MW Chapter 1948

Chapter 1948 - A Single Life (5)

As Lin Ming studied in Lin Academy, the rumors continued to spread.

If Lin Ming let loose his divine sense he could easily hear many people criticizing him.

Others said that the Lin couple condoned the overbearingly cruel and domineering acts of their adopted son. These discussions became increasingly fierce, even rising to the level of the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom’s ruling class.

This surprised Lin Ming. A matter that he didn’t think was important to begin with seemed to have been purposefully stirred up and controlled by someone behind the scenes in order to guide public opinion.

Was someone targeting him?

Lin Ming immediately thought this. After living for several generations of mortal lives, he would think more about everything, even things like this. Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom was after all the number one Divine Kingdom of the Sky Spill Continent, and those in power enjoyed the greatest authority of the entire continent as well as control of rich resources. If someone appeared that touched upon the benefits of these people, it was reasonable for these kinds of scenarios to appear.

The situation became increasingly complex.

But at this time, from the ruling class, someone stepped forwards to control the...

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