MW Chapter 1950

Chapter 1950 - A Single Life (7)

“Lin An… where is Lin An?”

Situ Mingyue looked in disbelief towards the spot where Lin Ming had just been. There was only green grass and bushes quietly shaking in the wind, and not even a little bit of Lin Ming’s aura had remained.

Situ Mingyue was bewildered. She had just turned around for a mere moment. It was impossible for martial artists at the Houtian realm and below to possess such speed. Moreover, if they were to disappear that quickly then their movements wouldn’t be light either; it was impossible for them to disappear while she remained completely unaware.

This sort of feeling was like Lin Ming had simply teleported away.

He… how did he do this?

Before Situ Mingyue could react, she heard a cry of alarm from deep in the forest…


In the dark forest, Song Ding flew away. Air whistled past his ears as the scenery of the forest rapidly blurred around him.

He was a teacher of Lin Academy, a Life Destruction realm martial artist. He had encountered a mysterious person who had given him a benefit that was enough to tempt him, on the condition he would participate in the plan to assassinate Lin Ming.

Moreover, he simply didn’t need to do anything. The mysterious person...

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