MW Chapter 1941

Chapter 1941 – Opening the Magic Cube Once More


Upon suddenly hearing the voice of Empyrean Divine Mist, Lin Ming didn’t know just what taste was in his heart.

Those days when he met Divine Mist in Tragic Valley, to the short several dozen years that had passed to now, everything seemed as if it were a lifetime ago, a far-off, distant memory…

In these 20 some years, although Lin Ming had seen many people he once knew, he always wore a mask and encountered them as a stranger. No matter what, the feeling was different.

The truth was that during this period when Lin Ming’s life had fallen to its lowest valleys, when he was enduring the greatest hardships, he sorely needed someone to support him and accompany him.

And in this situation, to meet Empyrean Divine Mist again, Lin Ming felt gratefulness deep in his heart.

“No wonder the Magic Cube was able to awaken; so it was Senior helping.”

Lin Ming no longer possessed the ability to open the Magic Cube on his own. It was Empyrean Divine Mist who had used his soul force to make up for Lin Ming’s weakness.

Empyrean Divine Mist only had his soul form left over and it was also extremely weak. During these past years his soul form had been sealed...

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