MW Chapter 1944

Chapter 1944 – A Single Life (1)

Light rain sprinkled down from the skies, like smoke, like silk, like fog. Although the sunlight was obscured, the branches and leaves of the spirit plants which were watered by this rain glowed with a green vitality that caught the eyes. This land emitted a fresh and vibrant feeling.

In this weather, four green-clothed young girls accompanied a young woman to step onto this spirit mountain.

The heaven and earth origin energy on this mountain was extremely rich. As for the rain here, it was filled with spiritual energy. If a mortal were to bathe in this rainwater, they could prolong their health and life.

Between the many lush trees and verdant flowers, the young girls and the young woman slowly made their way through until they arrived at a temple built from white jade.

This young woman seemed just over 30 years of age. She was quiet and dignified. She knelt before the statue of Buddha within the temple and prayed earnestly and reverently.

“Madame is truly pious. She comes every year to pray to Buddha.”

Outside the temple, the four young girls spoke in hushed whispers. They were maids that accompanied the young woman and also cultivated martial arts. If placed within a small country like the Sky Fortune Kingdom, they would all be proud daughters of heaven.

“Madame is praying that her family be kept safe and also prays that Senior Lin, whose martial path broke into the void, will also be safe…”

These green-clothed young girls came from Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom. They were all in their late teens. To them, the Lin Ming that had ascended to the stars 200 years ago was a myth and a legend.

And the one who was burning incense in the Buddhist temple was Lin Ming’s mother.

In the past, when Lin Ming destroyed Yang Yun, before he left the Sky Spill Continent he had led some of his own people to the central region of the Sky Spill Continent. Taking the annihilated Asura Divine Kingdom as the foundation, he had established the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom.

Afterwards, the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom vigorously grew. They rose and flourished, becoming increasingly powerful with every year. Because of the resources Lin Ming left behind as well as Lin Ming’s fame and prestige, in these short 200 years the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom had become the most powerful nation amongst the four Divine Kingdoms.

“Let’s go and fetch some mountain spring water so that Madame can water the evergreen tree.”

In the back court of the temple there was an evergreen tree that had grown for over 100 years. Lin Ming’s mother had personally planted this tree herself and every time she came to pray at the temple she would water the tree with spring water from the mountain.

And the spring water of this spirit mountain was a treasure spring of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom. The spring water here was fresh and sweet, and if a mortal were to drink a single cup they could become several years younger. If this spring water was used to make tea or wine, then it would become the most fragrant tea or wine in the entire Sky Spill Continent.

The young girls walked over to a nearby mountain spring. They used a wooden scoop to fill a jade gourd with the water. This jade gourd was made with wood spirit jade and was designed to ensure that the spring water didn’t lose any of its spiritual energy.

But at this time, one of the girls suddenly said, “Hey, look over there. What is that?”

The other young girls looked over and saw that just upstream of the spring, there was a bamboo basket slowly floating down.

It had to be known that this spirit mountain was a restricted area of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom and only an extremely limited number of individuals were allowed to step foot onto these holy grounds. Others simply weren’t able to climb this mountain, so why would there be a bamboo basket drifting downstream?

The young girls curiously looked. Immediately, they were startled. But in the next moment, their shock turned to affection.

Within this bamboo basket was a little baby boy who only seemed to be several months old. His entire body seemed carved from powder white jade and he looked impossibly cute and lovable.

The little baby boy didn’t cry or make a fuss. His eyes were smart and wide, as if they contained wisdom far surpassing that of an ordinary child.

“Madame! Madame!”

A young girl anxiously cried out to Madame Lin. Upon this spirit mountain that was a forbidden land, a bamboo basket had suddenly appeared. And, within this bamboo basket was a mysterious little baby boy. This was simply inconceivable.

Madame Lin heard the green-clothed girl cry out and also felt something was strange. She quickly walked forwards and looked into the bamboo basket.

For some unknown reason, as Madame Lin looked into this bamboo basket she felt as if she shared roots with this boy, as if the baby within the basket was her previous life’s own flesh and blood.

A long-lost feeling swelled up in Madame Lin’s heart, sweeping through her. Her nose burned a little and she almost cried.

“The same… just the same…”

Madame Lin muttered to herself. She had taken an incredible liking towards this little baby boy in the bamboo basket.

“His appearance looks just like him when he was a baby… this baby’s skin is as clear as jade… and those eyes, they look just the same…”

Madame Lin lifted the baby boy in the bamboo basket and gently hugged him into her bosom. A motherly feeling emitted from her heart, making her feel warm.

Babies looked the same when they were born, but a mother could recognize the appearance of their own child.

Even after 200 years had passed, Madame Lin was able to clearly recognize Lin Ming’s appearance when he was a baby.

In addition, the way this baby appeared was extremely peculiar. He had appeared at an impossible time in an impossible manner in an impossible way.

As for Madame Lin, she believed that this baby was bestowed upon her by Buddha. She had prayed to Buddha every year, confessing her regret that she might never see her son again. And Buddha, in order to make up for Lin Ming flying up to the Divine Realm and leaving her here, had gifted her with this baby boy.

“From now on, you will be called Lin An…”

Madame Lin hugged the baby to her chest, a satisfied smile on her face.

This Lin An was naturally the reborn Lin Ming. In that nameless cave, he had used 40 years to complete the first revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art.

Afterwards, he put away the Magic Cube, taking the black dragon and Empyrean Divine Mist who went into slumber within the Magic Cube once more, and quietly left.

When Lin Ming left, the pressure of energy weakened. With that, the crowd of Sky Spill Continent powerhouses rushed into the hill cave, but by that time the cave was already empty.

Those people were all dumbfounded. They could only admit that the rare treasure had developed a mind of its own and had fled. They simply didn’t have the good fortune to obtain it.

And then, Lin Ming arrived by himself in the center of the Sky Spill Continent – in the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom that he had established.

He chose to live his first new life in this world at the side of his parents.

The current Lin Ming didn’t lack cultivation methods and his foundation was already incomparably solid. Normal cultivation resources were long since useless to him.

What he needed was to become aware of his feelings and slowly complete his cultivation. This path most suited the Grand Reincarnation Art.

It had to be known that in the past, the creator of the Holy Scripture had spent at least several hundred millions of years to perfect the Holy Scripture.

And although Lin Ming had the experience and essence left behind by the creator of the Holy Scripture, wanting to add his own things to it was not easy at all.

He required a long time to do all of this.

Before this, with all things considered, Lin Ming had only lived for a bit more than 200 years. This time period was far too short.

When Madame Lin brought Lin Ming back so that Lin Fu could take a look, even Lin Fu, who didn’t believe much in Buddhism, also couldn’t help but admit that this child really might be bestowed unto them by the heavens.

Otherwise how could there be such a coincidence in this world?

Like this, Lin Ming was formally adopted by the Lin couple and his name was officially designated as Lin An.

The Lin couple didn’t speak of Lin An’s appearance to anyone. It wasn’t until his adoption 100 days later did the Lin couple invite all heroes from the world, including many Divine Sea powerhouses. They worshipped their ancestors and publicly and officially stated Lin An’s new status in the Lin Family.

For a time, the entire Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom was aflutter with rumors that Madame Lin had adopted a child from nowhere.

As for the rumors that this child was bestowed to the Lin Family by the heavens, or perhaps that this child was Lin Ming reincarnated, most people didn’t believe such incredulous stories.

But no matter whether they believed these stories or not, these people were all filled with deep envy towards this child. The Lin Family possessed a lofty status in the Sky Spill Planet and all of the resources of the Vermillion Bird Divine Kingdom were held in their hands. This lucky fellow somehow managed to get himself adopted into the Lin Family, guaranteeing himself a rapid and prosperous future.


Years passed. Time flowed on.

Lin An grew like an ordinary child. At seven years of age, he had the height of a seven year old. His appearance was 90% similar to Lin Ming’s, but there was something a little different.

After Lin Ming’s rebirth, his face had become much more perfect than before. His two eyebrows were like swords and his aura was extraordinary.

Lin Ming was satisfied with this. He didn’t really want others to believe he was the reincarnation of himself. After all, his status was far too sensitive. Although the chances of any news reaching the Divine Realm were slim, he had to prevent any possibilities no matter how small.

One time during a hunt, Lin Fu brought Lin Ming out. In the forest, a three foot long small black wolf suddenly popped out. At the time many people were startled. They didn’t know what sort of breed this small black wolf was, but after it appeared it followed Lin Ming by his side and refused to leave.

Like this, Lin Ming was always together with the small black wolf.

The Lin Family didn’t know just what this small black wolf was. After repeatedly confirming that it posed no threat to Lin Ming, they allowed it to follow him.

The days passed peacefully and simply. But in these peaceful days, Lin Ming’s comprehension towards life slowly deepened…

Sometimes, he occasionally cultivated in seclusion, silently perfecting the Holy Scripture…


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