MW Chapter 1947

Chapter 1947 - A Single Life (4)

By the time Lin Ming had quietly returned to the Sky Spill Continent and arrived at the dark forest near the Lin Academy, 25 days had passed. There was still five more days until the conclusion of the forest survival course.

On this day, heavy rains washed down upon the forest. In the summer this sort of warm and humid forest often had pouring showers.

In the boundless waterfall of droplets, Lin Ming scratched his head. He was planning to sneak into the forest without being noticed and then make up an excuse to rejoin the group. But, he couldn’t come up with a good reason.

As he had a headache from thinking of a reason, he discovered that in the Lin Academy’s forest, there were a massive number of soldiers wandering about.

These soldiers all wore the same silver patterned war armor. Even in the heavy rain and in the thick underbrush, they still retained their strength and their movements were as flexible as a leopard’s; they were a well-trained elite unit.

These soldiers each had a cultivation at the Xiantian realm or above.

It had to be known that if a Xiantian realm martial artist was placed in a small sect they would be considered an Elder. Yet in Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom, they were nothing but soldiers.


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