugly.

For beautiful young girls in the prime of their youth, it was clear just who they would choose as their boyfriends between these two types of people.

Even if they couldn’t obtain the affectations of these rich young masters, they still wouldn’t accept the diligent pursuit of those frustrated men…

This was the emotion of youth. Lin Ming couldn’t help that he once envied these young masters. He envied their high-spirited actions and their frivolous and easy youthful life.

During Lin Ming’s youth, although he wasn’t some frustrated man, he wasn’t the young master of a wealthy family either. He had to constantly struggle, to spur himself onwards, to take these young masters as a goal in order to surpass them and fight for success.

Although he succeeded, he had developed a calm and experienced disposition, one that was edged with restraint. He had lost many things in exchange for that.

It was only today that Lin Ming was able to experience such a life.

In this Lin Academy, he was a young master. Everything he had aroused the envy of others. He felt that his youthful nature that was suppressed in the past was being thoroughly released, making him feel content.

To experience the baptism of mortal life and realize the hundred tastes of life.

On the road of martial arts, there were many senior supreme elders who would come to the mortal world when they experienced a brutal bottleneck. They would wander the world, feeling the life around them.

They would understand these feelings and try to break through what they knew in order to reach a higher level.

The present Lin Ming was also like this.

However, these senior supreme elders were unable to do what Lin Ming was doing and truly walk down that road of life once more.

They could only try to forget their minds and act out some role in the mortal world. But, what they did didn’t allow them to fully succeed.

As for Lin Ming, due to all sorts of reasons, when forced into a desperate situation he had no choice but to experience this mortal world once more and walk down the winding road of life. Thus, his experience of life was much more thorough.

Another year passed. Lin Ming was now 20 years old.

His cultivation progressed yet again. His spiritual sea became increasingly profound and his sense could already cover the entire Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom for 16 hours without feeling any exhaustion.

If it were for a moment, Lin Ming could even have his sense cover most of the Sky Spill Planet. He could extend his sense from the Sky Spill Continent all the way to the Holy Demon Continent.

But on this day, as Lin Ming was training his sense, he suddenly discovered a person in Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom.

This person had a wisp of an aura on him, one that was similar to the one he sensed on the fleeting fire centipede he had slain years ago.

Lin Ming’s thoughts stirred. During the years of training his sense, he had always been looking for this person. However, because the fleeting fire centipede was instantly killed, this individual seemed to have fled the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom.

It was clear that he was afraid of the mysterious existence which killed the fleeting fire centipede. This was why Lin Ming hadn’t been able to find him yet.

Now five years had passed and this person returned.

Lin Ming locked onto this person with his divine sense. He was several thousand miles away but his every movement and action, his cultivation methods, his cultivation base, the movement of energy in his meridians, everything was completely seen by Lin Ming.

Lin Ming could confirm that this person was the fleeting fire centipede’s master.

He smiled. He used his sense and left a mark on this other person, just like the True Divinities did to him in the past.

He wanted to use this person as bait and fully clear out all those people who tried to usurp power from behind the scenes.


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