MW Chapter 1946

Chapter 1946 - A Single Life (3)

Lin Ming didn’t know what the Dragon Sovereign’s present situation was like. After he was chased by Tian Mingzi into the Eternal Demon Abyss and when he left, the Dragon Sovereign had already been in a precarious state.

In just the blink of an eye, over a hundred years had passed. How was the Dragon Sovereign doing now?

When Empyrean Primordius left, he seemed to have severed all connections with the Dragon Sovereign. Then, if Empyrean Primordius had perished, it was likely the Dragon Sovereign hadn’t felt it at all.

The little black dragon was extremely intelligent. It already understood the entire situation, and at this time, it lay quietly on Lin Ming’s back, not even making a single noise.

In its eyes, there was nothing but a boundless black wilderness. And at the end of this wilderness there was a terrifyingly giant abyss that revealed a dreadful aura.

In the little black dragon’s eyes, a trace of confusion appeared.

Within its memories, it seemed to faintly recall this place.

As if it had...

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