MW Chapter 1944

Chapter 1944 – A Single Life (1)

Light rain sprinkled down from the skies, like smoke, like silk, like fog. Although the sunlight was obscured, the branches and leaves of the spirit plants which were watered by this rain glowed with a green vitality that caught the eyes. This land emitted a fresh and vibrant feeling.

In this weather, four green-clothed young girls accompanied a young woman to step onto this spirit mountain.

The heaven and earth origin energy on this mountain was extremely rich. As for the rain here, it was filled with spiritual energy. If a mortal were to bathe in this rainwater, they could prolong their health and life.

Between the many lush trees and verdant flowers, the young girls and the young woman slowly made their way through until they arrived at a temple built from white jade.

This young woman seemed just over 30 years of age. She was quiet and dignified. She knelt before the statue of Buddha within the temple and prayed earnestly and reverently.

“Madame is truly pious. She comes every year to pray to Buddha.”

Outside the temple, the four...

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