MW Chapter 1942

Chapter 1942 – Restoring the Origin

“Senior Divine Mist, please lend this junior a hand one more time…”

Lin Ming was unable to activate the Magic Cube on his own; he needed support from Divine Mist’s strength.

Empyrean Divine Mist manifested into a dim figure within the Magic Cube. He looked at Lin Ming and said, “Alright.”

To refine someone else’s source soul force wasn’t easy at all. But if Lin Ming were to use the Magic Cube to do this, it would be far more simple.

When Lin Ming sucked the source soul force left behind by Sheng Mei into his own spiritual sea, he didn’t feel any backlash come from it.

It slowly fused into Lin Ming’s spiritual sea, becoming part of it.

This point left a hundred different tastes percolating in Lin Ming’s mind. Perhaps this was because Sheng Mei consciously made this decision; perhaps this was because Lin Ming’s soul had fused with Sheng Mei’s, but no matter what the reason was, Lin Ming’s spiritual sea and Sheng Mei’s spiritual sea now shared an inexplicable relationship with each other.

For a time, memories swelled towards him like waves, all of these memories containing Sheng Mei’s comprehensions of the Holy Scripture’s pages of death.

These experiences and feelings fused with Lin Ming’s own comprehensions of death, a little at a time…

Slowly, Lin Ming’s soul immersed itself in the Magic Cube. With the nourishment of the Magic Cube he began to understand death.

His soul had already reached the edge of complete exhaustion. But because of the Magic Cube, it didn’t collapse.

And this condition continued for a long time.

Over time, Lin Ming’s hair began to wither. The sockets of his eyes deepened, his skin grayed, and his pupils were no longer black but had lost all color.

Lin Ming now lived on the precipice of life and death. His eyes had lost their sight and his breath nearly disappeared, as if he would die in the next moment.

But as Lin Ming reached this unprecedented border of death, his understandings of the pages of death also reached a new peak.

This process continued for a month.

Late one night, Lin Ming’s unbelievably weakened fires of life finally extinguished.

His heart stopped beating…

In that moment, all of the life activity in Lin Ming’s body had stopped.

He experienced true death.

The truth was that the moment Sheng Mei drew out Lin Ming’s source soul force, Lin Ming was doomed to die. This was an irreversible road.

His soul weakened year after year. It was no longer possible to restore his ruined vitality and dwindling fires of life. His body was like rotten wood, having lost all life.


Even dead wood could bring forth new growth.

However, even though dead wood could summon new growth, an old tree was still an old tree. A lush new branch and leaf could bring a bit of green to dead wood, but it could never restore that tree to the true vibrant vitality of a small newborn sapling. And, it was even more impossible for that dead wood to grow up as a towering new tree.

Lin Ming was now in such a situation. To have his current mortal body and spiritual sea glow with the light of rebirth was something that violated the Heavenly Dao rules, just like an old man on the verge of death becoming rejuvenated and being restored to his youth. This was simply impossible.

But, there was one possible situation. That was…

If the new shoot that grew from a piece of dead wood could absorb all the nutrition from that old tree and then take root in the ground, then it could truly grow into a towering tree that reached into the skies.

Break everything down to nothing and then stand back up tall – this was an eternal truth.

If one could simultaneously comprehend the Holy Scripture’s pages of life and pages of death to the extreme, then the truth was that this was equal to comprehending the most core cultivation method within the Holy Scripture – the Grand Reincarnation Art.

Reincarnation, that was the process of returning from death to life.

Contained within this technique were the secrets of life and death. If one couldn’t comprehend them then not only would their reincarnation fail but anyone that tried cultivating the Grand Reincarnation Art would perish into dust, forever disappearing from the world.

What Lin Ming did now was the equivalent of stepping into the first revolution of the Grand Reincarnation Art.

The first revolution should have been simple. But, since Lin Ming was doing all of this with his utterly ruined body, it was the same as gaining a new lease on life. This technique became far, far more difficult.

Lin Ming’s dead mortal body remained silent. His spiritual sea lost all vitality and his inner world was already covered in horrifying fissures and had become a devastated land.

This process continued for several days.

Then, Lin Ming’s mortal body began to decay.

His skin wrinkled and dried out. His blood vessels shrank. His organs started to rot.

Originally, with Lin Ming having opened the Nine Stars of the Dao Palace and having absorbed the bloodlines of many God Beasts and also the Asura blood, with such a powerful mortal body, even if he died his body still wouldn’t have decayed after 100,000 years.

But now, not only was Lin Ming’s mortal body decaying, but it was decaying at a speed visible to the eyes, as if hundreds of years were compressed into quarter hours of time.

The reason this occurred was because all of Lin Ming’s flesh and blood essence had been drawn out and gathered into the Magic Cube.

With all the essence energy screened out, all that was left remaining was a mortal body that had lost all vitality; the speed of decay would naturally be faster.

And as Lin Ming’s mortal body decayed, his withered spiritual sea and sundered inner world started to thoroughly collapse. For a time, two avatars appeared beside Lin Ming’s dilapidated body. These two avatars were Lin Ming’s essence energy avatar, the Essence Spirit Embryo Stone, and the soul force avatar, the Soul Springs Divine Embryo.

The two avatars were motionless. These two avatars were under the control of Lin Ming’s true self. With the true self’s soul force completely withered away, Lin Ming had no mental strength to command them.

Besides the two avatars, there was also a black dragon egg that was covered with snaking patterns. This dragon egg slowly shimmered, one moment light, one moment dark. An intensely potent fluctuation of life blazed within this dragon egg, seeming to be closely connected to Lin Ming’s body…

Seeing this dragon egg, Empyrean Divine Mist was stunned.

“This is…”

He faintly felt that the moment Lin Ming’s flesh and blood essence began to gather, the vitality within this dragon egg seemed to gather with Lin Ming’s own vitality.

The small life within the dragon egg was finally ready to emerge!

Empyrean Divine Mist didn’t have time to probe what was occurring. At this time, Lin Ming’s mortal body finally completely withered away and all of his flesh and blood essence gathered itself into the Magic Cube.

Besides Lin Ming’s flesh and blood essence, the phantom of a Heretical God Tree that was emblazoned with fantastical runes also flew into the Magic Cube.

A vivid True Dragon phantom, True Phoenix phantom, Bodhi Tree phantom, Asura war god phantom – all sorts of phantoms flew into the Magic Cube, one after another…

At the same time, Lin Ming’s body shrank more and more. Finally it rotted away into nothing and even the bones eroded.

And in the air above this ruined body, the Magic Cube slowly floated. At the place where all the essence was gathered, a dazzling divine light shined. Within the dark cave it was like a sun was dawning, incredibly beautiful!

This sphere of divine light constantly changed. Finally, it converged within the space of the Magic Cube. The energy also gradually solidified until it formed a cocoon. In the center of this cocoon, one could faintly make out a small embryonic life form that was slowly breeding.

However, this life form was even smaller than a baby in a mortal mother’s belly. It was only the size of a palm and looked extremely fragile.

This was Lin Ming’s body after rebirth.

Empyrean Divine Mist witnessed all of these changes, his mind quaking all the while.

This was truly what it meant to break down everything and then stand back up. Lin Ming had completed the first revolution from death to life of the Grand Reincarnation Art.

Because Lin Ming had been on the verge of death, this reincarnation was far more thorough. Compared to the Grand Reincarnation Art of Sheng Mei and the Soul Emperor, his first revolution likely far exceeded theirs.

To have such an effect was because Lin Ming had begun walking down his own road. He didn’t totally depend on the pages of life and pages of death from the Holy Scripture alone, but had instead added in his own understandings.

What he felt and had become aware of after wandering the world for dozens of years, the samsara of the Heavenly Dao, all of this was completely fused with the Grand Reincarnation Art, allowing him to find a road to reincarnation that suited him the most.

“Lin Ming… perhaps you might be the only one in history…”

Empyrean Divine Mist quietly mumbled. In the past, Empyrean Divine Mist believed that if Lin Ming could become a character similar to the Asura Road Master, then that would be the greatest achievement he could ever obtain. But now, Empyrean Divine Mist had a faint premonition that because Lin Ming had risen from the ashes, rebirthing himself through reincarnation, then there was a chance that he could establish his own road of martial arts in which he could fuse together the inner universe and the outer universe, climbing up to an unprecedented peak of martial arts that no one had ever managed to reach!

From this day on, Lin Ming was completely different from in the past.


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