MW Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942 – Restoring the Origin

“Senior Divine Mist, please lend this junior a hand one more time…”

Lin Ming was unable to activate the Magic Cube on his own; he needed support from Divine Mist’s strength.

Empyrean Divine Mist manifested into a dim figure within the Magic Cube. He looked at Lin Ming and said, “Alright.”

To refine someone else’s source soul force wasn’t easy at all. But if Lin Ming were to use the Magic Cube to do this, it would be far more simple.

When Lin Ming sucked the source soul force left behind by Sheng Mei into his own spiritual sea, he didn’t feel any backlash come from it.

It slowly fused into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, becoming part of it.

This point left a hundred different tastes percolating in Lin Ming’s mind. Perhaps this was because Sheng Mei consciously made this decision; perhaps this was because Lin Ming’s soul had fused with Sheng Mei’s, but no matter what the reason was, Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea...

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