MW Chapter 1949

Chapter 1949 - A Single Life (6)

Thinking of this, Lin Ming inwardly sneered. His parents were supported with the prestige he left behind in the past; no one dared to move against them.

But, there were people that would make use of his parents’ lack of understanding when it came to martial skill and cultivation methods as well as their lack of understanding regarding the politics of court. These people secretly and slowly manipulated things from behind the scene, influencing the decisions his parents made.

There were even those that wished to use these devious methods to obtain authority from his parents and place themselves above all others.

After all, his parents were only mortals. Even with many spirit medicines helping them, they would have at most 2000 years to live.

Once his parents died, whose hands would this vast Divine Kingdom fall into?

This was an incredibly serious issue that involved a tremendous amount of benefits. It was natural that everyone would want to eat a portion of this thick soup.

As these thoughts flashed through Lin Ming’s mind, he could sense that the high level vicious beast had approached.

Situ Mingyue had originally taken ten steps out, but then her body shook. She turned...

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