MW Chapter 1951

Chapter 1951 - A Single Life (8)

“Miss Mingyue, you’re here too? What a coincidence.”

As Situ Mingyue was looking at Lin Ming, a voice sounded out from behind her. She turned around to see a 17-18 year old youth in embroidered robes holding a sword and walking out from the martial field. As this youth looked at Situ Mingyue, his face was full of smiles.

He was a Prince of the Sublime Smelting Divine Kingdom. With his talent he had chances of becoming the Crown Prince, or at the very least being given the title of a king. He always had a favorable impression towards Situ Mingyue.

However, he wouldn’t be someone ardently fawning over Situ Mingyue. Instead, he maintained an appropriate distance so that his actions didn’t seem disgusting.

“What is Miss Mingyue looking at?” The youth looked towards the direction Situ Mingyue was gazing at earlier and saw Lin Ming.

Lin Ming’s appearance caused the youth to frown a little. Why would Situ Mingyue come to see how that wastrel playboy was doing?

“That fellow Lin An is a bit weird. I heard that the two teachers who died were originally sent to protect him. His teachers died but he was completely safe… moreover, what’s strange is that this fellow somehow managed to pass the survival...

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