MW Chapter 1943

Chapter 1943 – Grand Reincarnation Art

Time rolled past, year after year.

No one knew that within this small and common-looking hill, something was occurring that would influence the future of the 33 Heavens…

In the blink of an eye, 30 years passed by.

Within the cave, the cocoon had already flown out from the Magic Cube’s space. It had grown by several times and the walls of the cocoon were transparent and thin, pulsating with life. One could clearly see the life that was being bred within.

This small life was ruddy and clear all over, as if it were carved from the most beautiful jade. It had a small and delicate face and there was a smile on its lips as if it was enjoying this slow pace of growth.

Beneath the cocoon, thin blood vessels were attached to it. These blood vessels ended in a black dragon egg.

This dragon egg was covered in patterns, simple and mystical.

The dragon egg’s shell was also extremely thin. One could faintly see what was occurring within the egg; there was also a small life forming inside, slowly growing…

Another ten years...

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