MW Chapter 1945

Chapter 1945 - A Single Life (2)

Lin Ming played with the small black wolf. He frequently accompanied his parents and enjoyed their love and doting. Sometimes he would go off by himself and ride a horse upon the grasslands, recklessly galloping about.

He was like an ordinary child, enjoying the pleasures of childhood.

This sort of happy and comfortable life which was filled with the warm love of his parents was a pleasant current that cleared away Lin Ming’s mind.

He had wandered the world for too long and had experienced far too many things. He had exhausted himself far too much and needed to experience such a life to dilute all that had happened to him.

At eight years of age, Lin Ming entered the Lin Academy that was established by the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom.

The Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom had only existed for a short period of time. Although they had prestige and resources, they were actually sorely lacking in talent.

In order to find talented individuals, the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom first set up a grand martial artist meeting as well as the Lin Academy. With the martial artists school section of the academy, they could raise outstanding martial artists on a massive scale and form all sorts of factions.

The front gates of the academy had a hundred foot high statue of white jade standing tall. This statue was of Lin Ming in his twenties.

The Lin Academy had been founded a mere 150 years ago yet it had already become the most infamous martial arts school in the entire Sky Spill Continent.

Old Man Good Fortune as well as the Divine Kingdom’s Guardian Holy Beast, Demonshine, both held positions as honorary deans at the Lin Academy. In the academy there were Divine Sea powerhouses that personally taught the students.

It was even said that the Guardian Holy Beast Demonshine would occasionally lecture. It was rumored that these teachings could only be encountered through a stroke of luck.

Regarding this, Lin Ming was left speechless. He simply found it hard to imagine what it would look like for a silly dog to be teaching others…

Because of the Lin Family’s fame, not only were great figures from the Sky Spill Continent willing to gather here, but all sorts of heroic young elites from the central mainland wished to enter the Lin Academy and were proud and honored to do so.

The threshold to enter the Lin Academy was extremely high. Many chosen prides of heaven were eliminated in the entrance examinations.

Lin Ming was personally recommended to enter the Lin Academy. Within the Lin Academy he possessed a special status.

However, his presence didn’t arouse too much happiness.

If it really was a disciple of the Lin Family then no one would object to them enjoying extra privileges. After all, the entire Sky Spill Continent was saved by Sage Lin, and Lin Ming had rescued countless Divine Sea powerhouses from being killed by Yang Yun.

The Lin Family descendants were perfectly justified to have such privileges. But, the key problem was that Lin Ming, who was now known as Lin An, was not a descendant of the Lin Family but had been adopted.

People thought that he didn’t have a single bit of relations with Lin Ming, nor did they think he was the reincarnation of Lin Ming. They only believed he was a baby who had been abandoned and then luckily adopted by the Lin Family.

Everyone was the same, so why did he get to enjoy special privileges? Let alone the common people, even disciples of the Divine Kingdoms’ royal families wanted to enter the Lin Academy, but they all had to go through the examinations no matter who they were. Only Lin Ming, who was so favored by the Lin couple, was able to use resources however he wished. Other people certainly weren’t willing to see such a sight.

“Lin An, Lin An, how come you keep skipping classes? What are you doing? This lessons is one of the most crucial classes concerning how to revolve energy in your dantian. If you don’t complete the course how will you make up for it later?”

A green-clothed young girl panted in indignation at Lin Ming. This young girl had run a long distance and had finally managed to find Lin Ming.

She had a long ponytail and wore the uniform of the Lin Academy. Her trousers were long and her sleeves were pulled high. Her figure was busty and full, filled with the energetic vibrancy of youth.

At this time, Lin Ming was comfortably lying down on a green lawn, a stalk of grass in his mouth. He slowly chewed on it, recalling his memories of childhood.

A small black wolf quietly sat beside him. This small black wolf was extremely peaceful. Its large and pitch-black eyes were gazing at this young girl.

This year, Lin Ming was 15.

In the past when Lin Ming had left Green Mulberry City, bid farewell to his parents, and reached the capital city, he had also been 15 years old.

It was that year when Lin Ming and Lan Yunyue broke up, and he began his difficult road of martial arts.

Seeing this young girl, Lin Ming faintly smiled. He couldn’t help but recall the youthful spring of his past life. At that time, it was like this, ah…

He didn’t reply. Rather, he continued chewing on the grass stalk.

The grass stems of the early spring were tender. When biting one, there was a trace of bitterness as well as a faint sweetness, like the perfect representation of his youth.

The young girl appeared upset. She curled her lips and flung up her ponytail. “You can’t keep doing this. Even if there are people spoiling you it doesn’t mean you can get away with whatever you want. It is impossible for you to separate yourself from the road of martial artists. If you don’t try your best, no one can help you.”

This young girl that was only 15 years old began to speak of the great principles of living.

Lin Ming thought this was quite funny. In truth, not everyone was unhappy with his presence at the Lin Academy.

Some people liked him.

For instance, girls.

After Lin Ming’s rebirth, his appearance had become even more handsome and there was a certain temperament around him that was beyond description. His eyes were bright and fathomless, seeming as if they contained a trace of the changing years, leaving those that looked into them fascinated.

Many girls spoke endless praise of Lin Ming, even if Lin Ming seemed to be an unmotivated student who didn’t make much progress.

“You’re really noisy.” Lin Ming spat out the grass stalk and jumped up. The current him seemed to have recovered the rebellious nature of his childhood and now he had perfectly fit into playing that role.

Only by completely adapting to the present could he see more from this perspective and look at his entire life.

“You…” The young girl flushed red with anger.

And at this time, Lin Ming had already left with a smile.

“Where are you going?”

“To class!”

Lin Ming walked away. The young girl stamped her feet, clenched her teeth, and followed him.

Lin Ming really was going to class, but what he was attending wasn’t one of the important courses concerning martial arts, but one of the minor classes created by the Lin Academy so that students could increase their knowledge in other areas.

Every teacher had class on fixed days, but they didn’t have fixed times.

This class was set outside on this sunny day. It taught the history of the Sky Spill Continent. It taught about the 100,000 year riddle of the Sea of Miracles, the Demon Emperor’s appearance, the rise of the four Divine Kingdoms, and even Yang Yun’s treachery and defeat.

Lin Ming came to this class because the one teaching it was special.

Her name… was Lan Yunyue.

Wearing a dress the color of moonlight, a woman looking around 30 years of age walked up to the podium. Her bearing was graceful and elegant and she seemed like a remarkable person. She looked down from her platform, staring at the students that sat in groups of two and three.

After Lin Ming killed Yang Yun, Lan Yunyue had also gone to the Vermilion Bird Divine Kingdom. She lived with the Lin Family, and afterwards when the Lin Academy was founded, she joined as a teacher.

Her cultivation was at the Xiantian realm. Of course, she had relied on pills to forcefully raise herself to this level. She didn’t wish to teach martial arts, thus she chose to teach history instead.

As Lan Yanyue’s gaze swept over the class, her eyes finally fell upon a youth that was sitting beneath a tree.

Seeing this youth, Lan Yunyue didn’t know just what to feel.

Every time she came to teach class, she would subconsciously search for this youth. And, this youth had never missed a single day of her class.

They really did look alike… in particular, those eyes and that uncertain something that seemed to come from somewhere deep in his blood…

How could there be such a wonderful coincidence in this world?

Lan Yunyue shook her head. Then, she took out a thick history book from her spatial ring…

In the summer, there would be a survival course in the wilderness. The students of the Lin Academy would go into a forest filled with vicious beasts where they would temper themselves for a month.

In this forest, while the teacher responsible for watching over the students wasn’t paying attention, Lin Ming slipped away.

Moreover, when he ran away, he ran far indeed.

He left the Sky Spill Continent and arrived at the Holy Demon Continent.

The Holy Demon Continent was on the other side of the Sky Spill Planet. Many Divine Sea powerhouses now knew this secret and there was even a transmission array established between the two continents.

As Lin Ming went he brought the small black wolf with him.

His destination was the Eternal Demon Abyss.

“Little Black, today I’m going to bring you somewhere. I already told you about it, do you remember…?”

Lin Ming’s voice suddenly took on a serious tone.

Before, as he was dying, or when he had just completed his reincarnation, or even when he hadn’t grown up, he simply didn’t possess the ability to bring the small black dragon to the Eternal Demon Abyss.

Now during his first new life, a considerable portion of his strength had returned and he now possessed the ability to do so.

Although Lin Ming’s cultivation wasn’t high, his true strength couldn’t be decided by cultivation alone. Even the greatest Divine Sea powerhouses of the Sky Spill Continent weren’t able to see through the mysteries within him.

This was because Lin Ming’s dantian was not a dantian but the inner world of a peak Holy Lord master who was soon about to enter into the World King realm. This far exceeded the understanding of the martial artists of the Sky Spill Continent.

Thus it was now that Lin Ming brought the small black dragon to revisit the Eternal Demon Abyss. Here, he would answer to the Dragon Sovereign.


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